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Been a While, Eh? (Part 2)

So after leaving NYC, I decided to follow a lead about other immortals.  Story was that they were in charge of their own university that accepted anyone.  It certainly sounded interesting, and it created questions. How had they gone without detection? Can they tell me more about being immortal?

After arriving at the university, I opted to disguise myself as a potential student. As I was exploring the campus, I "happened" upon the Dean of their science departments. After all, he surely would be immortal if any were. I asked him if he had heard about any "undying plagues." He told me no, and that I could ask the various history professors. As I was about to exit the room, he told me to stop. He asked me if I knew of anyone that was suffering from them. I said yes and asked if he did. He also said yes. In an odd way, we both somehow knew that the other was immortal.

We talked for some time, and he introduced me to the other immortals. I won't say how many there we…

Been A While, Eh? (Part 1)

Well, it's been some time since I made a post. I feel like I'm probably way out of the loop right now on stuff...that's never a good thing. I've been spending some time recovering from something that I'll mention in my next post.

So, I said something about being alone. I had been alone at that point waiting at a meeting place for one of my old contacts. When they finally showed up, they gave me information that narrowed the search in one of the locations for me: New York City. Sorry Adam, but I had to go. Beth and I had to part ways. She had some business that was in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. I hope that I'll be able to see her again.

I made my way to the airport, not for a flight, but for a package. After I had shown the "proper" credentials, I was led to the storage site where my package was waiting. It smelled like a trap. Everything was going too easily...and there was a window in plain sight of my container.

I couldn't m…

A Story

Ha, it's been awhile, eh? Sorry about that. It's hard to get a constant internet connection while on the road. I'm on my own again, I'll get into that in my next post. Instead, I was reminiscing earlier, figured I should share the story.

It was back when the Agency was still large, when Cal was still the Commander...

I had just finished breakfast when the intercom crackled to life: "Lieutenant Commander Carter to the briefing room at once" I wasted no time. When I arrived I saw the the room was already filled: Raven squad was there, Cal, Jenkins, Hattery, and Dixon.

"Glad to see you join us, Carter, please, take your seat." Cal motioned to my chair at the table.

As soon as I sat, Jenkins stood up and began speaking. "We have an operation for you. As it turns out, we have a request for a simple reconnaissance mission. There are some Class 2's who are believed to be attempting to create World War III. This will be your insertion point."…
Sorry for falling behind on posts. It's been hard to find the time lately. It's been fun to ride around with Beth, especially since Scuba is such a wonderful dog.

Whenever I've got the down time and I'm not answering questions, I've been thinking. It's been a crazy road that led me here. Full of terrible choices and wonderful people. And to think...I've got a long time to go. I'm thinking of writing a report on Immortals themselves, so if anyone's got any expertise that could contribute to it, feel free to speak up, or forever hold your peace!

I'm thinking of going a week or two more with Beth, then I'll strike out on my own. I might end up in D.C., New York, maybe Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Chicago, a few other stops along the way. I've got positive leads in D.C., New York, and Boston. The others are possible leads. I have to find Sam. I can't shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong.


Well, shortly after my return to the US, I came into contact with Beth from Vagabond. As you know, I decided to donate some of my extra funds to her.  It's a good cause after all, and I don't need that money.  I spent some time with her while I tried to piece together what I knew about Sam. Beth is very kind.

Let me just go on record now that there is absolutely no privacy in a van.  It's a little cramped, but I've been in smaller before.  Scuba, that's her dog, is a fun little fellow.  At first he was very wary of me, but not so much anymore.  She makes sure that he's properly taken care of.  I hope that my donations will help him as well.

She asked me a loaded question one night. I thought she had been sleeping, but apparently not.  "Whose names are those?"

She had overheard me as I recited the names of the dead. I keep a personal tally of everyone who I've killed since I started running. That's 14 people whom I have personally killed. It&#…

Back in the USA

Been a busy week. Just stepped off a plane in LA. Decided to wear my best suit for the occasion. Wow, it's nice to be home again. While LA is far from where I used to live, it's nice to be in the US again. This time, I plan to stay for a while. I left the airport before my ride could arrive since a man kept watching me. Can't be too careful.

Right now, I'm waiting for my bus (or rather van) to pick me up. I'm going to be on the road with Beth from Vagabond. I'm donating to her cause, the problem is where the money is stashed: the Mojave. I'll keep you all updated.

