it's almost time


  1. You know the parable don't you? The one about the frog and scorpion crossing the river? Where the frog is scared to give the scorpion a ride as it might sting him, but the scorpion says that he wouldn't as it would doom them both. They get halfway across, when the scorpion stings the frog. He asks why, what the reply was: "It's just my nature."

    Or how about the farmer and the viper? Where a farmer finds a viper freezing outside. The farmer feels pity: he picks up the viper and sticks it in his coat. The warmth revives the viper. The first thing it does: bites the farmer.

    Need any more?

  2. You ever hear Nietzche? "He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster."? Fuck man. We're all monsters. But there's levels. THERE'S LEVELS CARTER! AND YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO CROSS THE LINE! What are you doing Carter? Is it really worth it? Is there really a guarantee you'll get what you want out of it? No. Because the universe is sick.

    1. it is worth it. and yes, there's a big guarantee that i'll get what i asked for out of it.


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