Well, here we go. I think I've calmed down down now. So much has happened during my visit with Med. It's been quite a few weeks though, so I guess that's understandable, right?

So, there I was, relaxing in a rented room when suddenly the window pops open. I heard a voice, "Psst. Carter? That you in there? It's Med."

Never in my life have I met someone able to sneak up on a window that was latched from the inside and open it. Oh yeah, it was also elevated above ground some, too. She led me to one of her hideouts: an old abandoned electricity substation. I thought the lettering above the door was interesting. The place looked its age, but she also had supplies strewn about inside as well. Taking up a large portion of one of the walls was this map of the city. It was marked with all sorts of things. Some was impossible for me to read, some were obscure symbols, and some were just red lines from one location to another. After I dropped my pack off next to my 'bed' we sat down and talked.

First, I told her my story. Or, at least all that I could remember. She listened intently, only interrupting to ask me various medical-related questions. She then asked what my plan was. I told her the truth: I wasn't sure. I knew that to contact the Blind Man, I'd have to go to a library. But, I wasn't completely sure if I wanted to find him. After all, if I had asked him to take my memories, I must have had a good reason, right? I told her that I wanted to keep myself busy until I knew what to do. That I'd be willing to try and help her out any way I could.

Then, the reason for my visit: her eye. I set on a table and asked her to sit  on the opposite side as me. When I opened the container, the eye was facing me. Then, as if on queue, it started rotating. First from me, to the map, and finally ending on Med. It 'started' straight at her. She was, of course, surprised that the eye was still in pristine shape and could move on its ow like that. "It's gets even more creepy, stand up and walk around." She did, and it followed her movements. We talked about it for some time. About Jack, about the eye, about why I had been told to give it back to her. I gave her the letter as well.

She asked me if I wanted to take any of the files that I had apparently given to her, I declined. Partly because I didn't have the room in my bag for them. After all, you gotta travel light if you want to be quick on your feet. We talked about various other things for a while, she took a few blood samples from both my left arm and my right. She filled me in on some of my history. About who I had been, and who she thought I was. It was hard to hear that. She wanted to take a look of some of my stuff like the coat. I let her, after all, it is a unique coat.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but the thing is extremely lightweight yet it's always the perfect temperature for the weather. In warmer weather, it barely felt like it was there, and in colder it was the warmest thing I had. The coat's kinda long, like a trench coat almost. And it's material looks very similar to a Kevlar vest. Now if it can stop a bullet or not, I don't know. And to be honest, I'm not exactly keen on finding out.

She seemed pretty distracted, then took a look at a clock. She told me to make myself at home and that she'd be back.

The next few days were rather dull, just more conversations about stuff. She had me help her a few times, tracking proxies around the city. One night, she came back in with a prisoner. She started interrogating him. Forcefully. When he didn't answer, she started using her taser. That thing looks scary enough with some of the changes she's made to it. After shocking the proxy for the 5th time, I decided enough was enough.

"Stop. He doesn't know anything. This isn't helping you find Black." She kept going. It's like she was a different person from the Med I had met earlier. All the cheerfulness and joking demeanor was gone. Slowly I reached into the front of my jacket and to the revolver's holster. I drew it out and pointed it at her. She finally reacted.

"You won't shoot me." A pause.  "He might have something to do with Black's disappearance. And you know if the positions were reversed? He'd do the same, and worse. There's no other option! Wouldn't it be great if asking nicely worked? Why are you carrying a gun, Mister Pacifist?" She had a point. I didn't want to shoot her. But I couldn't stand by and let her torture the proxy. I didn't say anything in response, just slowly pulled the hammer back. She backed off and walked away. The proxy just sat there, not even reacting. I hoped that he'd be grateful, but he didn't say anything. I put the revolver away and followed her.

"Why don't you go for a walk? Get some fresh air and think about what you want to do." I did just that. I was angry, I didn't want to be witness to torture. I went on a walk for a few hours until I calmed down. Then, when I got back, I saw that the proxy was gone. She didn't answer when I asked if the proxy was still alive.

One good thing did come out of it, though. I made a decision: I was going to find the Blind Man. I was going to get my memories back. A day after the 'interrogation', I asked her to bring me to the largest library. She led me there and we agreed on a meeting point. I watched as she walked away, wondering how much she had changed because of this lifestyle.

Then, I turned to the library doors, opened them, and stepped through. I wasn't, like I had planned, in a library. No, I found myself somewhere else entirely.


  1. I'm guessing you got the info I put on my blog. I looked into it. Maybe I'll find out something myself.


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