Change of Plans

     Well, originally I was going to talk about the new year and about last year. But, things came up and now I have a broken leg. Forgive me for any typos or mess-ups in grammar: self-doctoring is very painful. 

     They caught up to me. Well, someone did. The more I think about what happened, the more I'm sure it wasn't my people. I had gotten out of Russia without any hitches. I had gone into a small town diner to get some breakfast. Without any warning, the place exploded. If I had been a few tables over, I probably wouldn't be here. There were 9 people in there. Not counting any employees who were in the back area that I couldn't see. Nine people. They died because they happened to be in the same building as me. Whoever orchestrated the event must have been pleased with themselves because they didn't check to see if I was really dead. Or maybe they did. I wouldn't know. I'm pretty sure that my vitals had flat-lined, because I woke up in a morgue.

     I was in a body bag. Once I realized what was going on, I made sure I was alone. Didn't need any headline stories about 'Zombies.' I had lucked out, the bag was unzipped enough for me to get out. So, I retrieved my stuff and distanced myself. All I have left to remind me of it is this damn broken leg. The last time I broke a bone, it took a week to heal. That's a whole week of a broken leg while looking over my shoulder and avoiding people. Checked the news after escaping, it was written off as a 'gas leak.' Right, because gas leaks explode like that. 

     So, now I have to accelerate my plans. Since someone found me once, it's only a matter of time before they find me again. If anyone has any leads on who did it, let me know. I want to teach the assholes (or asshole) a lesson. It would have been someone with access to explosives and had been in the area near Russia. (Which could be a lot of people, I know) To the mysterious bomber: You had better hope you never cross paths with me again. Because I will make sure that someone dies. There won't even be a body left to identify. I can promise you that.

Still in One Piece,


  1. Best of luck with that, not sure who'd accept that level of collateral damage to get to you.

    1. I was really hoping that you would have a lead.

    2. Email me what details you have. I'll see what I can do.

    3. Everything I have, is in the post.

    4. Location and suchlike would be useful. I haven't been keeping tabs on you, so now I'm playing catchup.

    5. Alright. I'll send it. I trust location will be kept confidential.

    6. Have I ever been indiscreet before? I'm not gonna sell you out.

    7. Sorry, just a little jumpy.

    8. It's fine, I'd probably be worse in your situation.

  2. Look who it is.

    You spoke to me.

    Now I look at you.


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