Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Situation Report (Part 2)

   Green = Carter.

   So, I left off with me collapsing on my bed. I didn't sleep. I couldn't. Not after what had happened. I couldn't stop thinking about how he just calmly walked to it. I don't understand how he could have done that, giving himself up. Leaving us behind. That morning, I had to go into his office.

   It was exactly as I'd seen it last: nothing had changed. I slowly sat down in the chair. The three photos were still on his desk. The one of him and S, from happier times. The one of him, me, and Doc, from just after a successful operation. And the one of the entire team from after the same operation. I stared at them for a few moments. Then I booted up his computer. I was greeted by a video recording that he had left.

Well, if you're seeing this video, I'm dead. And you are in my office. He laughed. So, you're the new Commander of the Agency. I'm assuming that it's you, Sam, but I guess there's a chance that it's not. He glanced away. You know what, I'm gonna keep this short. In my desk there's a drawer. Inside are my personal files, you may find them useful. The passcode is *******. The choice of the Agency's future is now in your hands. You can keep the same policies that I created, you can change them as you see fit, or you can be the one...the one to end the Agency. He sighed then continued. It's dying. Maybe, I was just being blind before, but now I realize it. The Agency's dying. Humanity's dying. The Game is killing us off. The fears use us as pawns, as toys to play with. They love breaking their toys and finding new ones. I don't know if you ever realized that before, but I have. He seemed to be looking somewhere else, as if he was far away. There are so many things messed up in this world. And I fear that I may become a part of the problem. The dreams never go away, you'll never forget your mistakes, the orders you had to give in order to save lives. But what about the ones that you condemn in the process? Shouldn't they get a say? Irregardless, I'm gone, and the choice now lies with you. Do me proud. Carter, signing off.

   I realized that a major choice was ahead of me. I could end the Agency, keep it from becoming corrupt. Or I could continue it, and try to fight a losing battle. I still haven't decided. I don't how he had been able to, especially since he had been thrown into the position after believing S was dead and with no training. I was always trained for this, yet I don't know what to do. All I know is that I miss him.

   Shortly after I moved my belongings into my new quarters, we dropped S off. She was upset about what had occurred, and couldn't remember much of what happened. I hope she gets what she was promised. Then, we dropped Raven squad off. They're getting leave while the rest of the team keeps working. I'll give you all mission reports from time to time, so stay tuned. And if you have any missions, leads, etc. that you want us to look into, don't be afraid to say something. The Agency is willing to help. It's what he'd want.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Situation Report

   Well, I sure chose the best day for this didn't I? Valentine's Day. Yippee. Not for me. Sitting in his office at his desk in his chair doing his job has that effect on you. So, I promised a report on what happened to him. Before I begin, there's one thing I want to say: Clarissa, if you know where he can be found, I want to know.
Blue text is Doc. Orange is Carter. Green is me. And everyone else will be labeled.

   So, we were running dark trying to find Carter. As per standard operation procedures when a ranking agent is missing. He was always a step ahead of us. Finally, we caught a break: his post. You see, he set it up to appear a day after he typed it. And we saw it. We had a few ideas on where he could be going, but we finally decided on the old Alaskan base. We only had one shot, and we chose right.

   It was a quick flight. And very hectic. I had all three teams geared up: Raven, Bear, and Jenkins's people. Hattery managed to make a landing just outside of the hanger on the strip. Raven, Bear, and I moved in. Doc, Jenkins's team, Keith, and the pilots were all guarding the plane. We entered the hanger through a caved-in part of the wall. It looked to have been from the bomb, which apparently had been far more sabotaged than we originally realized. That, or maybe my brother had planned for that before his death. Either way, the majority of the base appeared to be untouched.

   The hanger was pretty much empty. There were various pieces of rubble scattered around and we decided to head towards the center of the room. We made it to a decent-sized piece of the rubble when we were ambushed. The firefight lasted quite a while. I ran out of ammo and turned towards Franklin to ask for extra ammo. I saw as the bullet pierced through his body armor at his left lung. He went down. "Man down! Cover me!" Marcus was shouting orders as he and I moved to the ensign. He was still breathing, but was going into shock. Marcus had me put pressure on the wound while he dug in his medic bag. That's when it happened.

