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A Story

Ha, it's been awhile, eh? Sorry about that. It's hard to get a constant internet connection while on the road. I'm on my own again, I'll get into that in my next post. Instead, I was reminiscing earlier, figured I should share the story.

It was back when the Agency was still large, when Cal was still the Commander...

I had just finished breakfast when the intercom crackled to life: "Lieutenant Commander Carter to the briefing room at once" I wasted no time. When I arrived I saw the the room was already filled: Raven squad was there, Cal, Jenkins, Hattery, and Dixon.

"Glad to see you join us, Carter, please, take your seat." Cal motioned to my chair at the table.

As soon as I sat, Jenkins stood up and began speaking. "We have an operation for you. As it turns out, we have a request for a simple reconnaissance mission. There are some Class 2's who are believed to be attempting to create World War III. This will be your insertion point."…