Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I've been wandering around town for the past few hours... It's been a crazy few days.

The first major thing is that I almost blew myself up. I decided to start preparing for a journey I'll need to make soon, the first step of preparation: armament. It took some work, but I managed to make one bullet for my revolver from the ones we recovered. Med kept asking me if I knew what I was doing.

"Of course I do! I've seen this process a couple of times, it'll be fine. But...just in case something does go wrong, I'll do it far from home. You know, to avoid any explosion-related incidents and all that." She seemed unconvinced, but I wasn't about to let her talk me out of it.

And you know, I keep referring to the safehouse as "home." It's weird, I know. But it just kinda happened. I feel comfortable there, not necessarily safe but comfortable. It can't last forever though, I know that.

Next thing is the reason why I'm not there right now... I almost shot Med.

You see, I was just relaxing and thinking about things when I thought I heard a crash from a nearby section. Thinking that Med had fallen or something and might need help, I called out: "Med, everything all right?"

No response. I got up, fearing the worst. What if she was seriously injured? Then I heard another sound, this one sounded a lot someone bumping into a bag. If it was Med, she would have responded. If she was hurt, I wouldn't have heard that. I turned back to my bed and grabbed my revolver. I made sure it was loaded and cautiously approached the sounds.

That's when I heard someone breath behind me and I whipped around. My revolver was aimed right where I thought the person's head would be. That's when I saw who it was. Med looked just as shocked as me to find herself with my revolver aimed at her.

I lowered it, thankful that I hadn't shot her. I think she could tell from the frantic look in my eyes that something was wrong, so she kept quiet. She was also making these weird gestures that looked like an attempt to do the hand-puppet stuff. I think she wanted me to calm down. I pointed toward the direction of the sounds, she grabbed the nearest weapon (which happened to only be a pen) and followed.

We made it there and found.....absolutely nothing. There was no one there. She asked me what had happened and I told her. "I'm sorry about the gun. You just about gave me a heart attack!" I told her that I was going to go on a walk and clear my head. I've been so jumpy lately. I'd swear that I'm being watched, but I don't know who or why.

I also wish that that man who has been following me for the last half hour or so would finally confront me. Either he's not very good at being discreet, or he wants me to know that he's following me. Not sure which one is more worrying.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

You know, all this down time has had me thinking. If the Archangel's bullets can kill me, can they kill others like me? I mean actually kill, permanently.

And I guess this all means that he's the only fear who would be able to kill me permanently as well. Not sure if that should be good or bad. At least I survived this time.

The pain's mostly gone. Med almost flipped out on me, though since I keep insisting on doing stuff. I can walk, I can eat, I can bandage myself, so I'm going to do it myself. I've been enough of a hassle as it is.

Anyone out there with any pointers? Or even better, anyone like me experienced something like this? Or am I just different in this aspect?

Monday, December 1, 2014


Forgive any mistakes (if there are any), I'm still pretty groggy right now and don't feel like checking fpr any.

Med came back form a scouting mission. "Let's go, I've found him" - Med

I grabbed my gear, I could tell that it was time. "You're not taking that?" She pointed to teh sword that I had kept since my last 'visitor' said hello.

"Nah, I'd rather stick with what I know best." I said as I slid the revolver in to its holster. "Besides, the plan's not to go on a murderous rampage. Right?" - Me

"Let's go, Mr. Pacifist." - Med.


We were surrounded and outnumbered. It was a trap."I surrender." I said as I dropped my revolver on the ground and slid it away. I put my hands up and hoped Med would follow. I didn't want her to get hurt, and was pretty sure that there was a sniper watching us--or more likely her.

A man walked in with a woman at his side. "Cute. You think you have a choice. Well, fancy meeting you here." He said as he walked in and turned to Med. They excahnged some words, and something came up about a guy name Firebug being killed. I turned to look at Med, she hadn't said anything about that.

