Been Too Long (Part 5)

 Well, I will add this here, before the main part of the post. He's still in the med-bay. If anyone has any leads, please help. We've run out of ideas. Bear squad hasn't seen anything at the warehouse, possibly they cleaned house after what happened. Anyway, here's the posting of the last catch-up part. - Lt. Com. Cartwright


     So, now the major event that I've been passively mentioning. The massacre. It happened so fast, and so many things occurred at once. It started, for me, when I woke up. Suddenly, something woke me up. I sat in my bed trying to figure out what. It wasn't S, she was still sleeping soundly next to me. There wasn't anyone in the room. What was it? And then it hit me: it was quiet. Completely quiet. Normally, you could hear the ventilation systems as they had to run almost constantly to keep the temperature stable. Something was seriously wrong. I jumped out of the bed, and ran to the desk where I kept a pistol. S woke up and asked me what was wrong. I told her to stay in the room, and to start bundling up in clothing. The temperature was already starting to fall.

      The hallways were empty, and dark. I made my way to the generator rooms. Knowing full well that there were only two people who could disable the generators. On the way, I ran into Sam. I informed her her of the situation, and ordered her to start the evacuation procedures. She ran the opposite way. Gathering her team as she went. I made it into the room where the generators could be activated. Right as the third set went down. The third set was devoted entirely to the shielded alloy. It requires electricity to function as a barrier. I saw as Class 2's just 'popped' into existence and killed the people in the halls who weren't prepared. I made it to the controls. He was waiting for me. Jumped me when I was reaching for the console.

        "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" I saw his gun, and managed to send it from his hands, but he did the same to me. I was preparing to use the strikes that Strider had taught me back in London, but he struck first. Hard. My head was slammed onto the nearby railing for the maintenance catwalk. Dazed me. I managed to recover in time to avoid a swing from a pipe that he had 'found.' (More appropriately, ripped from previously mentioned railing.) That was his mistake. He had put too much weight behind the swing. It would be a weakness to exploit. Later. As at this time he had my leg and made sure to break it. I managed to get a decent hit in. He flew into the controls, the generator roared to life. That's when the plan formed. He swung with the pipe again. I was able to throw my weight against him. He fell through the gap he had made in the railing. Right into the generator. It jammed and performed an emergency shutdown. But, there was no way he'd get free. I found one of the pistols, and limped over to the controls. He started talking. "I know what you're thinking, [REDACTED], don't do it! You all need me! Sam needs me! You need me! We have a lot in common, I can teach you so much!" I slowly started reaching for the control that would activate the generator. Do you know what you're doing? You're dooming yourself. You're dooming [REDACTED]. You're dooming Sam. Everyone out there will die! All because of you! I was saving you all! I was saving Sam! Don't do this!" I hit the switch. The sounds of the gears covered his screams. I shot the controls after locking them. No one would shut them off. I left the room and started heading for the hanger. Where everyone would rendezvous for evacuation. Where we'd set up the warhead that would blow up the facility. I hobbled my there. Shot three Class 2's who thought they could keep me away from S. I made it there and saw the survivors. All 7 of them. 

     I walked right past them all, straight to the access port for the bomb. Sam saw what I was doing, she ushered everyone onto the Osprey as the pilots started the engines. Time seemed to slow as Sam, S, and Sean O'Connor (who is now the current leader of Bear squad.) came running towards me. "Where's my brother?" Sam asked me. I didn't answer. I started the arming procedure. And then I saw it: the bomb had been sabotaged. It would need to be manually detonated. I cursed as loud as I could. "Damn it all! Get out here! That's an order you two! [REDACTED], you need to leave as well. Leave me. I need to do this." They stared at me. Then S spoke up. "No. I'm not leaving you behind." She turned to Sam with a determined look on her face. She turned back to me. "I'm sorry. Goodbye, Jeff." Sam and O'Connor grabbed me, they started bringing me towards the Osprey. I fought back. They managed to hit me hard enough to daze me into submission. I was forced to watch as S stood next to bomb. Then I saw a figure appear and stand next to her. It was too far away for me to make it out. And I couldn't open my mouth and yell to warn her. She didn't notice it. The ramp closed and the Osprey lifted off. About 45 seconds later, the shock-wave from the explosion was felt. I felt numb and dead. She was gone. I looked at everyone who was left. Me, Sam, O'Connor, Dixon and Hattery (the pilots), and two ensigns who I didn't recognize. One of whom was crying. I wanted to. But I couldn't. I was their commander, I had to appear strong and in control. 

