Wednesday, April 23, 2014

     She had me take care of a package. Wasn't allowed to look inside. It was rather boring. she knows that she's winning. i don't know if i can keep fighting.

     I had been tempted to look inside, but after seeing what happened to the recipient...well, let's just say that he had a bad day. A very bad day. she wants to to scare me. the torture is terrible. i can barely even close of this small section of myself anymore.

     I should probably explain what happened, shouldn't I? I know that you all can be a curious lot. So, I picked up the package while on my out from home. With instructions not to open it. I brought it to a lovely little villa. It wasn't so lovely on the inside after I left. I gave the guy the package. He looks it over, hands me the payment, then opens it. It was great! I feel sorry for the poor sod that has to clean the room. she's using everything against me. especially my memories. i'm so sorry s.

     Any who, I think that's enough for now. Just felt like giving an update so you all can rest easy knowing that I, Carter, am alive and well. Au revoir!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It Was Just a Simple Job

     I walk into the bar and take in my surroundings.  It's just a plain bar that could be in any city of the world.  It's the kind of place a man would go into to get lost.  Or to lose himself. The place is normally crowded, but I chose my time carefully.  There are few people left, and the ones still here either are too drunk or just don't care anymore. Or maybe a mix of both.  I look for my target, he's sitting at the bar.  Just like he does every single night.  Third stool from the end.  I approach and sit down at the next stool.  The bartender 'called in sick' tonight, and his replacement doesn't pay me any mind.  I hear Her, reminding me what to do. That I have to do it. i fight back. i lose.

     I turn towards him as I say, "You look like a man who's down on his luck. Let me order you a drink, pally." The bartender sends a glass down this way, it's filled with the man's regular order. He accepted it without question. This is going to be easier than I thought. I couldn't help thinking that as the man downed the drink. I ordered another for him, and he started telling me everything. About how he started seeing a faceless man, and was worried about his family. Then his wife divorced him, took his kids and left him behind. They died in an accident afterward. He tried finding help, but no one believed him. The stalker became more aggressive, and he ran. He finally disappeared to here. I listened to all of this, acting interested the whole time. i tried to warn him, run. run while you can. she wouldn't let me.

     He said that he hates what he's become, and wishes for an end to it all. I turn to him and smile as I say, "Then today's your lucky day." Before he could react, the poison in those drinks starts to kick in. There was nothing he could do. I stand up and walk out the door, the man's body is found four days later. He was killed in a drunken driving accident. why. why did i do this. why couldn't i stop it.

     She's proud of me, tells me that it was a job well done. i'm a murderer. And She welcomes me home. Home. back to hell. It's so beautiful here, I feel safe for the first time. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

i miss s.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mission Report #2

   Sorry for being late with this post, our duty never ends. This is the report from a shorter mission. We were receiving reports of animals and people being found in the woods around a small Indiana town. The bodies all had one thing in common: they had been mauled and partially eaten. The details that we were sent were...gruesome, to say the least. So, we set out for Indiana. Vaguely, I remember Carter mentioning that he had lived here. At the time, I didn't connect that to what was happening.

   We set out from the plane: me, Doc, and Bear squad. Jenkins was left at the plane in case we had any more visits. We coordinated with the local authorities, which was a slow process as they weren't used to dealing with this kind of situation. That, and we had to keep showing our authorization papers. We eventually tracked down an eye-witness: an old woman. She told us this story about her dog barking one night. She went outside to tell the dog to be quiet, when the dog whined loudly then got quiet. She was just in time to see an animal drag the dog's body into the woods. Apparently, the animal was human shaped, but t moved very fast. She wasn't able to give anything else useful, but it was looking like we might be dealing with Rake attacks. We wanted to be sure before we called in for help. In certain cases, such as Rake encounters, we are to observe the situation, and report it in. Another group will then arrive and we observe how they deal with it. It's kind of like on-the-job training.

   I decided to set a trap for this 'animal.' And we waited. And waited. A few uneventful nights passed by. No sign of the 'animal.' The local authorities were getting impatient, they sent teams into the woods at night. We warned them not to do it, but why would listen to us? Why would they listen to the people who are armed better than the common military? They lost a whole team. Five people never left the woods, their bodies were found two days later. The 'clean-up' part of this operation was going to be difficult, but we would cross that when we got there. Some good did come out of all of that though, we were able to narrow the zone that we had been searching.

   Finally, we caught a break. We found the 'animal.' Or rather, it found us. It looked a lot like the Rake, just smaller. When it came out of the woods, it looked straight at me with those empty black eyes. Then it looked as if it was trying to smell something. Followed by a sound that I can only describe a 'squeek.' And it ran straight towards me, but not in a threatening manner. Luckily, Doc and O'Conner had those snare-pole-things that animal control officers had let us borrow. They caught it and put it into a cage.

   We brought it back to the plane without incident. After we had dealt with the 'cleaning,' Doc asked me to come into the cargo hold, where we had the creature stored. He told me that he thinks it's one of the creatures from the Path. And he showed me old posts on this blog about the creature. We think it was same one that had followed Carter. Doc also thinks that these creatures may be slightly telepathic, as it seems able to sense that we had all known Carter. So now we have a Path denizen in a cage. No idea how to handle this, anyone have any advice?

   We also checked in on S since we were in the area. And by 'check in' I mean that we didn't talk to her, just watched as she went through a regular day. Poor girl. She doesn't look like she's been doing very well lately. It's really sad, she's safer than she has ever been yet she's miserable. The only person who could cheer her up may as well be dead for all it matters. We'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to post reports. -- Com. Sam Cartwright