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She had me take care of a package. Wasn't allowed to look inside. It was rather boring. she knows that she's winning. i don't know if i can keep fighting.
     I had been tempted to look inside, but after seeing what happened to the recipient...well, let's just say that he had a bad day. A very bad day. she wants to to scare me. the torture is terrible. i can barely even close of this small section of myself anymore.
     I should probably explain what happened, shouldn't I? I know that you all can be a curious lot. So, I picked up the package while on my out from home. With instructions not to open it. I brought it to a lovely little villa. It wasn't so lovely on the inside after I left. I gave the guy the package. He looks it over, hands me the payment, then opens it. It was great! I feel sorry for the poor sod that has to clean the room. she's using everything against me. especially my memories. i'm so sorry s.
     Any who, I think that's …

It Was Just a Simple Job

I walk into the bar and take in my surroundings.  It's just a plain bar that could be in any city of the world.  It's the kind of place a man would go into to get lost.  Or to lose himself. The place is normally crowded, but I chose my time carefully.  There are few people left, and the ones still here either are too drunk or just don't care anymore. Or maybe a mix of both.  I look for my target, he's sitting at the bar.  Just like he does every single night.  Third stool from the end.  I approach and sit down at the next stool.  The bartender 'called in sick' tonight, and his replacement doesn't pay me any mind.  I hear Her, reminding me what to do. That I have to do it. i fight back. i lose.
     I turn towards him as I say, "You look like a man who's down on his luck. Let me order you a drink, pally." The bartender sends a glass down this way, it's filled with the man's regular order. He accepted it without quest…

Mission Report #2

Sorry for being late with this post, our duty never ends. This is the report from a shorter mission. We were receiving reports of animals and people being found in the woods around a small Indiana town. The bodies all had one thing in common: they had been mauled and partially eaten. The details that we were sent were...gruesome, to say the least. So, we set out for Indiana. Vaguely, I remember Carter mentioning that he had lived here. At the time, I didn't connect that to what was happening.

   We set out from the plane: me, Doc, and Bear squad. Jenkins was left at the plane in case we had any more visits. We coordinated with the local authorities, which was a slow process as they weren't used to dealing with this kind of situation. That, and we had to keep showing our authorization papers. We eventually tracked down an eye-witness: an old woman. She told us this story about her dog barking one night. She went outside to tell the dog to be quiet, when the dog whined loudly…