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Uhm...I've been gone for quite some time. At least, from the blogging scene. I'm still kicking, as I always will be, apparently. I've added two instances to my "death count". Sometime soon, I think I may need to sit down and try to count how many times I've actually "died." Even though I'm convinced that the Old Man is still holding on to some of my memories. Oh well.

I don't know if I'll be writing on here much for some time. Too many memories. Too many people I haven;t seen or heard from. I've been...wandering the roads for some time now. Alone. I might be the last one alive from my "generation"... Or at least, the last one who's still stuck in this demented game.

I think I may see about visiting the people I care about again. Just make sure that I can see them all before they ultimately die. I know I'll outlive them and that led to my keeping things secret. Thoughts and feelings and what-not. It's hard to loo…