Thursday, March 27, 2014

What a Week...

   This week has been busy. I'm running on coffee right now. So, let's start at the beginning of the week. We were contacted by someone in Moscow. A contact named 'Dmitri.' Well, that's his code-name at least. Carter's mentioned him before, so I won't bother giving much of a description. Anyway, he sent along information that Carter had been spotted in Moscow. So we packed up and left. After we got there, Dmitri gave us the full report. He also said something about the entire country seems to be going crazy lately, with Runners and Proxies being active. But, there had been a few reports that definitely looked like Carter was involved.

   Of course, things never go our way. Every lead was a dead-end. Some literally, the witnesses involved were found dead before we could get to them. Then the next thing happened: Sanna. Luckily, she seems to be in good hands now.

   To top all of that off, we were just contacted by another 'little' agency connected to the British government. Apparently, they're requesting help. And guess who was told to send aid? I don't really like these guys, and it can go on record here. They use underhand tactics to ensure they get what they want. To be honest with you all, they probably would have been disbanded a long time ago if they hadn't been able to scrounge up some kind of blackmail on some very important people. I'm going off on a tangent aren't I? Sorry, like I said: coffee. So, like I was saying, they've been having troubles lately. Apparently, a few warehouses that they use have "mysteriously" gone up in flames. They also said something about the Timberwolves. I think. I just glanced over the report. I'm "obligated" to send aid, but I can take my time on it. And I will.

   We still haven't had a chance to go through everything that Lovett left for us. Namely his diary. It's just sitting on my desk right now, waiting to be read. At least Doc's been busy with all of the samples he left behind.

   Sorry if this all just looks like incoherent ramblings. I'm too tired to care. I'll update this if anything happens, that or just make a new post.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Situation Resolved--Partially

   I don't even know where to begin. Actually, I guess I'll start by saying goodbye to Lovett. We'll miss you, and thanks for all the help. So, you know how I mentioned in my last post about supplies going missing? Yeah, we found out who was taking them. It was Carter. For real this time, and he would have killed me. I could see it in his eyes. He'd do it without a second thought. I guess I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'll start at the beginning.

   I was reading a report about Lovett's blood sample and decided to walk around the plane while doing so. I passed through the armory: nothing out of the ordinary. It was just as I was about to leave that I heard a distinct sound: footsteps. Two of them. At the same exact time. Almost like someone had just jumped. I turned and saw him. He was quick. Before I could react, he had me in a stranglehold. If I ever complain about Jack again, remind me that his training saved my life. I managed to free myself somehow and knew that there was only one thing that I could do. I hit what we jokingly called 'the Big Red Button.' It's a fail-safe that was built into the plane. It reads the commander's fingerprint, then requires an extra press to activate. The entire plane will be 'decontaminated.' There's one in almost every major room. I think it had been Jack's idea. Either way, all I had to do was press it and well...Carter understood what would happen. He wouldn't survive.

   I think he realized that I'd really press it, so he ran. Apparently, there's an area on the plane that he could enter from, and I'm assuming that that's where he was headed. I hit the intercom and shouted for Jenkins to head to the generator that powers the alloy. Carter was gone, and that was fine. He didn't get anything else. I went to Doc for treatment. In the struggle, he had stabbed me. While Doc was asking what had happened, the lights went out. Then the emergency ones turned on. Jenkins came in and explained that he was drawing extra power for the alloy generator, and that we'd be running on the emergency one until we found out what was wrong.

   After he left, I told Doc about what I had been about to do. He didn't even react. He said that it "would have saved many lives." It's scary though, I was prepared to sacrifice myself and everyone else on the plane just to stop Carter. What does that make me? What does that make him? -- Com. Sam Cartwright

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's In the Blood

   Well, here's this week's post. As usual, colored text for easier reading. Blue = Doc, Orange = me.

   So, as some of you may have already seen, we were sent a blood sample to test from Lovett. I had another matter to look into that I'll elaborate on in a bit, so I decided to let Doc handle it all. Well, shortly after we picked up the package, he asked me to come take a look because it was 'urgent.' He's normally calm in all circumstances, so when he says that something is urgent, it normally is. Immediately after I walked in he told me to 'take a look.' So I did, and I was surprised.

   Doc, what is this? Did you happen to find a sample of Carter's blood from when we first picked him up? I thought all of that was destroyed when we left the old base.

   It isn't. This is Lovett's. As you can see, the concentration of Azoth is, well, out of proportion with anything that we've ever seen.

   It can't be! Maybe you accidentally contaminated it... He was shaking his head. But, Carter was comatose when he had less than this in his blood! He was pretty much brain-dead according to Dr. Giles. Lovett shouldn't even be able to live with this much in his system.

   I know, I read the reports. This is almost double the amount that Carter had. I've already run checks for any of the substances that the Oathbreakers are known for. Well, at least the ones that we know of. His white blood cell count, look at it. It shouldn't be that low, here's a chart showing your average human male's blood. I looked over the charts. That's not all, either, Sam. Look at this: his t-cell count, his b-cells, even the NK's are As per the regs on blood samples, I asked all of the questions. Negative to AIDS, no Ataxia, no SCID, none of it.  Sam, he said that he isn't suffering from any of that, but look! The cell counts are so off, that theoretically, he should be suffering from all  of those. It's related to the Azoth somehow. Even Carter had slightly below average counts, and you saw how after every test the concentration of Azoth decreased until it almost imperceptible. But this...  He looked completely lost.