   "Cease fire! Stop! I said stop!" It was so loud that an unearthly silence filled the hanger. We all turned towards him. Carter was standing at the wall. Wearing one of our arctic survival suits that had gone missing the day before. The hood was up and blocked his face, but I recognized him immediately. One of the servants that had ambushed us spoke up, "And who the fuck do you think you are?"

   "I'll be the last thing you'll ever see if touch another of these people. Your boss will be very...displeased with you." He lowered the hood as he said this. A few of the servants whispered to each other. They all started leaving. "Lieutenant! Get Raven squad back to the plane, I'll handle this." I was pretty stressed out, so my old accent reappeared as I said that to O'Conner. The teams pulled out, leaving me alone with Carter. He looked away, towards the door on the far end. "Are you going to talk, Commander?" 

   He sighed. "Sam. I'm so sorry. I should have been able to stop that from happening." He paused and turned towards me. "I, Carter, the current Commander of the Agency hereby resign my commission. As my final act, I grant a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander Samantha Cartwright to the position I am leaving behind. As part of this act, all of my command codes and authorizations are now invalid." I was about to respond when we heard a sound from the other side of the hanger. A door opened. There was a bright light on the other side. All I could see was a figure in the doorway, but I couldn't see much else to help in identification. Carter spoke up, "I've fulfilled my end of the deal! Fulfill your end!" Two more figures appeared, as they got closer I recognized them. Jack, and S.

   She looked to be in a trance-like state. Almost like she wasn't really there. Carter didn't look at her. When they arrived he spoke to Jack, "Does she have to be like this? Can't I say good-bye?" Jack just shook his head as he responded, "You know the deal. She gets released after it's over." Carter sighed. He looked hesitant, then turned towards Jack and held out his hand. "Thank you, old friend. For everything." Jack smiled and they shook hands. He started walking towards the light. Once he passed through the doorway, it slammed shut and S fell over. Jack picked her up. "Let's go. I'll walk with you to your plane."

   Jenkins and his men were guarding the entrance to the plane. They looked uneasy when they saw Jack, but I told them to stand at ease and to prepare for take-off. Jack handed S over to me. "I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid that I simply cannot tag along with you all. Such a shame. We'll see each other again." He just walked off into the snow before I could respond. I boarded the plane and brought S to the med-bay. Doc and Marcus were busy with Ensign Franklin. The plane lifted off. Doc looked crestfallen. Franklin was gone. He knew he couldn't do anything. Marcus wouldn't stop. "He's gone, Marcus. I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do." Marcus looked angry, "Nothing we can do! He has a wife and a kid! What do I tell them? Huh?! What?" He stormed out. I just sat there on the chair next to S's bed, who was still unconscious. I started to move to go after Marcus, but I heard O'Conner's voice, "Don't worry 'bout it ma'am. I'll go after him." He walked in the direction Marcus had gone. Doc pulled the sheet over Franklin's face and sat down next to me.

   It was quiet for a while, until he broke the silence. "What happened down there, Sam?" I told him. About the firefight, Carter, Jack, all of it. "I'm sorry to hear all of that." I don't think I've ever mentioned much about my past. I never met my parents. My only family had been my brother. When he had joined the Agency, it made life a lot easier for us. But, for some odd reason, I look up to Doc as a father figure. As the father I never met. "Doc, do you have a family?"

   He looked surprised, then sad as he answered. "I did. Once. Very long ago. But, they're all gone now."     

   "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

   "It's fine, you were curious. Can I ask you something that you might find a bit...personal?"

   "You're my doctor, of course. What is it?"

   "Did you ever tell him?"

   I realized who and what he was talking about. "How did you know?" He just smiled.

   "You don't get to be as old as I am without learning how to catch on to those things. Why didn't you tell him?"

   "I just didn't think it would be right." I paused for a bit, "He was my commanding officer, and there was always S. I didn't want to distract him, or for him to treat me any differently." As I finished saying that, I started crying. Eventually, I calmed down enough that Doc asked me what we planning to do next. "We need to drop S off at her home. At least she'll have a normal life after this. Then there's the issue of being two people down on agents. Can you fill a second-in-command role?"

