The good thing about this city is that there are a lot of rooftops. That's where I slept for the past few nights. Tonight is different, though. I woke up after having an odd dream. In it, there was fire surrounding me. I was in a small room, and everything was burning. Yet, I was calm. I just sat there while everything around me disintegrated. Then, I see another person in the room. I woke up after that, sweating. I decided to go for a walk around the city.

I was wandering aimlessly for the whole day. It started getting dark when I was passing a park. I felt like someone was watching me, so I stopped to look. People kept passing me by, I almost didn't see it. A tall man wearing what looked like a black suit. He was standing in the park and watching me. He was too far for me to make out his face, but I didn't see any hair: he must have been bald. I started walking to the park. By the time I was closer, he was gone. I walked to where he had been: no signs of any person having been there until I changed that. I felt uneasy after that. I decided to find a place to sleep near the park. That way I could confront this man if he went there again.

There was an alley nearby that had a rooftop access point. However, there was a small fire next to the access. I decided to warm up there, and wait to see who made the fire. I knew that someone was approaching. It was just a feeling. I waited until the right moment and let my reflexes take over. The next thing I know, there's a large African American guy on the ground next to me, and I have the gun drawn and pointed in the other direction. Towards another guy. Both guys looked like they were living on the streets. The African American guy was bald, and the white guy had long unkempt hair. Unkempt spoke first.

"Hey! Whoah, don't shoot! after seeing you take Samp down, I ain't gonna do nothin'! Is he gonna be alright?"

I said that he would. I gestured for him to stand next to his friend as I backed away. Bald guy groaned as he sat up.

"Ugh, what just happened?' He saw me as he looked around. "You're good. You can put the gun away, after that talent show, I'm not interested in fighting you. So, tell me, are you a Runner?"

"Runner? I...I guess. Yeah." For some reason that title felt like it fit, while at the same time it didn't.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, considering the circumstances. My name's Sampson. That sorry sack is Randall. What..."

He was cut off by Randall, "How long you been here? Do you have any grub?"

Sampson told him to shut up, but I answered anyway, "Long enough. And sure, I have some that I can spare." I pulled out some cans and gave them some food. Randall immediately started eating while Sampson kept talking.

"So, what did you say your name was, again?"-Sampson

"I didn't." I decided that I'd go with the only name that came to mind quickly. "Call me Carter."

"Okay, thank you for the food Carter. Look, these streets are dangerous at night. Since you've been kind, I'd like to repay you." He picked up a discarded newspaper and started writing on it. "There's this safehouse. It's owned by a guy named Oswald. These directions will lead you there from the park, once you get there, say the lines that I wrote down and you'll get a place to stay. Just be sure not to go into the park."-Sampson

I thanked him and asked why the warning about the park. Randall spoke up. "The Faceless Freak is there. You don't want t'meet him."

I remembered the man I had seen earlier. I thanked them again and was about to leave when Randall spoke again. "B'fore you go, lemme ask you something. When you get t'Oswald's, see if he'll let us back in."

"Randy, shut up! This man gave us food, he doesn't owe us anything! Don't worry about it, this drunkard over here didn't know how to walk away from a fight. So, I stepped in and saved his sorry ass before he was killed. Sadly, we were both thrown out."

I said that I'd say something to this 'Oswald' anyway, since I'd be there. We said our farewells and I strted on my way. I memorized the lines that I'd need, and soon found the place: Oswald's Bar and Grill.

I entered and made my way straight to the bar stool at the end. After I sat, the barkeep made his way over to me and spoke. "So, you look like you've been traveling a lot, eh?"

"Yeah, I feel like I've been running around from place to place." His expression didn't change as he called a girl over to handle everything. He then told me to follow him downstairs.

"Welcome to paradise! Or, the closest thing to it for a Runner. Name's Oswald. And you are Mr....?"

I gave him the same name. He showed me to a room and said that he and his daughter, Stacy, would provide everything that I needed. I decided that now was the time to ask, "Hey, the guys who told me about your place, they were wondering if you'd let them back in." He asked who. "Randall and Sampson."

"Well, it is dangerous out there, I felt a little sorry for them after I calmed down. I send someone out to bring them here." He made his way back upstairs.

I took in my surroundings. It was actually a nice room, there was a bed, a table, a desk, a few chairs, an end table, and a bathroom directly connected to it. I decided to take inventory of my stuff, and rest. Of course, the resting still hasn't happened yet, but it will be nice to sleep someplace other than a rooftop. Sadly, none of my memories have come back. I need to find out what happened to me.


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