It's Over..."He's Dead Jim"

Calvin's dead. He snagged me and brought me to one of Med's old safehouses right after I left the airport. I didn't even have a chance to react.

He removed the hood after putting me in a chair. There was a table in front of me and he was sitting on the other side. "The day of reckoning is here." I didn't respond, just stared at him.

He broke into his speech about teaming up again. About wanting to find his sister. He even said something about seeing me as a brother. I didn't even acknowledge any of what he was saying.

"You know what, Carter, let's play a little game." He set a bottle of whiskey and my revolver on the table between us. He followed it with two glasses and filled them. "Six cylinders. All filled. Five with casings, one with your magic bullet that can kill you and might kill me. The game is simple, take a drink, pull the trigger. No cheating."

"I don't drink." - Me

"Oh, you don't? You afraid it&#…


I went to New York after receiving a note. Found it on my bedside in a motel room. Calvin was supposed to be there. After searching for a few days, I found him. He wanted me to find him. It was an alleyway. Dark and empty. You could hear the cars driving by on the nearby road. There was a railing that I could see on the far end, it looked like it led down to a road below.

"You made it." He stepped out into sight.

"Hello Cal. You wanted to see me?" - me

"Yes. How are you, Carter? It's been quite a while. Hasn't it?" - Cal

He looked well. His old accent was back. I felt the weight of the revolver in its holster--I had the Archangel bullet loaded. "I've been fine, Cal. Let's get to the point."

"Woah. Let's slow down some, hotshot. Now, I have it on good authority that you aren't with the Agency anymore. Little 'ole sis is now in charge. Thing is, she's gone dark. Her and all the others. Not one of them has been …
Just got off a plane in New York. Business here. Wish me luck.

On the road Again

Since my last post, I've been moving constantly.  I don't want the Archangel to catch up with me.  I'm also pretty sure that I've seen a few Timberwolves, but I may have just been in an area where they are active.  I'm not sure on that part, so I'll continue to be cautious.  I don't want any confrontations with them, there's no need for more pointless death.
   I've spent the last week just searching for clues to point me in the direction of the Agency.  It's eerie, I haven't had any luck yet.  I hope Sam and the others are still alive.


After my last post, I left New Zealand. It's only temporary of course, since most of what I own is still sitting in Med's safehouse. Could you watch it all for me until I return?

Anyway, I decided to follow up on those bullets to get my mind off of Cal. It's not something I feel comfortable leaving alone, after all, it did almost kill me. I visited an old contact that the Agency used when trying to track the source of ''not so legal, but not quite illicit'' goods.

The old man runs a pawn shop, he was shocked to see me. Thought I was still with the Agency. Had to correct that. Once he realized I was on my own, he asked me why I wanted to track down the source. I explained the situation, he asked for something in return. I gave him the only valuable in my possession that I'd be willing to part with: the sword that I found when I had been taken. He liked it, said something about it fetching a nice price. He told me some coordinates, said that the man who m…

When it Rains...

Well, I set up a trap of sorts for the "mystery man". I asked Med to watch from a distance while I wandered around. Sure enough, he started following. This time, I stopped on a bench. After a few minutes, he sat down next to me.

"He's alive and looking for you." I asked who. "Cartwright. Calvin Cartwright." - him

He got up and started walking away after saying that. Med came over and started asking me about it. What he said finally registered, I turned and ran after him. He turned into an alleyway, and when I followed, he was gone.

If what he said is true, I'm in danger. Anyone I'm with is in danger, like Med. So is Sam. I have to find him, find out why he believes Calvin is alive. And if Cal is...well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


Well, after my last post, I decided to force a confrontation between me and the mystery man. I ducked into an alleyway and waited. He never entered the alley, I guess he continued walking. I did manage to get a good look at him earlier in the day, so I could ID him if we crossed paths again.

I made it to the new safehouse, Med moved quickly. After that, things were quieter. I had a quiet Christmas in the safehouse. Med had gone to visit with family, so I was alone. She did leave me a gift though. It was a book. Titled "101 Things to do Before You Die". Let it be known that she has a sense of humor.

It all made me think about my family. It's been so long since I've seen them.  I hope they're all doing well.

Then, of course, New Year's Day rolled in. It's unbelievable. This has been one never ending nightmare. July of 2012. That's when it all started for me. It's now January of 2015. I can't believe that so much time has passed.