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it's almost time

An Unexpected Visit

Well, I'm doing a bit better now. Though, to be frank, I would love to just be able to relax. Heh, I don't think I even know what 'relax' means anymore. The good news of the week: I can use my leg without limping! The neutral news: It still feels like someone dropped a piano on it. Oh well. Won't have to deal with it much longer. 
     And now the bad news, I had a visitor. Three, I think. I was attempting to rest in a wooded area. Just a short, few hour break from walking. There was a hill to the northeast, I made sure to keep looking that way for any signs of danger. I completely neglected to watch the river to the south. I decided to double check my pack and make sure I had everything I needed. Suddenly, I heard two gunshots. Loud. Sounded like a nice rifle. From the northeast. I ducked behind the rock and them realized that there were now two bodies next to me. They got within 10 meters of my position and I didn't even notice. Sloppy. Later, I checked…
Well, I've been taking things slow the last few days. Forive any typos, still very groggy. Typing very slowly to try and avoid. Not doing very well. Been a shit week. First that bomb. Then the leg. Now it seems that bad news is everywhere. Friends leaving. Some sriously injured. And I still wish I could find the asshole responsible for those deaths. Other than all of that, things are okay...ish. I mean, the weather here is actually quite nice. The people who I pass don;t question my limping. And I've gotten one step closer to my goal.

On a side note, remind me to never take this much of any pain med again. Seriously, it isn't even helping anymore and I've already passed the safe threshold.

I'm going to end this and get some rest. Leg's throbbing. Wanted to put up a small update. And say goodbye to those who are leaving. Two of my longest friends have left. One was the first person who I met during all of this. I'll miss her. But, she deserves a chance at a…

Change of Plans

Well, originally I was going to talk about the new year and about last year. But, things came up and now I have a broken leg. Forgive me for any typos or mess-ups in grammar: self-doctoring is very painful. 
     They caught up to me. Well, someone did. The more I think about what happened, the more I'm sure it wasn't my people. I had gotten out of Russia without any hitches. I had gone into a small town diner to get some breakfast. Without any warning, the place exploded. If I had been a few tables over, I probably wouldn't be here. There were 9 people in there. Not counting any employees who were in the back area that I couldn't see. Nine people. They died because they happened to be in the same building as me. Whoever orchestrated the event must have been pleased with themselves because they didn't check to see if I was really dead. Or maybe they did. I wouldn't know. I'm pretty sure that my vitals had flat-lined, because I woke up in a morgue.