   "Of course I can. Can't be that hard, you've coped with it." He was trying to cheer me up. "You want my advice as both the second-in-command and as the chief medical officer?"

   "That's why you're here, isn't it? Go ahead."

   "We need time. Time to rest. To recover. Especially you. We can't keep running like this, it'll just cause us to get sloppy."

   "No, the world won't wait for us. Give Raven squad leave since they've lost a man. Jenkins's team can fill the gap. We still have operations to complete." I stood up to leave for my quarters. I wanted to sleep and put that day far behind me.

   "Sam, you can't put it off forever. You'll have to go into that office soon. It is yours now, after all." It was almost as if he had read my mind. I was dreading entering that office.

   "I know. Good night, Doc." On the way to my quarters I passed by O'Conner. He gave me a thumbs-up which meant that Marcus was okay for now. As soon as I got to my bed, I just collapsed on it.

   I'll continue this in the next post. Be vigilant. -- Com. Sam Cartwright

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Fate Worse Than Death

     Well, by the time you all read this, it'll be too late. I'll have already done it. I'll be gone. And you'll all hate me for what I'm about to do. Or rather what I have done. I've made many references to this, and now I'm going to tell you all what's going on.
     Firstly, you all know about my odd healing ability that I woke up with, right? It's become more of a curse than anything. I guess it serves as a punishment now. I can't die. I've tried. Jumping off buildings and cliffs, being shot in the head, blown up, hanging, you name it, I've tried it. None of it worked. Sad, isn't it. Every single time, I woke up. Each time I healed. Every time the guilt stayed. All of it. From the first time I killed someone, to letting S get involved. Hell, I even blame myself for some of the stuff that happened to you all. I wish I could forget it all. But, it's a part of me now.    

     So, it all started back on that day when I was found in the alleyway. In a way, I had been captive. In my own mind. I was subjected to so many different tortures. Every time that I resisted, the environment changed. There were always constants though. Like the same doctor, the same guards, and her. In every single one, she put herself in a position of power. The environments were interesting. Some were medieval. Some modern prisons. Internment camps from different time periods. And then there's the last one. The one that they decided to stick with: the insane asylum. In this one, she was the 'Administrator.' 

     I wasn't the only person being tortured. Perhaps that's a preferred method by this Fear. One night, a fellow 'inmate' was attempting to mistake. Went past me, told me how to enter and exit the place at will. The only drawback: I'd return every time I slept in the real world. I saw him get recaptured. Didn't want to think about what they were going to do to him. I used his technique anyway.

     Eventually, I built up enough trust that the 'Administrator' allowed me to receive a special visit. It was S. The real S, not that husk that's been out here in the real world. It was nice to be reunited with her. I passed on another piece of knowledge that I had acquired: the view from the window changed depending on where I was in the world. I used that to my advantage. Had S tell me what she could see. It allowed me to keep tabs on her movement. But, through it all, we were just happy to see each other again. Even if it wasn't in person.

     One night, the doctor came into my room. He told me that the "'Administrator' would like to have a word." She walked in. The guards had to restrain me as I tried attacking her. She made me an offer. Give myself up, willingly, and S will be free. On top of that, she would be guaranteed safety from every Fear and could live a normal life. I thought about it. If it hadn't been for me, S would have a normal life. She wouldn't have made the decision to stay behind and detonate that bomb. She wouldn't have been taken. And she definitely wouldn't be serving a Fear. I accepted the deal. Since then, I've been acquiring certain items and dealing with a few 'issues.' Proving my worth, if you will. By the time this goes up, I'll have completed my end of the deal. 

     I'm so sorry guys. Some of you know what my views on this are. I've always viewed serving a Fear as a fate worse than death. Especially if it's involuntary. You all have a right to hate me. Every single one of you. I'm a sell-out. But I did it to save her. If any of you see me in person after this, stay clear. I won't be the same person anymore. I'm sorry. So, I guess this is goodbye. I hate goodbyes. Stay safe everyone.

It's Been a Fun Ride,

 Hey, all, it's Sam here. He's gone. I'll give you guys a report on what exactly happened. Soon. I just need some time to come to terms with this. Hang in there. -- Commander Samantha Cartwright