Friday, July 24, 2015

Been a While, Eh? (Part 2)

So after leaving NYC, I decided to follow a lead about other immortals.  Story was that they were in charge of their own university that accepted anyone.  It certainly sounded interesting, and it created questions. How had they gone without detection? Can they tell me more about being immortal?

After arriving at the university, I opted to disguise myself as a potential student. As I was exploring the campus, I "happened" upon the Dean of their science departments. After all, he surely would be immortal if any were. I asked him if he had heard about any "undying plagues." He told me no, and that I could ask the various history professors. As I was about to exit the room, he told me to stop. He asked me if I knew of anyone that was suffering from them. I said yes and asked if he did. He also said yes. In an odd way, we both somehow knew that the other was immortal.

We talked for some time, and he introduced me to the other immortals. I won't say how many there were, but I will say that there were enough to head every major portion of the university.

I learned that the circumstances of each Immortal's "life" are different. Some are like me and revive near-endlessly. Some age normally, but can't die from any other means. Some don't age, but can die from anything that can kill a normal person. They've done research on it there. Some of it for longer than the university has even existed. They believe that the catalyst for the person's immortality is what causes these differences. There was also some mention of the possibility of it being genetic.

When I told them about my own circumstances and how the Archangel has the only means to kill me, they exchanged a few nervous glances. They had known someone like me before, and they had tried an experiment to remove that one weakness. Their friend died in the process.  I asked if they could do it for me.

I asked knowing that it could kill me. That I could have possibly died without having the chance to find Sam and the others. I asked knowing that I would never find them if I was worried about Archangel or his bullets. I prepped myself for the worst.

As I sat on my own, waiting for the head of the university and the sciences Dean, I thought again about everyone I had known up to this point. I never want to forget anyone. From all the bloggers between Med and Beth to all the people I've encountered in between like these immortals and the members of the Agency. At last, the door opened and they walked in with a needle.

They told me that I could still back out. They were scared of losing another Immortal to this. I said no. They rolled up my sleeve and inserted the needle. I was told that it was similar to a flu vaccine, just with trace amounts of Archangel material inside of it.

As I was thinking about that, pain shot through my arm. Suddenly, it felt like someone had lit a fire inside my veins themselves. I felt like I was being torn apart from inside-out. The feeling spread from my arm, to my chest, to my legs, my head, everywhere. It hurt the most when it had reached my heart and had been pumped through elsewhere.

I was only in that room for two and a half hours, but it felt like a lifetime. My body felt like it was about to explode. I wanted the pain to end, I wanted to die from the process. But then I remembered my job: I need to find Sam and the rest. I need to save them.

After writhing about in agony for some time, the pain let up. It wasn't completely gone, but I could at least walk. In fact, I still feel some of it. A slight burning sensation from within, but it has definitely faded in the time since. I'm still not entirely sure if it worked, and I'm not keen to test it myself. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Before I left, the head of the university spoke to me about my future.

"You know Carter, you can stay here. With us. We'll provide the education you need to teach here, at this university. You'd be among friends and be safe for once."

"I would, really, I would. But I have to find my friends first. I have to go. Maybe one day, I'll return here."

That's when I remembered that I hadn't asked about them going unnoticed. "Before I leave, how have you avoided detection for so long?"

He laughed as he responded, "I have no idea. Funny, right? I've been here longer than anyone else, yet I have no clue why. Maybe it's the area around here. Maybe it acts like a perception filter of sorts."

We said our goodbyes at that point and shook hands. He was glad that I survived the shot and hoped to hear from me again. I left feeling as if I had left home for a third time in my life.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Been A While, Eh? (Part 1)

Well, it's been some time since I made a post. I feel like I'm probably way out of the loop right now on stuff...that's never a good thing. I've been spending some time recovering from something that I'll mention in my next post.

So, I said something about being alone. I had been alone at that point waiting at a meeting place for one of my old contacts. When they finally showed up, they gave me information that narrowed the search in one of the locations for me: New York City. Sorry Adam, but I had to go. Beth and I had to part ways. She had some business that was in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. I hope that I'll be able to see her again.

