Deserts Suck

   Would have made a post sooner, but sand gets everywhere. I hate it. I keep finding more of it every time I look at my equipment. If it's not lodged in the magazine of a gun, it's in a pocket of a vest. Rant over. Sorry, been a stressful week.
   So, I decided that we needed to visit an old base that the Agency had used for hard copy back-ups of files. It's in the Sahara Desert, of course, so it makes for a fun little trip. We had to go in on foot (or rather land vehicle), since the runway and all possible LZ's for the osprey were completely covered in sand. There was no way we could land anything near that base. After the boring trek out there we cautiously entered the base. For some odd reason, it seems like every one of our abandoned bases becomes 'claimed' by one group or another. No exception here. Luckily, these guys were your regular scavengers. They ran off screaming after they saw Sean walk in yelling. Or maybe it was because four of them were gunned down before we were spotted. Either way, they left.
   The base was secured and we searched for the files. It was boring, and took a few hours. And guess what we found? If you guessed 'nothing' you win the grand prize! So, another dead end. Doc's really pushing for me to authorize leave for everyone. He keeps saying that we've all been overexerting ourselves and that we need a break. I keep putting it off, but maybe he's right. I don't think I've actually slept well for five or six months. It's crazy to think about.
    I'll keep you all updated as things happen. Com. Sam Cartwright signing off.


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