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Well, not even a few minutes after my last post, I was kidnapped. There was a reason that I avoided mirrors...

Luckily, I woke up in a spot I recognized. It was one of Med's safehouses that we had left behind. I was alone and had lost a few days of time. Both of which can be frightening. Next to me was a note:

      It was such a pleasure to find you again! I am glad that we could 'catch-up.' Thank you again for the generous samples you so willingly provided! As you know, we'll always have a bed waiting for your return.

Upon examination of myself, I found that there were puncture marks from needles on both arms. Rope burns were present on my wrists and ankles. My clothes were torn and bloody. (Pretty sure some of was not mine.) Blood stains were present on the ground, and to top it all off, there was a bloody sw…