I made my way to the airport, not for a flight, but for a package. After I had shown the "proper" credentials, I was led to the storage site where my package was waiting. It smelled like a trap. Everything was going too easily...and there was a window in plain sight of my container.

I couldn't move it, it was far too heavy to do so. According to its label, it had been there for a few weeks. I decided to risk it, and I opened it up. I was met with a terrible smell...death to be exact. It was the young Russian pilot. He had been brutally maimed before being placed in this box to wait for me at an airport in New York City... Talk about planning, right?

I leaned on the edge of the box. I didn't see any notes in the box for me, so the body was clearly the only message for me. One last look at his face so I would never forget him and how I had failed him. As I turned away, everything slowed down. I saw the scope glint from the nearby hanger and saw the muzzle flash as I threw myself to the ground...the bullet hit right where my head had been only seconds before.

I don't like taking chances. This assailant could have been the Archangel himself, or it could've been some servant with Archangel bullets. One without Archangel bullets. It could even have been a Russian hitman who was avenging the death of one of his own. I didn't, and still don't, know.

I had left my gun outside of the city. Along with most of my stuff. The only things I had on me were the suit I was wearing, and my papers. Even my protective overcoat was with everything else. I was regretting those decisions. After sitting there for some time trying to grasp the situation, I decided to run for it. As I ran out the door, I heard shot after shot miss me. I was thanking the wind for being so erratic on that day.

A short sprint got me out of the airport. I ran and ran until I found an alleyway to duck in to. The voices of people searching for me drew near. Definitely servants. I went the only way I could: the nearby manhole cover was open.

Sewers are terrible. Luckily, they're a good way to lose any pursuit. Best part is that they walked right by me without even noticing me! They were talking about some TV show they wanted to watch later. The idiots! I left out of the entrance they used (they had come from the opposite way that I had entered) and closed it behind me. Before leaving, I dumped my suit and bought a new one. Then I got as far away from NYC as I could while heading toward my next lead.

Adam, if you're reading this, sorry for the dust I kicked up. I didn't leave too much of a mess though. No bodies.

And lastly, who all's even still around and kicking? I don't want to be the last one from my generation...

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Story

Ha, it's been awhile, eh? Sorry about that. It's hard to get a constant internet connection while on the road. I'm on my own again, I'll get into that in my next post. Instead, I was reminiscing earlier, figured I should share the story.

It was back when the Agency was still large, when Cal was still the Commander...

I had just finished breakfast when the intercom crackled to life: "Lieutenant Commander Carter to the briefing room at once" I wasted no time. When I arrived I saw the the room was already filled: Raven squad was there, Cal, Jenkins, Hattery, and Dixon.

"Glad to see you join us, Carter, please, take your seat." Cal motioned to my chair at the table.

As soon as I sat, Jenkins stood up and began speaking. "We have an operation for you. As it turns out, we have a request for a simple reconnaissance mission. There are some Class 2's who are believed to be attempting to create World War III. This will be your insertion point." He pulled up a map on the screen, it was the Russian/Ukraine border.

Cal spoke up, "This is very important to the big wigs. We have both the United States and  Russia petitioning for our help."

Suddenly one of the ensigns spoke, "Sir? The Russians want us to spy on their own people? Why don't they deal with it themselves?"

"Well, they want us to deal with it, as the Class 2's have them scared to do anything. You'll find the full breakdown in your files."

"Why send Raven? Wouldn't Panther be more suited for this?" I asked with full seriousness, since Panther was more suited for stealth operations.

Cal answered: "Well, the request came straight from the top: Raven or nobody. You're the best of the best, you can handle it."

The floor was turned over to Hattery as that point.  He merely told us to be ready to depart early the next morning. I made sure to be ready early.  I had just put my gear in the Osprey when I ran into Sam. She seemed pretty distracted and had looked like she was about to say something. When she didn't I asked her about it.

"Oh...well, I don't want to bother you, it just me, or does this whole operation seem a to you?"

"It does. Why send us for this? I don't think the Russians would intentionally set us up, neither would the United States. I don't know, this just feels wrong."

"Glad I'm not the only one." After she said that, the rest of Raven walked into the bay and began loading their gear. We set out with little to no conversation.

