New Year, Same Shit

It's another year of this. Another year of this...existence. I just wander. See the sights. Live. Or whatever it is. Those words always in the back of my mind.

Ran into a new runner a couple weeks back. She was young. Stumbled across her in NYC. She was scared and alone.

Said she was new to it all, that her family was all dead, and that she hasn't seen any friendly faces.

"Why don't I tag along with you?" She asks

"Because I'll just get you killed, kid."

"How? Having someone watch your back is a good thing. Especially another runner." - her

"That's where you're wrong."


"Yeah. I'm no runner. I'm not a runner. I'm not a servant. I'm just a man on his own. An immortal man. One who will paint a target so big on your back that you might not survive the week. There are parts of this world I avoid now, to keep the people I care about far away. I don't want to be the cause of their suffering. The further I am from them, the safer they are."

"But...if you're immortal then you can keep your friends safe!"

"Not really. Being immortal is not being a god. It's a...curse. It means I get to watch everyone I care about die, and I get to keep on going. No matter what I do, I'm stuck here."

She got really quiet.

"Look, kid, this life sucks--being a runner is awful. Especially alone. But I'm not the person to tag along with. Don't tell me your name. Don't follow me. Go on your own path. Find your own way. Because my way is just suffering and death. You don't want that, you deserve better than that--than this."

With that, I left. Made sure I wasn't being followed as I went back to my hideout. I felt bad, still do. No one deserves to be alone. I hope she found her way to a partner to survive with.

Sometimes, I think I may be worse than the monsters.


  1. Unlike you, I'm using my immortality and have taken a runner under my wing. Guess the thing about two kinds of people is right after all.

    1. I suppose so. Just be careful with your ward. There's so much needless death and destruction around us.

    2. The hell do you mean "Needless Destruction"!? Destruction needed, more so today, than during my previous existence.

      But I'm glad to see, that in the span of 4 years, you remain a debbie downer. You'd think, with immortality under your belt, you'd have plenty of time to figure out a way to co-exist with people without getting them into danger.

      Oh well.

    3. I have a target painted on my back. Those who travel with me end up in more danger. Debbie downer? I think of myself as a realist.


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