Been Too Long (Part 3)

     So part three. You know a decent bit about the present, so let's hop on back to the past with the next part of my story. As a short recap, I was dead.

     After Alan's tour, everyone decided to talk to me off and on. I read the books in the library. Stuff like that. I learned a lot from that library. Some of it...I shouldn't know. But, the damage is done. I'll try not to slip up and say things I shouldn't. Luckily, Sam will try to help keep that from happening. The conversations weren't that important that I'll post then here. I'm sure most of you can probably guess what they were. Aly and I talking about our last stand, Tim and I talking about plans and tactics, Alan and I talking about 'the good old days', and then there was Jamie. I couldn't help but feel awkward around her. Partially because I had inadvertently caused her death, and partially because of the contents of her goodbye letter. She understands my stand point on both topics however, so we still had a good time.

     So, just as I was getting settled in to life there, something happened. Somehow, I was brought back to life. Right as I accepted my death. I woke up on a hospital bed. With a dry mouth. The room was bright. Eventually, I managed to make out a figure with their back to me. I made a grunt. The figure jumped. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that the figure was a male in a doctor's coat. With the Agency's standard-issue uniform underneath. 

"We thought you were dead! I just logged your brain death about an hour ago!"-him

  "Sorry to disappoint. Can I have water?"-me

"Right, sorry." He got me some water.

   "What happened to me?"

"When we tried to flush the Azoth out of your system, you went comatose. Just an hour ago, all brain activity ceased. You were dead! And aren't."

    "Alright, why is she here?" Before I had died, I had seen S sitting by my bedside. She had been talking to me. I can't remember about what. Just that she was there. In between the moments of all the poking and prodding. She was here. "Who involved her?" My voice was cracking.

"We thought that someone familiar would ease you out of the coma. It obviously didn't work. She's still here actually. With the Commander, he was about to break the news to her." The doctor turned to a nearby intercom. "Uh, Commander? You won't believe this, but...he's alive."

    "What? Who? Do you mean?..."-Com. Cartwright.

"Yes."-the doctor

    "I'm on my way with the girl now. Make sure he stays that way."-Com. Cartwright .Shortly afterwards, his voice came over the loudspeakers. "Attention all personnel: there is a possible Class 3 breach. All non-essential personnel report to designated areas. Security teams on high alert."

      The lights dimmed. The doctor pulled out a pistol from his desk drawer. It looked like an HK USP. Modified however. I later learned that it was the standard-issue pistol. A modified .45 USP with what appears to be a Laser Aim Module attached. In reality, it's actually a stun gun attachment. Can be re-purposed for everything from electricity to mini-spy cams to tranquilizer darts. Very useful in the field.

"Class 3?" I asked.

  "Better known as a Fear. Class 3's are very dangerous. Class 2's are humans who have...extra abilities. Class 1's are everyone else. Make sense?"


       The door opened and two soldiers entered. After they checked the room, Cartwright entered with S behind him. One of the soldiers left to help guard the door, the one who remained was female and had a distinct British accent. When S saw me, she ran towards me with tears in her eyes. She pretty much grabbed me and wouldn't let go.

 "They told me you" She was almost sobbing at that point, and was having issues talking.

"I know. I was. But, I'm fine now. Don't worry. It's alright, I'm alive."-me

 "It's not fine! They told me all. All of it. The monsters, your arm, everything. I..I'm scared."

"Don't be." I shot a glare at Cartwright. We were going to have a 'talk' about this. "All that matters is that I'm alive. You're alive. We're both OK for now. Calm down." She got quiet after that. We just sat there for a while. Eventually, I told her that I needed to talk to Cartwright. "I'm assuming you've arranged a room?" I asked him. He said yes. He told the soldiers outside to escort her to the room. She gave one last squeeze before she let go. I waited for the door to close completely. "What the hell do you want?"

  He sighed. "Don't worry, we're above torture. That's not why you're here." He paused. "Look, I'm not going to lie to you, [REDACTED], we need you. You have more experience with...them than all of us combined. That's why you are my second-in-command. Rank of Lieutenant Commander. You report directly to me. Everything you will need to know is in a briefing packet in your room. You will be given a tour of the facility by Lieutenant Cartwright" He gestured toward the female soldier in the corner. "at 0700 tomorrow. Any questions?" I noticed that, while he was talking, he slowly moved his hand to the holster with his pistol.

"None." He could tell from my tone that I wasn't very pleased with the situation.