When we were within a few hours of the LZ, I entered the cockpit and put on my headset. I was the link to headquarters and would stay in the Osprey while Raven did the recon. After running a few checks, I was satisfied that my link to Jenkins was good enough to relay orders and reports. I could hear him in one ear while the other was for Sam and the rest of the team. I relayed that this was a simple recon mission: no shooting, no blowing stuff up. Just get in, watch the area for a day, and get out.

After the instructions were given, it was silent in the bay. These soldiers were professional: no chit-chat, the only sounds that could be heard were last-minute double-checks of gear. Suddenly, My headset burst into life. Jenkins was trying to say something, but it was full of interference.

"Hey, Hattery, we having some comm troubles?" Hattery was in charge of communications while Dixon was the main pilot of the Osprey.

"Uh, let's try the back-ups....any better?"

"No, I can't even hear Jenkins anymore. Jammer?"

"I doubt it. No one knows we're here, it's probably regular interference. Let's just..." He got cut off as warning lights began flashing in the cockpit. I barely had time to strap myself into a chair as the Osprey was rocked by an impact. The last I remember before being thrown into the bulkhead was hearing Sam's order to bail from the back.

I came to with the smell of fire filling my nose. And a severe headache. I heard the sound of Sam's voice...but I couldn't make out what she was saying. Then arms attempted to pull me out as I watched Hattery and Dixon get pulled outside. I, however, was not so lucky. Part of the bulkhead had collapsed onto my legs, pinning me into place.

I saw a few figures enter the crushed cockpit. Each tried to left the bulkhead. After what felt like an eternity, it was removed and I was free. Sam was able to support my weight as we retreated from the crash site. I noticed that there were only two other members of Raven present, each was also busy with our pilots.

We finally made it to an area where we stopped. Sam immediately pulled out her emergency medical kit and begin examining me. I was still in a daze, it took me a while to focus on what she was saying.

"...ollow my finger with your eyes, sir." She moved it around in front of my face, and I did my best. "You can hear me?" I nodded. She looked relieved.

"We're missing one. Where is he, Sam?" She looked away as I asked.

"He...didn't make it." I realized that he must have been hit by debris from the Osprey. She was blaming herself for his death.

That night, waiting for our help to arrive, we had to evade patrols. There were many close calls, but we still completed our mission: there really were Class 2's attempting to act like a Russian invasion force's advance scout. They had some stolen ordnance that Russia "neglected" to mention to us, that's how they took down the Osprey. A day after our report, Russian special forces dealt with the situation quietly.

Dixon and Hattery were able to move around on their own, but Dixon had left the ordeal with the worst injury of us: a sprained ankle.

That mission is how we all bonded. Me, Dixon, Hattery, Sam, and the two ensigns that survived: Sean and Franklin. Surviving a situation like that with someone makes you respect them. In the aftermath, Sam had to train two replacements, Dixon and Hattery received a new bird, Franklin transferred to a new squad, and Sean was given a small promotion. The services for the dead ensign were heartfelt.

This was the first mission that Sam began to notice that I wasn't "normal." I should've been severely concussed when they pulled me out. I thought I was just lucky.

Today, out of that small group of six, there's only five left. It will stay that way. I will find them, and anyone who stands in my way will be met with my wrath. They'll wish for me to kill them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sorry for falling behind on posts. It's been hard to find the time lately. It's been fun to ride around with Beth, especially since Scuba is such a wonderful dog.

Whenever I've got the down time and I'm not answering questions, I've been thinking. It's been a crazy road that led me here. Full of terrible choices and wonderful people. And to think...I've got a long time to go. I'm thinking of writing a report on Immortals themselves, so if anyone's got any expertise that could contribute to it, feel free to speak up, or forever hold your peace!

I'm thinking of going a week or two more with Beth, then I'll strike out on my own. I might end up in D.C., New York, maybe Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Chicago, a few other stops along the way. I've got positive leads in D.C., New York, and Boston. The others are possible leads. I have to find Sam. I can't shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Well, shortly after my return to the US, I came into contact with Beth from Vagabond. As you know, I decided to donate some of my extra funds to her.  It's a good cause after all, and I don't need that money.  I spent some time with her while I tried to piece together what I knew about Sam. Beth is very kind.

