Well...he caught up to me. I had gone over those reports I had, and decided to book a flight to one of the bases overseas... Luckily, the ID I used still registered as valid.

I had only been to this base once before, it's in Europe, that's all I'll say. I approached its entrance and took in a deep breath. In the reports, Sam had written that she had re-opened this base as a storage facility with the research labs beginning to be staffed. The primary purpose of this base had been research before it had been shut down.

I was shocked to find that the power still worked, or at least, the keypad's power. I entered my override code and heard the door's lock disengage. This was it. I opened it and saw only darkness. There was no power to any other system, apparently. I felt my heart drop at that. Another report that was impossible. I didn't let that dissuade me, I decided to enter the base. A mistake.

It was relatively small, only a few levels as it was intended for research only. The stairwells were completely blocked past the first two levels...I couldn't access the whole base. Probably for the best, since it's pretty hard to see using only a torch.

The place was a mess. Not from looters, or break-ins though, only from the evacuation team. That's not to say they weren't thorough though, I searched around and couldn't find anything worthwhile.

Reasonably disappointed, I made my way out of the base. As soon as I shut the door and secured it, I turned around and came face-to-face with a gun. A rifle, to be exact. One I recognized.

"Thought you could get away that easy? Your passport's flagged." It was him. I figured my passport was flagged, but he just admitted that his people can access that information. Which means someone, somewhere, has access.

"Honestly I was hoping you'd corner me on those stairwells, nice spot for a flash..."

"Wasn't fallin' for that trick again. Doubt you'd try it anyway. You make this too easy."

"Too easy? Have we forgotten that your rifle is useless?" I needed a way out. But there was nothing near me I could use.

"Looks like a checkmate to me. How about we spare the bullet, eh?" He lowered his rifle and pulled out a knife. His disfigured face shifted into what I can only assume was a grin as he stepped toward me.

That's when it happened, a gunshot. He went down and a man dressed in black combat gear quickly crested the hill, grabbed my arm and escorted me to a car.

There were two other men in it, all in full gear. "Who are you?" For all I knew, I had gone from the frying pan and into the fire.

The one closest to me chuckled as he took off the mask and helmet: it was Dmitri.

"Carteya , my old friend! Still getting yourself in trouble?" I hadn't seen him in a while, it was nice to see a friendly face.

"Let me guess: my passport's flagged in your system, too?"

"It might be. You should be more careful. It's dangerous to travel alone, especially now."

"Don't exactly have a choice there, trouble seems to follow me... Where are we going?"

"We're going to drop you off at your embassy, then we're parting ways again, my friend. I have business to do."

The rest of the ride was just us catching up on what's been going on. We parted on good terms, I was glad to have run into Dmitri again.

Anyway, that's the short version. Right now, I'm trying to decide my next steps. I didn't get a positive confirmation on Hunter's death. Neither did Dmitri. He might still be out there, looking for me. I won't let anything stop me.

Stay safe.


  1. You are fortunate to have someone there for you. You stay safe as well.

    1. Well I probably won't run into Dmitri again for some time, if at all. I suppose I should be somewhat thankful that his people had my passport flagged.

      Thank you.


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