So, after everything that's been going on in sunny New Zealand, I decided to take a break of sorts: I went home. To see S. After looking around for a while, I found her. She was at the park. I found a spot that was hidden, and could see her. She was sitting on a bench with two other people: a guy and a girl. I remember them. The guy had been a good friend of mine and the girl was his girlfriend and a close friend of S.

They were talking and laughing, then the others stood up. S decided to stay sitting on the bench to wait for them to come back. almost immediately after they were out of sight, I saw her change. She went from a happy, care-free person to a haunted person. She looked defeated and sad. Then, she suddenly looked straight at my hiding spot. I knew she couldn't see me. She started glancing around, but her eyes kept lingering where I was.

She was about to stand up when the others came back. I decided to take this moment to leave. I left a hastily-written note in the spot and slipped out without being seen. I had hesitated, I wanted to run up to her and try to make my life normal again. But, I didn't. I can't have that life. Not anymore. Not while my life-span is indefinite. I'd never fit in.

I returned to New Zealand a few days later. The first thing I said to Med was: "Let's find Black."


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