Let me just go on record now that there is absolutely no privacy in a van.  It's a little cramped, but I've been in smaller before.  Scuba, that's her dog, is a fun little fellow.  At first he was very wary of me, but not so much anymore.  She makes sure that he's properly taken care of.  I hope that my donations will help him as well.

She asked me a loaded question one night. I thought she had been sleeping, but apparently not.  "Whose names are those?"

She had overheard me as I recited the names of the dead. I keep a personal tally of everyone who I've killed since I started running. That's 14 people whom I have personally killed. It's a reminder of what I once was, and what I don't ever want to become again. I have an eternity to live with my choices, so I don't want to remember myself as a killer.  I told her this.

She looked confused when I said "eternity." So, I explained my situation to her. Everything that I have done and has happened, I told her about. She's a good listener actually. She sat in silence, soaking it all in. "So, you can't die? That must be very lonely sometimes. Are there others like you?"

I told her that there are, but that I've avoided them. I have a unique perspective on everything. I've dealt with so many Fears. I've served a Fear. I've been a Runner. I'm now immortal. All of that mixed together...I don't know what I am anymore. I don't serve any Fears, but I don't consider myself a Runner anymore either. Many of the other Immortals decided to become as neutral as possible. I'm doing that, in my own my, I suppose.

I also told her that she was right, it is a lonely existence sometimes. Yes, I have friends. But, I don't feel connected to them as much as I used to. It's hard to explain. Maybe it's just because I know I'll outlive them.

We eventually made it to our destination: the Mojave. I don't just carry around all my cash on me.  I keep it in stashes--old Agency bases.  This one was the first base I had been to. That was so long ago, I think that Carter is dead.

Anyway, we made it to the base's entrance. The door looked as I had last seen it when I left the stash of supplies: partially hidden, partially decrepit-looking. I walked up to the keypad and tapped it.

"Will it work?"-Beth

"Should." The indicator lights weren't working, but I entered the code anyway. I heard a very faint buzzing sound. I opened the door and stepped in. The air was musty. Beth followed me in, but I stopped her before she walked passed me. I signaled for silence as I drew my revolver and readied a flashlight.

I did a full sweep of the first level. It looked clean, which means that no one popped out to say "boo." I flipped the master switch to turn on the lights. Then I checked to make sure that the entrances to the other levels were all secure: they were. This base (and stash) was untouched.

"What is this place?"--Beth

"An old Agency base. They're good places to store stuff or hideout in a pinch. Also tend to attract a...seedier element as well. Come on, the money's here." I led her to the money and pulled out the bag. Yes, before you ask, it was one of those big duffel bags, like you'd see in TV shows or movies. I won't disclose how much money was in it, that's up to Beth.

We loaded up the money and some of the supplies that I had stashed. We decided to leave stuff there though, just in case. I gave her the code to the door, that way she can use this base. It's only for emergencies only, though, the deal is that she keeps the base's location and access code a secret.

And so, we're back on the road for now. I think I may just stick around with her for a bit, if she'll let me. She's been asking a lot of questions about...well, everything. I'm answering it all to the best of my ability.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Back in the USA

Been a busy week. Just stepped off a plane in LA. Decided to wear my best suit for the occasion. Wow, it's nice to be home again. While LA is far from where I used to live, it's nice to be in the US again. This time, I plan to stay for a while. I left the airport before my ride could arrive since a man kept watching me. Can't be too careful.

Right now, I'm waiting for my bus (or rather van) to pick me up. I'm going to be on the road with Beth from Vagabond. I'm donating to her cause, the problem is where the money is stashed: the Mojave. I'll keep you all updated.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's Over..."He's Dead Jim"

Calvin's dead. He snagged me and brought me to one of Med's old safehouses right after I left the airport. I didn't even have a chance to react.

He removed the hood after putting me in a chair. There was a table in front of me and he was sitting on the other side. "The day of reckoning is here." I didn't respond, just stared at him.

He broke into his speech about teaming up again. About wanting to find his sister. He even said something about seeing me as a brother. I didn't even acknowledge any of what he was saying.

