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I've been wandering around town for the past few hours... It's been a crazy few days.

The first major thing is that I almost blew myself up. I decided to start preparing for a journey I'll need to make soon, the first step of preparation: armament. It took some work, but I managed to make one bullet for my revolver from the ones we recovered. Med kept asking me if I knew what I was doing.

"Of course I do! I've seen this process a couple of times, it'll be fine. But...just in case something does go wrong, I'll do it far from home. You know, to avoid any explosion-related incidents and all that." She seemed unconvinced, but I wasn't about to let her talk me out of it.

And you know, I keep referring to the safehouse as "home." It's weird, I know. But it just kinda happened. I feel comfortable there, not necessarily safe but comfortable. It can't last forever though, I know that.

Next thing is the reason why I'm not there right n…
You know, all this down time has had me thinking. If the Archangel's bullets can kill me, can they kill others like me? I mean actually kill, permanently.

And I guess this all means that he's the only fear who would be able to kill me permanently as well. Not sure if that should be good or bad. At least I survived this time.

The pain's mostly gone. Med almost flipped out on me, though since I keep insisting on doing stuff. I can walk, I can eat, I can bandage myself, so I'm going to do it myself. I've been enough of a hassle as it is.

Anyone out there with any pointers? Or even better, anyone like me experienced something like this? Or am I just different in this aspect?


Forgive any mistakes (if there are any), I'm still pretty groggy right now and don't feel like checking fpr any.

Med came back form a scouting mission. "Let's go, I've found him" - Med

I grabbed my gear, I could tell that it was time. "You're not taking that?" She pointed to teh sword that I had kept since my last 'visitor' said hello.

"Nah, I'd rather stick with what I know best." I said as I slid the revolver in to its holster. "Besides, the plan's not to go on a murderous rampage. Right?" - Me

"Let's go, Mr. Pacifist." - Med.


We were surrounded and outnumbered. It was a trap."I surrender." I said as I dropped my revolver on the ground and slid it away. I put my hands up and hoped Med would follow. I didn't want her to get hurt, and was pretty sure that there was a snip…