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To the Fallen

I was waiting for Med to come back from a scouting job so I decided to kill time. It was that, or go crazy from boredom. So what did I do, you might ask? Well, I walked down 'memory lane.'  I was feeling nostalgic and decided to check on older blogs. Oh the names, the memories, the joys, the sorrows.

I have met so many people through this blog. And so many of them are dead or gone. It's sad to think about all of them. So many lives needlessly wasted. And for what? To appease some monsters? To seek revenge for injustices? To fulfill prophecies? It's terrible to think about the reasons behind each death.

We've all lost people. Every single one of us who still lives today has lost friends (and even those enemies who we just can't hate). Let's never forget them. Let's not let their deaths be in vain. Whoever you may be, whether you affiliate as a Runner or a Servant, post some of their names in the comments. Maybe post something about them. Do something to…


So, after everything that's been going on in sunny New Zealand, I decided to take a break of sorts: I went home. To see S. After looking around for a while, I found her. She was at the park. I found a spot that was hidden, and could see her. She was sitting on a bench with two other people: a guy and a girl. I remember them. The guy had been a good friend of mine and the girl was his girlfriend and a close friend of S.

They were talking and laughing, then the others stood up. S decided to stay sitting on the bench to wait for them to come back. almost immediately after they were out of sight, I saw her change. She went from a happy, care-free person to a haunted person. She looked defeated and sad. Then, she suddenly looked straight at my hiding spot. I knew she couldn't see me. She started glancing around, but her eyes kept lingering where I was.

She was about to stand up when the others came back. I decided to take this moment to leave. I left a hastily-written note in the s…

More Thoughts

Well, my memories are kinda sporadic. I'm beginning to think that the Old Man's messing with me. The worst part is something that I can't remember: S's name. I can't remember her name. No matter how long I think, no matter how hard I try, I just can't remember. Why? Why can't I remember? I miss her. I miss her so much.

I had to take a break. For some reason, thinking of Linux before had reminded me of something else he said once: he called me an anomaly. I wouldn't have thought twice about it, except someone else had said that: Mother. I remember thinking that Linux had been insane: there was no way that I'd one day (in alternate realities) be immortal, kill everyone I know, and be feared by some of the Fears. (Of course, I now know that the first one came true.)

Maybe there was more to his words than hot air. Especially since they had been shared by a Fear. They both said that I was an impossibility. That the original reason the Slender Man started…


Well. It's been a crazy time for me. I'm still trying to sort through all of these memories. It's scary: some of the things I did...

But now, I have eternity to think about it. Unless I find a way to reverse what Mother did to me. I have to be careful with how I act.

So, I was sitting outside after the kid arrived (that's Edward....Crow....Legion....I still don't know which to call him by, so I just call him kid.). (By the way, I'm not keeping that money, I had packed more than enough for my meager needs before I ran from Mother. I'll leave it as a 'gift' for my lovely landlord as payment.) Med came outside to see what I was doing. The kid had apparently been very tired and was sleeping.

We sat for some time in silence, then she turned and asked me if I believed in fate.
"No. There isn't. Back when Jack gave me some of those files, I…