And Then it Clicks

    Well, I hope you all saw that last post on the blog. Apparently, Carter posted it. His wording was interesting, "the first of may." Jenkins thinks that it means the post was made on the first and that it was scheduled to appear when it did. Which is odd, because none of us knew it was there. It caught us all completely off guard. And one thing stood out to me: "the old man." Normally I don't jump to conclusions, but after a visit that mentioned "the old one", well they may just be connected. What I can only assume is the following: that Carter visited "the old one", aka "the old man", aka the Class 3 who, if I remember correctly, deals with memories. That's all I know.
    I wish I had access to our old archives right now. Have any of you had any contact with this one? I want to know what could have happened. Maybe I'll be able to finally track Carter down. That is, of course, if I can convince Doc that we don't need extended leave.


  1. There's the blind man, who fits the bill, but Linux also mentioned an old man. Might be pertinent.

    1. Hmm, the Blind Man is directly linked with what we know. Is Linux's old man the same one, or something else entirely?

    2. I doubt they're the same thing; the Blind man rarely acts so directly, and as far as I know the old man didn't do anything to Linux's memories.

      'Course, you can argue either way. Carter's memories allow him to hold out, so TBM has that leverage, while TOM seems to try to collect powerful people as servants, and has a link through Linux.

    3. Well, one of them was 'generous.' Either way, maybe it's time to take a trip to an old base.


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