So, where was I? Oh yeah, Miranda. It didn't turn out well. Like I knew it wouldn't. We made it to [city]. I was finally tracking a group that could take her in, but things went south, fast.

We were in a hideout I found, when something felt wrong. You know that sinking feeling you feel right before everything goes to hell?

I pulled my revolver out, just in time for a figure in the shadows to strike my arm. The gun went flying. I backed toward the light, where Miranda was still asleep. That's when I saw her, S.

She stepped into the light.

"[S], is that really you?" I asked as I stepped toward her. Next thing I know, there's a knife in my gut. I looked into her eyes, expecting to see hatred, or sadness, or...anything. All I saw was nothing. No emotion at all. She ripped the knife out and pushed me. I was in shock, I didn't move as she ran over, grabbed Miranda, and held the knife to her throat.

"Leave her alone! She did nothing"

Miranda was pleading too. I tried to rush forward, in desperation, but I just fell over. S slit her throat. From where I was laying, all I could see was Miranda slowly dying. I was bleeding heavily, and then all went black. The last thing I saw was Miranda's lifeless body. A reminder of why I travel alone.

I don't know how long it was this time, but the usual rush of air into my lungs, the gasp and the coughing, as the whole world returned.

Miranda was long dead, but her body had been moved. That's when I heard a voice behind me, one I hadn't heard in a while--Jack.

"You slept in, Carter. I was beginning to think that was it for you." I turned and saw him, for once, he didn't have that smirk on his face that always seems to have.

I ran to him, and punched him in his face. "You bastard! You said she'd be safe! We had a deal!"

He didn't seem shocked, in fact, he handed me my revolver, right after I had punched him.

"I did the best I could. You're not blind, Carter. Surely you've seen it for yourself? Everything has changed while you've been playing hermit. The old rules no longer apply. The Game has changed. Power is changing. All the new activity must have shown you that. Servants and Runners are different now."

I knew he was right. He helped me bury Miranda, and now I have a new problem to deal with: S is hunting me down.

And now with everyone back... I don't know anymore. Seeing some of them post stirs old memories, and makes me realize how much of them I never recovered. Kelevra, Morningstar, Ghost, next thing I know Redlight will be back. Or Fracture. Med? Or even others who've been gone for many years. Maybe some that I talked to but the Old Man kept the memories of? I've already began to spot missing portions with the people I've mentioned here and the others I've seen so far. It's frustrating to know that something is wrong, but you can't remember what...

Anyway, enough rambling for now. I need to wrap this post up and move to a new safehouse.


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it great? People are coming back, making power plays here and there, nobody knows who's got what up their sleeve, it's so intriguing, I love it.

  2. See my point Carter, see what happens when you isolate yourself like you did? You become sloppy, you allow people to sneak up on you, that's what cost that girl her life, not the fact that she stuck around with you, but because you failed to protect her.

    Get it together, holy shit.

    1. You're not going to get a rise out of me

    2. A rise? I'm offering you reflective advice so that you can get your head out of your fence sitting ass and realize that your inactivity, is far more damaging than your activity.

      Possesses immortality and chooses to be such a selfish bastard.

    3. If she hadn't been with me, S wouldn't have killed her. S was coming for me no matter what, and that's enough to throw me off guard.

      Even though it's not an exact comparison, imagine if you find Fortissimo, and are shocked, but then Fortissimo tries to kill you.

    4. It's like if B suddenly showed up after all these years and tried to kill Abigail.
      Id be surprised, but wouldn't hesitate to immediately start kicking his scrawny ass down a few flights of stairs.

      Two kinds of people.

    5. I was never expecting her to be a threat, so she stabbed me before I could react.


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