"You know what, Carter, let's play a little game." He set a bottle of whiskey and my revolver on the table between us. He followed it with two glasses and filled them. "Six cylinders. All filled. Five with casings, one with your magic bullet that can kill you and might kill me. The game is simple, take a drink, pull the trigger. No cheating."

"I don't drink." - Me

"Oh, you don't? You afraid it'll kill you?" He laughed at his own joke. "You might as well enjoy what may be your last moments on this planet." He saw that I wasn't convinced. "Here, I'll go first."

He took a drink, put the revolver to his head, and pulled the trigger.


He put the revolver next to my hands and pushed over a drink.

I stared at him for a while. "Either you play along, or I'll take it back and pull the trigger until it goes bang." He shrugged. "Your choice." I reached for the gun. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

I drank the whiskey then picked up the revolver. I put it to my head. Time seemed to slow at that moment. I thought of everything that brought me to this moment. I thought of everyone who I knew. Everyone from my family and S to Med and all of you.


I threw the gun down. Cal laughed. "See? Not so hard. It's easy to play along. You know, that's what She liked about you, Carter. She was always talking about how useful you were, how accommodating." He took another drink and trigger pull.  


Still nothing.

"You know what else, Carter. She was scared of you. And with that kind of fear, if we had teamed up like I offered, we could've gone far."

I didn't answer, just took my drink and picked up the revolver.


Cal smiled. We both knew: only two left. "And then there's Sam. I never understood that, Carter. What did she ever..." He took another drink and pulled the trigger.  


His body fell to the floor. I froze. I must have sat there for hours, he didn't move.

I hesitantly got up and checked, no pulse. Which, to be fair, was expected. It's how it tends to work for me. The thing that was different was that the hole was still there. I remember him healing extremely fast. It had been a few hours, so if he wasn't up yet, he wouldn't be getting up. Ever.

I sat back down and finished my glass. Then I contacted Med. She seemed pretty surprised, but I needed to get to somewhere safer.

That was last night. Med kinda chewed me out over it. It wasn't terrible, it was more worried than anything else. My head's still pounding. At least Med was kind enough to hold out on the serious talking-to until after I had some sleep. There was also some water.

So, lessons learned:
  • Dark alleyways are not your friends.
  • Cal is dead.
  • I no longer have an Archangel bullet in my possession. (See point #2)
  • We all have expiration dates, some are sooner than others.
  • Hangovers suck.
  • And, lastly, I think I know why I had my policy of "I don't drink" (See the previous point)
Soon, I'll gather my stuff and head back to the US.  Once there I'll continue my search for Sam.  The chances of finding her or any of the others are so slim that I can't even describe them to you. (Or maybe I still can't think straight with this headache.) I've got the spare time, though, that much is certain.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I went to New York after receiving a note. Found it on my bedside in a motel room. Calvin was supposed to be there. After searching for a few days, I found him. He wanted me to find him. It was an alleyway. Dark and empty. You could hear the cars driving by on the nearby road. There was a railing that I could see on the far end, it looked like it led down to a road below.

"You made it." He stepped out into sight.

"Hello Cal. You wanted to see me?" - me

"Yes. How are you, Carter? It's been quite a while. Hasn't it?" - Cal

He looked well. His old accent was back. I felt the weight of the revolver in its holster--I had the Archangel bullet loaded. "I've been fine, Cal. Let's get to the point."

"Woah. Let's slow down some, hotshot. Now, I have it on good authority that you aren't with the Agency anymore. Little 'ole sis is now in charge. Thing is, she's gone dark. Her and all the others. Not one of them has been seen in public. You know less than I do." - Cal

He paused to watch my reaction. I didn't let it show, but I was actually shocked. With how "obsessed" he was with "protecting" Sam, if he wasn't able to uncover anything...

"I also know how she felt about you. Much to my dismay. So, how about we team up? Think about it, an alliance between us. Just imagine the possibilities! It'll be like old times, except better. No rank, no rules, no orders. Just us. We can find her. Protect her. We don't need the Agency, or Jack, or Lilith, or even the Archangel!" - Cal

"No. You'd sell me out. You'd hurt her. It won't happen, Cal. It ends here." I pulled the revolver and took aim. He stepped back when he saw it.