Then he came in, the man who Med called Black but is really called Skoll. (Confused yet? I sure was.) The man continued: "Well, looks like this will be a touching reunion, so we'll just go and take out the trash, give you three some privacy." A few of the proxies grabbed my arms to bring me away. I would have fought back, but I didn't want Med to get hurt.

They brought me into a room and tied me to a chair after that. I was planning on waiting, after all, Med was resourceful, she'd get to safety. Then, just maybe, I could get free. I wasn't really worried, though. After all they couldn't kill me, right?

Well, they weren't so convinced. In fcat one of them (a rather...let's say dim proxy) said they had a "special surprise" for me. I didn't like the sound of that.

I sat there in silence until this awful smell came from nowhere. I heard the door break open. It was Med. She looked different, jaded, like she had gone through hell and back. She released me and handed me a gasmask. I quickly put it on, even gthough it didn't help much. She also handed a bag with my stuff in it.

As we were trying to leave, a proxy stopped us.  Med pulled a lighter out of her pocket. She threatened to "light us all up" then started pulling on my arm. She relaxed visibly, until the sound of a gunshot rang out. I reacted and shot back in the direction: it was a hit. The proxy's body hit the ground. I looked at Med, she was fine. So, I walked over the body, knelt down, said a few words, closed his eyes, and stood up. We began running. Then, she fell. As I tried to catch her, she looked worried.

"You're bleeding." I looked at where she was pointing, a blood stain was growing on my abdomen. I lifted teh shirt to see that it wasmn't healing properly. Or at least properly fr me.

"I'm bleeding." That's pretty much the last thing I remember (I think I remmeber saying a few things while in a half-lucid state) before waking up obn an operating table back at the safe-house.

"You're home. Or the closest thing we've got to one." Med's voice called out from the side, calming my fears.

I looked down and saw the bandages. "This your work?" As I sat up, I felt pain and nausea. "How much anesthetic did you put me on?" - Me

"Almost none. I did tthe best I could. You lucked out, I was able to give a transfusion. You should have seen all the blood you lost. You want to see your souvenir?" - Med

A (very scary) thouhgt hit me. "Yes." She brought the pistol, nothing special--just a pistol. The ammo was special. "My god. I'm lucky to be breathiong." Feeling the pain again. "You weren't able to get the bullet out?" -Me

"No, I'm not a doctor. You had been lucky though, it could've been worse." She noticed my expression. "What's wrong?" - Med

Another thught hit me before I answered. "The body. Did it stay dead? You didn't see it move?" -Me

"No, why?" - Med

"Archangel. I've seen bullets liek these before. The Agency even uses the idea. They're made using teh same material of Archangel's. These look like they've got a higher concentration though, which is very dangerous, often leads to...mishaps. The Agency always used trace amounts in the Class 2 bullets, much more stable. I'm amazed that this proxy had this many at this level." - Me

"We knew that they potentially could stop regenerative abilities in anything, but we never thought of using this much. There were a few black markets that we had to close down as well. I wonder where these came from..." - Me

"You need to get the bullet out, don't you?" I said yes. "I know of a few doctors who could do it. What do you want to do with those?" - Med

"Keep it. All of'em save one." It was only 4 bullets, the proxy had only had 5. "Maybe you can find something to do with the material other than kill. Gives you something to experiment with."

"Speaking of killing... You killed that proxy, why? I thought you were a pacifist." - Med

"I guess I am, for the most part." I stood up at this point, the pain shot through my entire body. "It was necessary though. He would have killed you. Plus, it makes us even, for teh whole you saving me thing." - Me

"He would have killed you too." -Med

"That would have been a blessing. I'll be back as soon as I'm able. We can talk more then." - Me

After that, I managed to stumble in to a doctor who didn't ask any questions. The wound is mostly healed now, but still hurts some. Maybe ina  week taht'll stop--along with the bouts of nausea. Word of advice: never get shot by Archangel--it'll be the last you ever do. I returned 'home' and Med and I talked more about what had happened. She told me her side of the story. I felt so sorry for her.

So, we found Black (Skoll?). Now what?