Saturday, May 31, 2014

This is Not Goodbye

   Well, it's finally happened. Doc managed to convince me that he's right. Earlier today I authorized extended leave for the rest of the team. We're going to be going dark for a while. I'll still try and make posts on here occasionally. We'll be back soon, and with a renewed vigor. We're currently on a delay at an American airport, it's just me, Doc, and our pilots.
   After Doc and I get off, the pilots will go wherever it is that they want. I don't have anywhere to stay. This plane is my only home. It's weird to think about it that way, but it's true. I never had a real home. I was just on the streets with my brother until the Agency came along. Then I had to move from base to base.
   Hopefully, this break will allow me to heal. I know that I need to rest. I also need time to come to terms with the fact that Carter's gone. I still haven't been able to feel comfortable knowing that he's no longer with us. That he's no longer himself. In a way, I feel partially responsible, I don't know why.
    So, with that, I'm going to wrap this up. I'll probably post something soon, so this isn't goodbye. You'll hear from us soon. Until then, this is Commander Samantha Cartwright of the Agency signing off.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Deserts Suck

   Would have made a post sooner, but sand gets everywhere. I hate it. I keep finding more of it every time I look at my equipment. If it's not lodged in the magazine of a gun, it's in a pocket of a vest. Rant over. Sorry, been a stressful week.
   So, I decided that we needed to visit an old base that the Agency had used for hard copy back-ups of files. It's in the Sahara Desert, of course, so it makes for a fun little trip. We had to go in on foot (or rather land vehicle), since the runway and all possible LZ's for the osprey were completely covered in sand. There was no way we could land anything near that base. After the boring trek out there we cautiously entered the base. For some odd reason, it seems like every one of our abandoned bases becomes 'claimed' by one group or another. No exception here. Luckily, these guys were your regular scavengers. They ran off screaming after they saw Sean walk in yelling. Or maybe it was because four of them were gunned down before we were spotted. Either way, they left.
   The base was secured and we searched for the files. It was boring, and took a few hours. And guess what we found? If you guessed 'nothing' you win the grand prize! So, another dead end. Doc's really pushing for me to authorize leave for everyone. He keeps saying that we've all been overexerting ourselves and that we need a break. I keep putting it off, but maybe he's right. I don't think I've actually slept well for five or six months. It's crazy to think about.
    I'll keep you all updated as things happen. Com. Sam Cartwright signing off.

Friday, May 16, 2014

And Then it Clicks

    Well, I hope you all saw that last post on the blog. Apparently, Carter posted it. His wording was interesting, "the first of may." Jenkins thinks that it means the post was made on the first and that it was scheduled to appear when it did. Which is odd, because none of us knew it was there. It caught us all completely off guard. And one thing stood out to me: "the old man." Normally I don't jump to conclusions, but after a visit that mentioned "the old one", well they may just be connected. What I can only assume is the following: that Carter visited "the old one", aka "the old man", aka the Class 3 who, if I remember correctly, deals with memories. That's all I know.
    I wish I had access to our old archives right now. Have any of you had any contact with this one? I want to know what could have happened. Maybe I'll be able to finally track Carter down. That is, of course, if I can convince Doc that we don't need extended leave.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

it's already the first of may and i can't do this anymore. the torture is becoming too much, i'm losing. help. please. help. the old man says he can but no trust. oh god what have i become? am i a monster?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Anonymous Man

     So, Russia. Yeah. Very interesting. However, something else occurred that was very strange. So, instead of talking about that right now, I'll just save it for later. I was walking down the road, looking for places to set up ambushes when I noticed a strange man staring straight at me. He stood out, wearing a full grey suit. For some odd reason, I felt like I needed to talk to him. Or listen. I approached cautiously. He kept watching as I approached.
    "So, it's finally time." He pulled out a pocket watch and looked at it. "Almost...10...9...8..." He kept counting down. When he reached one, he smiled. "It is done." I asked him what was done. "He's gone. Completely gone. The old one was generous today." He glanced down at the watch again as he started walking away.  I shouted after him to answer my questions, but he just kept walking. He turned a corner and I ran after him. He was gone. Nowhere in sight.
    I wish I knew what he had been talking about. What's done? Who's gone? Who was the 'old one?' I wish things could just be simple for once.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It Has Been a Busy Few Weeks

Hello, Doc here. Sam is off trying to get some rest. She wanted a post to go up, so I volunteered to type one up. Forgive any mistakes, I'm not an ''experienced'' blogger like most of you are.

So, it started out with an investigation. We received a report from an airport in the United States. Apparently, one of Carter's various identities had appeared there. Sam called a briefing. While we were in the midst of this, we were bombarded with more reports. All around the globe, his identities were appearing. We knew that the possibility of finding him from these reports was slim, but Sam insisted. Then Sean spoke up. He's been under a lot of stress, having to deal with not having Raven squad. He mentioned Calvin, and how he had practically destroyed the Agency. I'm not sure if his name has ever been documented before. Calvin Cartwright was Sam's brother. The man who brought this very Agency to the brink of collapse. Sam lost her cool. She reprimanded Sean then told me to finish the briefing. We decided to wait, rather than rush into what would most likely be an ambush.

Then, we came across an old friend. Sam decided it was time to actually help our 'allies' that were requesting help. We were split into two teams: their group would watch one warehouse, while we would watch another. While we were waiting, we were contacted and informed of an attack at the other warehouse. We split the team to help. Bear squad went to provide assistance, apparently the attackers were Timberwolves. Sam, Jenkins' team, and I kept watch. It was rather quiet. Nothing happened for a few hours. Then a car pulled up and dropped off a man. We quickly noticed that he was using a crutch for support. He slowly entered the warehouse with a can of what could have been gasoline. Sam and I decided to go in after him. We told Jenkins to keep an eye on the car.

We followed the man to an office in the back of the warehouse. He began to dig through the filing cabinets. After pulling out some papers, he emptied the can of gasoline. Then he abruptly stopped. The man turned his gun on us. We would have fired, but we noticed the same thing: it was one of our pistols. He slowly lowered it when he saw who we were. "Sam? Doc? I'll come quietly. Won't put up a fight." It was Lovett. He was injured, and we were supposed to bring him into custody. Sam decided that we should bring him to the plane for treatment first, then decide what to do with him. As we were exiting the office and about halfway to the warehouse's entrance, we heard a car speed away. Once we were outside, we discovered that the driver in the car was actually very crafty. She apparently had a tear gas grenade. She used that to keep Jenkins at bay during her escape. Lovett told us to let the driver go. So, we brought him to the plane. I've done what I can for his wounds, and Sam's been debating on how to proceed.

I guess that's all for now. Again, please forgive how this probably reads, I am not a blogger. I'm just a simple doctor.