"You wouldn't shoot me. You know how pointless it would be...unless." He smiled. "No! You don't have what I think you have, do you? I bet you do. This is a predicament, isn't it?" - Cal

"I'm sorry Cal, but I have to protect Sam. You put her in danger before. Even if your intentions are good, I can't let you go." - me

He sighed as he took another step back. He was barely visible now.

"You won't do it. What is it that what's-her-face called you? 'Mr. Pacifist', I believe? You won't pull that trigger." - Cal

I pulled the hammer back. The sound echoed in the alleyway. "Try me. I'll do anything to protect the people I care about. If that means that I have to kill someone, I will." - me

I was about to pull the trigger when suddenly light was thrown into the alleyway. A voice called out from behind me. "Freeze! NYPD. Let me see your hands!" It was a cop.

I don't think he saw Calvin as he jumped over the rail.

"Dammit." He got away. "Officer, let's just walk away from this, okay? No need to be hasty. Let's just forget this all happened." - me

"Sir, drop the weapon. This is your final warning. Drop your weapon."

"I can't do that, officer." I prepared myself to run, as I did so, my left leg slipped. I heard a gunshot. This cop was either a really good shot and only went for lethal shots, or he got extremely unlucky and hit my head.

I woke up a few minutes later. He was calling it in.

"...need backup. Send the coroner, we've got a dead body. He was about to shoot me."

I stood up. He saw and jumped. "You know, this all could have been a lot simpler if you had only listened to me." I got a good look at him, he was young--only a few years older than me.

"H-how did y-you... I shot you... T-the blood and the wound... What...what are you?"

"Me? I'm just a man, officer. A man like any other. Now, we can do this the easy..." He fainted. "...way or... Oh, hell." I made sure that no one else was nearby, then I made sure that I had everything and did what I could to clean up some of the blood.

I could hear the sirens approaching, so I exited stage left--over the railing. No sign of Cal. He was gone.

Great, I'm running out of leads and Cal got away. Maybe I should go and get my stuff from Med while I plan my next move.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just got off a plane in New York. Business here. Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

On the road Again

  Since my last post, I've been moving constantly.  I don't want the Archangel to catch up with me.  I'm also pretty sure that I've seen a few Timberwolves, but I may have just been in an area where they are active.  I'm not sure on that part, so I'll continue to be cautious.  I don't want any confrontations with them, there's no need for more pointless death.

   I've spent the last week just searching for clues to point me in the direction of the Agency.  It's eerie, I haven't had any luck yet.  I hope Sam and the others are still alive.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


After my last post, I left New Zealand. It's only temporary of course, since most of what I own is still sitting in Med's safehouse. Could you watch it all for me until I return?

Anyway, I decided to follow up on those bullets to get my mind off of Cal. It's not something I feel comfortable leaving alone, after all, it did almost kill me. I visited an old contact that the Agency used when trying to track the source of ''not so legal, but not quite illicit'' goods.

The old man runs a pawn shop, he was shocked to see me. Thought I was still with the Agency. Had to correct that. Once he realized I was on my own, he asked me why I wanted to track down the source. I explained the situation, he asked for something in return. I gave him the only valuable in my possession that I'd be willing to part with: the sword that I found when I had been taken. He liked it, said something about it fetching a nice price. He told me some coordinates, said that the man who made the bullets should be there, his signature mark was on the casing.

It wasn't easy to find, the shack was literally right against a cliff. You could see the ocean pretty easily, and I was amazed that the shack was still standing on the cliff. I entered, and there he was: an old man. He looked harmless, asked why I was there. I told him straight up. Then things got a bit funky.

When I sat down, I noticed that he stood up quickly and was able to move very well for a man his age. And there was the rifle he had next to the table, it looked very familiar to me. He offered me a drink, I declined, I'd rather not deal with any of the 'shadier' aspects. He kept insisting that I drink it. I raised it towards my lips thinking: "What's the worst that could happen? Die? That'll only stop me for, what, a few minutes to a few hours."

