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Situation Report (Part 2)

Green = Carter.

   So, I left off with me collapsing on my bed. I didn't sleep. I couldn't. Not after what had happened. I couldn't stop thinking about how he just calmly walked to it. I don't understand how he could have done that, giving himself up. Leaving us behind. That morning, I had to go into his office.

   It was exactly as I'd seen it last: nothing had changed. I slowly sat down in the chair. The three photos were still on his desk. The one of him and S, from happier times. The one of him, me, and Doc, from just after a successful operation. And the one of the entire team from after the same operation. I stared at them for a few moments. Then I booted up his computer. I was greeted by a video recording that he had left.

Well, if you're seeing this video, I'm dead. And you are in my office. He laughed. So, you're the new Commander of the Agency. I'm assuming that it's you, Sam, but I guess there's a chance that it's not. He glanc…

The Situation Report

Well, I sure chose the best day for this didn't I? Valentine's Day. Yippee. Not for me. Sitting in his office at his desk in his chair doing his job has that effect on you. So, I promised a report on what happened to him. Before I begin, there's one thing I want to say: Clarissa, if you know where he can be found, I want to know.
Blue text is Doc. Orange is Carter. Green is me. And everyone else will be labeled.

   So, we were running dark trying to find Carter. As per standard operation procedures when a ranking agent is missing. He was always a step ahead of us. Finally, we caught a break: his post. You see, he set it up to appear a day after he typed it. And we saw it. We had a few ideas on where he could be going, but we finally decided on the old Alaskan base. We only had one shot, and we chose right.

   It was a quick flight. And very hectic. I had all three t…

A Fate Worse Than Death

Well, by the time you all read this, it'll be too late. I'll have already done it. I'll be gone. And you'll all hate me for what I'm about to do. Or rather what I have done. I've made many references to this, and now I'm going to tell you all what's going on.      Firstly, you all know about my odd healing ability that I woke up with, right? It's become more of a curse than anything. I guess it serves as a punishment now. I can't die. I've tried. Jumping off buildings and cliffs, being shot in the head, blown up, hanging, you name it, I've tried it. None of it worked. Sad, isn't it. Every single time, I woke up. Each time I healed. Every time the guilt stayed. All of it. From the first time I killed someone, to letting S get involved. Hell, I even blame myself for some of the stuff that happened to you all. I wish I could forget it all. But, it's a part of me now.    

     So, it all started back on that day when I…