      I walked up to the cockpit and turned to Hattery. "Bring us to these coordinates." I said as I started typing them out. "Use the clearance code 'Bearcat'. They'll let us in with no fuss. We're heading to our new home." I paused. "Are we the only ones who made it out?" Dixon nodded solemnly. I sighed. There had been 874 people stationed at that base. We were about to start sending people to man facilities in different parts of the world. But Cartwright had always found some excuse to hold them all back. Now I knew why. I patted their shoulders as I went back to the others. Sam saw me and called everyone to attention. "At ease, everyone. As you all know, we're the only survivors. Ensign Sean O'Connor, you are now the Lieutenant in charge of Bear squad. You will be able to choose your own candidates once we're safe. Lieutenant Samantha Cartwright, you are now a Lieutenant Commander. You will fill my previous role as second-in-command. I have a few candidates in mind to start with our rebuilding efforts. I'll give you the files when we touch down. Until then, everyone, get some rest. We're not out of the storm yet." I collapsed into a seat. And just sat there. Staring straight ahead as I tried to process everything that had just happened.

     We made it to the coordinates. The site of a project codenamed 'Bearcat' by the guys working on it. We loaded the Osprey into the hold and took flight. We added the technicians who volunteered to our crew roster. Lieutenant Jenkins and his men have made fine additions to our crew. I gave Sam the files that she would need to pass on to our contacts. That's how we got Doc and Marcus. Sean filled up his squad, while I briefed Doc and Marcus. Doc is obviously our doctor, and Marcus was given the position of squad leader to Raven squad. He filled up his squad. And then, bad news struck. Every country that supported us, with three exceptions, dropped their support. As soon as they got wind of what happened. Those two ensigns were called back home by their governments. It was either that or be branded a 'public enemy' and 'terrorist' in their home land. At the end of the day, only the US, the UK, and Russia were left.

      Shortly afterward, I arranged a revenge plan on Jack. He broke the deal, S had not been protected like he'd said. I trapped him using information that he trusted me with. And I killed him. Retrieved my revolver, and left him to rot. He deserved it. That's about the same time that we received the first few rumors of S being alive. Since then, I have been devoted to finding her. At the very least, she needs someone who can end it all for her. She doesn't deserve this life. She should still be at home, living in ignorance of all of this. But instead, she was brought into this mess. Because of me. That's the only thing keeping me going. To save her. Whether literally or figuratively, I will. I won't let anything stand in my way.

      That's the most important stuff that happened. Now we're at the present. I'll be sure to give you guys situation reports whenever I'm able. Stay safe everyone, the world's a dangerous place.

Don't Lose Sight of What Matters

(November 5, 2013) Rather than make a new post for this, I'll just add a small edit here. I've added a new tab at the top of the blog with some biographies on the members of the team. It's something that Carter's been working on. But, he's still out cold. Been quiet, though. I can't help but worry. We've also picked up Linux's friend, Keith. Doc has him stabilized. He'll live. I need to get going for now. My eyes are hurting form straining them so much. - Lt. Com Cartwright.


  1. Hey. I might be standing with you guys right exactly now, but there's something coming. It might just be the old man coming through to this reality. Or it might be something even bigger than a new class three. Might be WW3. Hopefully not. Old man doesn't seem quite angry enough for that. But you know. Warnings are good.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. Stay safe, Mr. Linux. And, don't worry we're all tired. - Lt. Com Cartwright

    2. Yeah, okay. I underestimated things. Might have overestimated how fast they'll happen, but. . . fuck. I'm sorry ma'am, I already know you guys are trying to wake up Carter, but you're gonna need help. So will I. I'm no longer stable. I can tell I'm not, but that doesn't make it easier to fix. God. Did I choose right Sam?

    3. Only you can know that. I'm sorry. - Lt. Com Cartwright


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