The Anonymous Man

     So, Russia. Yeah. Very interesting. However, something else occurred that was very strange. So, instead of talking about that right now, I'll just save it for later. I was walking down the road, looking for places to set up ambushes when I noticed a strange man staring straight at me. He stood out, wearing a full grey suit. For some odd reason, I felt like I needed to talk to him. Or listen. I approached cautiously. He kept watching as I approached.
    "So, it's finally time." He pulled out a pocket watch and looked at it. "Almost...10...9...8..." He kept counting down. When he reached one, he smiled. "It is done." I asked him what was done. "He's gone. Completely gone. The old one was generous today." He glanced down at the watch again as he started walking away.  I shouted after him to answer my questions, but he just kept walking. He turned a corner and I ran after him. He was gone. Nowhere in sight.
    I wish I knew what he had been talking about. What's done? Who's gone? Who was the 'old one?' I wish things could just be simple for once.


  1. I thought you guys were supposed to have tonnes of info on the Fears and you can't even tell when one walks right under your fucking nose?

    1. Firstly, we lost most of that information when our bases were destroyed.
      Secondly, I'm pretty sure I know which one this was, I'm not interested in him. I'm interested in what he said.

    2. Third, not actually a fear. This one came later, acts differently. Same type of being, wouldn't class it as one of the fears.

    3. He still has a lot more power and abilities than us. He's essentially one. I guess the best way to classify would be an Unexplainable.


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