   Okay, here's what we're going to do: first we compile everything we can. Get Jenkins in here to help if you have to! Then, we give him the report. The full report, and everything we have. Lastly, we will keep our offer open to him. He can stay with us if he wants. Safe shelter, no worries about Pathers, food, a bed, and people to talk to. Plus, it will allow him easy access to any medical help we can offer.

   I wouldn't say safe from Pathers, unless you've found the solution to our little 'supply shortage...'

   Not yet, I'm still working on it. Keep me aprised on this. And let me know immediately if you find anything else. 

   I left him to deal with the situation, after all, I'd only get in the way. I'm not trained as well as he is to analyze blood samples. Now to the other matter. We've had a break-in. Numerous break-ins. Each one has been completely untraceable. Nothing on the cameras, no witnesses, nothing. It makes no sense, the alloy is still functioning properly, yet someone is still breaching our security. We know that Carter had gotten through and taken one of the arctic survival suits, but that was back when his command codes still worked. And they don't anymore, so that's already scratched off the list.

   It started out small: a few rounds of ammo, maybe an empty magazine, nothing all that noticeable. But then it kept increasing: grenades, then a few pistols (that's when we started noticing), a few rifles, then pieces of body armor, next some rounds for grenade launchers, then one of our grenade launchers. The biggest thing was the most recent: a full suit of our body armor. From the boots and specialty socks, to the helmet, and even the gloves. It's getting really worrying, I don't think I've slept soundly since we realized what was happening. We're all on edge. I'll update you all as this situation develops. -- Com. Sam Cartwright

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mission Log #1

  Well, it's been a bit, sorry about that. I haven't been feeling the best lately. Things have been happening. Anyway, this is the first of what will hopefully be a regular thing: posting mission logs for you all to read. This one is about a human trafficking ring that we closed down. In Moldova of all places..
   So, we don't just deal specifically in Class 3 (Fear)-related incidents. They are our specialty, but we also are given other tasks by our benefactors. This one was tasked to us, as one of those nations inserted a mole into the trafficking ring. (In the form of being kidnapped.) We tracked the poor sod to Moldova, where we found multiple cells. Our objective was to rescue the informant, and 'discourage' the other cells. The briefing was simple: we knew how many targets were there, and we knew how many civs were present. I think the whole thing was very stereotypical: it was in a warehouse. We were ready to go, Jenkins was confident that his team was up to the task, Doc was on stand-by for any possible injuries, and O'Conner's squad was itching to go. All of Raven squad is still on leave at the moment, so we're making do with who we have left. I opted to join the strike team, much to Doc's surprise.

   Hattery dropped us in two separate locations, then waited for the 'go' signal for extraction. The operation went rather smoothly, up until one of the moment that a grenade went off and caused a support beam to fall. This lead to a weak section of the roof to fall, and caused a gas tank to start leaking. I'm sure you can read between the lines. I got separated from the other two squads. One of them was in front of me, his back turned. So, I aimed my rifle. Click. I only had one more magazine. While I hurriedly swapped them out, he turned. Apparently, he was close enough to hear me through all of the chaos. I tried firing again, and the rifle jammed. The first time that any of these rifles jammed. I threw it down and pulled out the only weapon that would never become unreliable: my knife. As I jumped towards him, I saw his face. He looked like Carter.

   We collided and he fell, with my knife in his chest. I just kept stabbing over and over. Well past when he was surely dead. I think I hit every major organ in the body, I think. I can't really remember. I know that I just kept stabbing, and then the next thing I knew I was against a wall. With Sean looking at me. He looked worried and his lips kept moving. I couldn't hear him. In a daze, I looked around. The fires were out, and the civs were being evacuated to the Osprey. I looked at my hands: they were covered in blood. I didn't have my knife either. I felt something touch my arm, it was Sean, trying to get my attention. His lips kept moving, and slowly I was able to make out what he was saying: "Ma'am, follow my finger with your eyes only. Nod if you understand." He kept repeating it, so I nodded. He moved his index finger left and right. Up and down. Diagonal one way, then back the other. I followed the movements carefully. Satisfied that I wasn't in shock, he said that he was going to escort me to the Osprey then take over the clean up part of the operation. I said no.

   I walked back to where I thought the man was. The one who was Carter, but couldn't be. I saw the body laying there. As I approached I noticed that my knife was buried in his chest. The blade wasn't even visible. I leaned over the body as if to collect my knife, and looked at his face. I felt like time slowed as I glanced in that direction. Then everything became normal again when I saw that it wasn't Carter. I don't even know how I'd gotten so confused, he looked nothing like Carter. I pulled the knife out, and sheathed it as Sean walked over to me. He handed me my rifle, and walked me to the Osprey. I sat there until we made it back to the plane. The operation was a total success, all civs were accounted for (and alive), all bad guys were dead, and the message was sent to the other cells.

   There were just two problems: One, we found traces of Azoth in one of the corpses. These guys weren't your average smugglers. Two, me. Doc came and talked to me about what happened. He told me to include it in this report. As a way to try and cope with what had happened. I'm worried. I don't know what I'll do if this happens again.

   That's all for now, I need to catch up on some sleep. I'll try and post one of these whenever I can. As Carter would say: Stay safe. -- Sam