This is Not Goodbye

   Well, it's finally happened. Doc managed to convince me that he's right. Earlier today I authorized extended leave for the rest of the team. We're going to be going dark for a while. I'll still try and make posts on here occasionally. We'll be back soon, and with a renewed vigor. We're currently on a delay at an American airport, it's just me, Doc, and our pilots.
   After Doc and I get off, the pilots will go wherever it is that they want. I don't have anywhere to stay. This plane is my only home. It's weird to think about it that way, but it's true. I never had a real home. I was just on the streets with my brother until the Agency came along. Then I had to move from base to base.
   Hopefully, this break will allow me to heal. I know that I need to rest. I also need time to come to terms with the fact that Carter's gone. I still haven't been able to feel comfortable knowing that he's no longer with us. That he's no longer himself. In a way, I feel partially responsible, I don't know why.
    So, with that, I'm going to wrap this up. I'll probably post something soon, so this isn't goodbye. You'll hear from us soon. Until then, this is Commander Samantha Cartwright of the Agency signing off.


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