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Well, I had a fun little visit in Russia. Business as usual, had to find a few things, then get out. The only issue was getting out. Luckily, there was a man who owed me a few favors. I only know him by his codename, 'Dmitri.' Pretty funny since 'Carter' isn't even my real name. Seems pretty common to use a fake one, eh? 
     Anyway, I had to arrange a meet with him. He chose a nice cafe in Moscow. He ordered tea. I opted for coffee. Hadn't slept in a while. He kind of stands out in a crowd, he's what you'd call 'stocky.' Also has a very loud voice that seems to full of emotion when he wants it to be. And he knows English. Which is very good for me, since I don't know any Russian. (Made my 'visit' very difficult, I normally rely on Sam for translation) He sat down at the table.  "Carteya, my friend! How are you?"-D
"I've been better, Dmitri. But, I'm alive, guess that counts for something!" We both …

Interesting week

Not much has changed since my last post. Had quite a few close calls, they're very well trained. Sam will make a great leader. A few things have happened though. The one that affects me the most is the fact that I can't use the Path anymore. It's weird, just last week I could if I concentrated enough. Now, I can't. Almost wish I had listened to Doc and let him take a blood sample. Maybe the substance in my blood isn't Azoth? Maybe there had been some, but it's gone now, replaced perhaps by whatever is there. Either way, it's making traveling a bit more difficult.       To my team, my order to stay clear of the Morningstar business stands. I'm still the Commander, so you'd better follow this order. I'm only looking out for you guys. I can only hope you'll understand when this is all over. I can only hope that you'll forgive me.       Lovett, I have a personal request, kill every single one of those Nameless. Before I left, Keith was…

Been a Little While

Hi all. Carter here. Been a while, eh? This post will go up about a week after I type it. Trying to keep a step ahead. Been tying up some loose ends: finding things I need, and talking to a few people. On my own. Left from the archives building of that city. After talking to Lovett. He knows the full situation. Sorry if my sudden disappearance caused any issues, Sam. But, I have to do this alone. Lovett, if you feel like telling anyone, that's your decision, I hope at least that you had found something of use in the archives. Make it count.
     So, I'm on my own for now. And will be for a while. You guys will get posts from me, don't worry. And I'll try to find the time to comment. But I can't reveal my current location at any time. I'm sure that I'm now being considered a 'threat' by my own people. Which, considering everything I know and am capable of, I deserve that kind of treatment. I'll make a better post for you all soon. This is j…