Then I noticed the smell... Death. I set the glass down before it touched my lips. There was a dead body nearby, and the old man's shirt happened to be bloodstained and torn in one spot...

"Stop the games." - Me

"Games? We're talking business, it isn't a game to me, boy." - Him

"Like hell it isn't! You disgust me, wearing his face like it's yours." - Me

His expression changed as he hefted the rifle. I drew my revolver, even though I knew it would do me no good. We started circling the table slowly, one of us on each side.

"This was a set-up. You made sure that the right proxy would get those bullets didn't you? Or was that proxy really serving you?" -Me

He smiled. "What gave it away?" -Him

"The stench. The blood. Your ego." - Me

"Come now, Carter, we can work this out. You see, you are very special. I like that. I want you to help me." -Him

"And if I refuse?" - Me

"Well..." He made sure I saw as he chambered a round. "We can't have that, now can we? You're useful. Unpredictable. Impossible to guess what you will do next. You are an anomaly. You've been called that before, haven't you? Didn't She call you that? Isn't that why She loved your company? You surprise everyone and everything, nothing can predict what you'll do. That's useful. Join me, we can do so much good in this world! We can bring order to chaos. Everlasting Bliss for all!" - Him

"'Order'? That's what you call inspiring crazed psychos to go on rampages in your name?" - Me

I kept thinking about what he had said. She had said some of those things before, but I never realized. Even the Fears themselves find me confusing. What is it that separates me from others like me? What is different?

I didn't get a chance to ask. "You owe me, Carter. Don't forget that. Make your choice. Stand with me and conquer the world, or die and be forgotten without ever reaching your full potential." - Him

Of course, he just had to remember that, didn't he? Just my luck.

I had to act. Fast. I saw it as we were circling. "Okay. Okay... I've made my choice." I counted down in my head, my timing had to be perfect or else I'd end up hurting myself severely or get shot. "I choose..." Then I did it. There was a window near the table. It overlooked the ocean and the glass had long since been gone. The wood framing looked ready to give at the slightest touch. You can guess where I went...

It wasn't exactly graceful. I felt one of his bullets go past my foot on the way down, it just barely touched but burst into pain instantly. Of course, I'd be lying if I recommended this sort of escape. It would kill you. It killed me. The impact was the worst part, but there was more as well.

I guess the Archangel gave up on looking for me, since I woke up on shore. I found out that a few days had passed, it must've taken a while to reach the shore as a corpse. And now, here I am. Luckily, all of my stuff was stored safely before I met with him and my revolver luckily didn't fall out of its holster either.

All things considered, I'm no worse for the wear. If anything, this created more questions than it had answered. And I also have the Archangel after me. Maybe even more so since I owe him.

Friday, January 16, 2015

When it Rains...

Well, I set up a trap of sorts for the "mystery man". I asked Med to watch from a distance while I wandered around. Sure enough, he started following. This time, I stopped on a bench. After a few minutes, he sat down next to me.

"He's alive and looking for you." I asked who. "Cartwright. Calvin Cartwright." - him

He got up and started walking away after saying that. Med came over and started asking me about it. What he said finally registered, I turned and ran after him. He turned into an alleyway, and when I followed, he was gone.

If what he said is true, I'm in danger. Anyone I'm with is in danger, like Med. So is Sam. I have to find him, find out why he believes Calvin is alive. And if Cal is...well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well, after my last post, I decided to force a confrontation between me and the mystery man. I ducked into an alleyway and waited. He never entered the alley, I guess he continued walking. I did manage to get a good look at him earlier in the day, so I could ID him if we crossed paths again.

I made it to the new safehouse, Med moved quickly. After that, things were quieter. I had a quiet Christmas in the safehouse. Med had gone to visit with family, so I was alone. She did leave me a gift though. It was a book. Titled "101 Things to do Before You Die". Let it be known that she has a sense of humor.

It all made me think about my family. It's been so long since I've seen them.  I hope they're all doing well.

Then, of course, New Year's Day rolled in. It's unbelievable. This has been one never ending nightmare. July of 2012. That's when it all started for me. It's now January of 2015. I can't believe that so much time has passed.