Well, shortly after my return to the US, I came into contact with Beth from Vagabond. As you know, I decided to donate some of my extra funds to her.  It's a good cause after all, and I don't need that money.  I spent some time with her while I tried to piece together what I knew about Sam. Beth is very kind.

Let me just go on record now that there is absolutely no privacy in a van.  It's a little cramped, but I've been in smaller before.  Scuba, that's her dog, is a fun little fellow.  At first he was very wary of me, but not so much anymore.  She makes sure that he's properly taken care of.  I hope that my donations will help him as well.

She asked me a loaded question one night. I thought she had been sleeping, but apparently not.  "Whose names are those?"

She had overheard me as I recited the names of the dead. I keep a personal tally of everyone who I've killed since I started running. That's 14 people whom I have personally killed. It's a reminder of what I once was, and what I don't ever want to become again. I have an eternity to live with my choices, so I don't want to remember myself as a killer.  I told her this.

She looked confused when I said "eternity." So, I explained my situation to her. Everything that I have done and has happened, I told her about. She's a good listener actually. She sat in silence, soaking it all in. "So, you can't die? That must be very lonely sometimes. Are there others like you?"

I told her that there are, but that I've avoided them. I have a unique perspective on everything. I've dealt with so many Fears. I've served a Fear. I've been a Runner. I'm now immortal. All of that mixed together...I don't know what I am anymore. I don't serve any Fears, but I don't consider myself a Runner anymore either. Many of the other Immortals decided to become as neutral as possible. I'm doing that, in my own my, I suppose.

I also told her that she was right, it is a lonely existence sometimes. Yes, I have friends. But, I don't feel connected to them as much as I used to. It's hard to explain. Maybe it's just because I know I'll outlive them.

We eventually made it to our destination: the Mojave. I don't just carry around all my cash on me.  I keep it in stashes--old Agency bases.  This one was the first base I had been to. That was so long ago, I think that Carter is dead.

Anyway, we made it to the base's entrance. The door looked as I had last seen it when I left the stash of supplies: partially hidden, partially decrepit-looking. I walked up to the keypad and tapped it.

"Will it work?"-Beth

"Should." The indicator lights weren't working, but I entered the code anyway. I heard a very faint buzzing sound. I opened the door and stepped in. The air was musty. Beth followed me in, but I stopped her before she walked passed me. I signaled for silence as I drew my revolver and readied a flashlight.

I did a full sweep of the first level. It looked clean, which means that no one popped out to say "boo." I flipped the master switch to turn on the lights. Then I checked to make sure that the entrances to the other levels were all secure: they were. This base (and stash) was untouched.

"What is this place?"--Beth

"An old Agency base. They're good places to store stuff or hideout in a pinch. Also tend to attract a...seedier element as well. Come on, the money's here." I led her to the money and pulled out the bag. Yes, before you ask, it was one of those big duffel bags, like you'd see in TV shows or movies. I won't disclose how much money was in it, that's up to Beth.

We loaded up the money and some of the supplies that I had stashed. We decided to leave stuff there though, just in case. I gave her the code to the door, that way she can use this base. It's only for emergencies only, though, the deal is that she keeps the base's location and access code a secret.

And so, we're back on the road for now. I think I may just stick around with her for a bit, if she'll let me. She's been asking a lot of questions about...well, everything. I'm answering it all to the best of my ability.


  1. I am just going to say this, I am more then willing to provide you maybe even help your team a bit, in stay the hell out of my city, people like you always bring Problemi to New York every-time you're here.

    1. Well, for starters, I don't like being threatened, let's just put that out in the open.

      Secondly, I don't have a team anymore. They all went missing and I'm searching for them. If that search leads me to New York, then so be it.

      Thirdly, "People like me"? Please, elaborate. Are you talking (ex) paramilitary/black ops government group people, or immortals, or...what.

    2. Not threats, promessa, what I mean is, "Runner's" and "Proxies" every single one of those stupido groups they all tend to go to New York at one point in time, and then people die or go missing, I am tired of it, I know you don't have a team anymore and I am sorry to hear about it that's why I was offering sorta, I can always help you look, I have contacts everywhere, I am a detective after all.

    3. Well, I won't argue there. I've technically been both at one point or another... I put all that behind me after I realized how useless it was for me to be involved like that.

      Thank you for the offer. I'll keep it in mind if my current leads turn up nothing.

      Sorry about flying off the handle there...

    4. We all go nuts sometimes, when we are dealing with what we are dealing with, its only natural.


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