Been a Little While

     Hi all. Carter here. Been a while, eh? This post will go up about a week after I type it. Trying to keep a step ahead. Been tying up some loose ends: finding things I need, and talking to a few people. On my own. Left from the archives building of that city. After talking to Lovett. He knows the full situation. Sorry if my sudden disappearance caused any issues, Sam. But, I have to do this alone. Lovett, if you feel like telling anyone, that's your decision, I hope at least that you had found something of use in the archives. Make it count.

     So, I'm on my own for now. And will be for a while. You guys will get posts from me, don't worry. And I'll try to find the time to comment. But I can't reveal my current location at any time. I'm sure that I'm now being considered a 'threat' by my own people. Which, considering everything I know and am capable of, I deserve that kind of treatment. I'll make a better post for you all soon. This is just a small update. By the way, Jack, you had better stay out of this. It isn't your fight. You know that. You made a deal with her. Follow through or I'll track you down myself. You know I can and will.

Stay Safe Everyone,


  1. You're leaving your team later than usual. Watch out. This is the point when you are most vulnerable. But you know that already, don't you? Just remember that anyone can be a traitor. Anyone.

    1. Later than usual? You mean in the other realities?

      As for being vulnerable, that's the point.

    2. Yes in the other fucking realities. But I don't think you know all the ways you're vulnerable. I'm just gonna say that there's a chance of you turning into something worse than Morningstar.

    3. Why do the other realities run on the exact same time, then, No. 8? I call bullshit. He's fucking about with you Carter.

    4. I know he is. He doesn't know anything about the future. But, I zm going to do something terrible in the near future.

    5. Can't move forward. Only backwards and sideways. Our very nature means we change the path forward. So we can't move to it. Only guess based on what happens on other lines. We watch a few without interfering. Just to get a feel for them. Carter normally snaps a few months ago. Turns on everyone. Kills his crew. Usually Linux is still onboard. And then he slowly kills everyone else. I remember one line where the pilot had the balls to crash the plane to kill Carter. It didn't work. And then he killed Sanna and Lovett. And then he started killing Proxies. And then innocents. And then he started wars to kill faster. And then it was all over in a flash. Usually he gets caught. Enough people decide he's a big enough threat to join up and kill him. They usually win. But who knows. This timeline is somewhat separate from the rest. Large break about three years back. Almost a whole new road. Or tree. Or whatever you want to call it. Maybe this you becomes something else. Oh, and Sanna. I'm number one. I preemptively renamed the Runner once known as Linux's blog. He'll be number eight in about a week now.

    6. He wouldn't kill us, First. So get lost. If we wanted something full of shit we'd have ordered a septic tank.

    7. He would if he was no longer him. Like you know, all fears do to people. Like, you know, the choir, or the rake, or the snake. Maybe Justice, or . I seem to recall poor Carter having some sort of episode. Mumbling in his sleep. I wouldn't know. He's a secretive asshat no matter which line we look at. Makes it hell to prevent him from turning into something that bad.


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