So Any Help Would be Appreciated

Um, Sam Cartwright here. I don't do the whole 'write a full blog post' thing so please bear with me on this. Earlier, we found the commander unconscious in an alleyway. Mumbling stuff. We brought him back to the plane and put him in the med-bay. We watched the footage from his stake-out at a warehouse. He eventually started following a figure that looked male into an alleyway. Then the footage cut out. That's all that we could gather form it. We didn't know why he was there either. The last contact we had with him was when he called Raven squad back to base. After an hour of radio silence we started looking for him. And now, here we are. Marcus and Doc have tried everything they can think of but haven't gotten a response. Maybe one of you can help? I know he'd rely on someone like Med with stuff like this, but she's probably busy trying to live a normal life. As for what he's mumbling, it's mostly incoherent. What I have gathered is:
  • "I [am] not your child!"
  • "I serve no one"
  • "Leave me alone"
  •  "Them" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "They" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Us" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Me" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "We" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "I" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Where" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Why" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "How" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
So, any advice would be greatly helpful. If he's not able to, I will post the 5th part of his 'catch-up' posts. He already has it typed up. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

Small update, we just restrained him to the bed. He started thrashing around and was shouting "Let her go!" repeatedly.

Situation update, Wednesday.
 His condition has gotten worse. We're debating sedating him. About an hour ago, he shouted 'no!' before thrashing about more. Afterwards, he started crying a bit. Whatever is happening must be terrible. I've never seen him cry. Not when S stayed behind to arm the bomb. Not even after we saw the bomb detonate at the base in Alaska.  Not even when we heard the rumors of her survival. Not once. I wish I could help him.


  1. Son of a bitch. Keep him surrounded by the alloy, and cover all reflective surfaces. If I had to guess, I'd say that he had an interaction with Mother. One that went badly. I can't suggest anything medical. Just make sure he's restrained in case he's not himself when he comes to. Might be a purely psychological problem, as Doc didn't find anything. Try med, just in case.

    1. "Mother"? And, like I said, Med hasn't posted anything in a while, so I'm assuming she's busy. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    2. Mother of Snakes, I believe Carter referred to her as Lillith. A fear. Dealing with the self. Chick hangs out in mirrors, comes out every now and then. Really good at making people feel like rubbish. Pretty sure the "Let her go!" refers to S, who is being forced to serve Mother.

    3. I see. That actually explains quite a bit now. Although, I am a firm believer in second opinions, no offense. Just want to be sure before we start a witch hunt. The 'Let her go!' made me think the same, but at the same time, it could also refer to anyone. It's chaos here. We're trying to piece together exactly what happened. Bear is currently watching that warehouse for any signs of life. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    4. How close am I to the warehouse? And second opinions are awesome.

    5. Follow the sound of sirens. We've negotiated a deal with the authorities. An 'industrial accident' happened a few blocks away. Find the closed roads and go 8 blocks. You'll find it. It looks pretty spooky.

    6. Of course. I'll be there in ten.

    7. You don't have to. It's just a stake-out job right now. Probably won't be any activity. From what we've found, it was more than a day before Carter saw any activity. - Lt. Com. Cartwright


    9. Ah! The second opinion arrives! What do you have to say on the matter?

    10. Oh, for the love of all things peaceful... Why are you here, Jack? And, anon, what is your opinion? - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    11. Hey Jack. Found a new body? Anon, who else goes by mother? Is she Lillith? Does Carter have something I haven't heard of on him? Jack, do you have anything to say on the matter yourself? You're more knowledgeable when it comes to the things that go bump for the most part.

    12. Oh, and I'm going to check it out in the other reality. Then I'm out of town to take care of a few pieces of business. Next facility's close. And Maddie might be on the way to the next one after I finish this one.

    13. Oh, Come now, Ms. Cartwright. You aren't happy to see me? I've been keeping an eye on you all obviously. Especially after that little 'stunt' in the Black Forest.

      And, Mr. Linux. It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Yes, I have a temporary body. And these lips shall remain sealed, I want to see how this turns out.

    14. Oh, stuff it, Jack. You had it coming.

      Alright, Linux, be careful. And good luck. Make sure to resupply before you leave. It may be some time before we'll be able to move with you. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    15. So, anon, would I be far off if I guessed that you are Sierra? - Lt. Com. Cartwright


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