"Good, welcome to the Agency, Mr. Carter." He smiled.

The doctor spoke up, "Well, since you two seem to be done, tomorrow around 1830, can you come in for a complete physical? We have no idea of the effects from all of the Azoth in your system. I'll just run a few tests and psyche evaluation. That fine?" He looked from me to Cartwright. After receiving no answer, he nodded and turned back to the work on his desk.

 "Lieutenant, can you escort him to his quarters?" Cartwright turned to the soldier.

"Yes, sir!" She practically shouted the words to him. Just before the door closed as we exited, I commented about his loss of the British accent that he had the last time. He didn't respond.

The first few minutes of the walk were awkward, to say the least. I decided to break the ice. "What's your name?"

"Lieutenant Cartwright, sir. CO of Raven squad, sir."

I sighed. "Look, I'm not liking this whole 'command' thing. OK? My name's [REDACTED], but everyone knows me as Carter. And your name is?"

She looked uncomfortable. "It's...Samantha, sir. Samantha Cartwright."

"Good. Nice to meet you, Sam. One last thing, drop the 'sirs', please?"

"Yes, si...I think I can try that."

"I'm glad." We arrived at my quarters. She reminded me that I'd need to be ready for the tour by 0700. She also gave me my security card and PDA. After we said our goodbyes, I entered the room.

     The room was nice. Very nice. Definitely had been made for Officers in command. I stopped in the bathroom first and looked in the mirror. I looked terrible. Which, to be fair, was completely expected seeing as I was pronounced dead earlier in the day. I cleaned up the best I could, and walked over to the desk. I read through the packet. I learned that shortly after my 'experience' with the Agency, they had suffered a massive attack. In the process, they lost their old base and commander. Forcing Cartwright, who had been the Lieutenant in command of Raven squad, to take over as Commander. They regrouped in the Alaskan facility. Which had been originally designed as a prison. And had the prototype of the metal alloy shielding that we still use. I also had access to the classified mission reports. Things weren't going well. The Agency was losing the fight. That's why they recruited me. In hopes that I could add extra experience and turn the tide.

     I had read enough depressing material for the night. S had already been asleep when I entered the room. I carefully laid down on the bed, I didn't want to wake her up. She noticed and grabbed my arm, my left arm. She didn't let go, and fell back asleep. It took me longer to fall asleep. The whispering was very unsettling. It wouldn't go away. I turned back and forth for at least an hour before I fell into the cold embrace of sleep. Things got more and more complicated as time went on...

Stay Safe,


  1. I'm back to hunting the organization that hunted me next Wednesday, but I'd like to make sure I get everything straight. I haven't seen the Alaskan facility yet, nor have I seen a few of the ones in other countries. I probably won't be able to hit all of them, but I want to see what happened in that reality. Want to make sure that it isn't too close to ours. And I'd gladly bring over any documents that pertain to the elimination of class twos like morningstar and class threes. Also, I'd like to know in advance if anyone is going with me, primarily so I can spend time getting to know everyone working with me really well. Last on this topic, I'd like to make sure that you know you can call on me any time, and I'll come if it won't have drastic consequences. Use my abilities to best help your team. Prally join back up with you as soon as I take care of business too.
    Off of that, I'm quite interested in this now dead Com. Cartwright. I'd like to hear about what turned him. It takes a lot to turn kin against kin. Mind you, might want to make sure Sam's cool with that stuff being aired.

    1. The Alaskan facility was overrun by Class 2's and a Class 3. It's warhead had been detonated. Although, it did partially survive and is under their control. Too dangerous to go to. I could bring you to our facility that had been abandoned in the Mojave Desert. There's also another in the Sahara.

      Raven squad has volunteered, Marcus had been convinced by an ensign known as Franklin to volunteer.

      You are a part of team now. That's why you have high-security access to our databanks, access to our equipment, and quarters.

      The late Cartwright had betrayed us. He had been working with a Class 3. He claimed it was to protect Sam (Ms. Cartwright), but I called BS. I had to...kill him myself. It was difficult. His sister was promoted afterward to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and became my second-in-command. She's...OK with this being known. We agreed on an 'open-door' policy. I originally didn't want to explain that I'm a Class 2. She convinced me otherwise.

    2. Which fear did Cartwright serve, and is it still in the Alaskan facility?
      Oh, and I am a member of your team, but I like to travel in smaller teams, makes it easier to hide, and much easier to find new people. As such, I will probably spend most of my time traveling on my own, checking in with you every now and then or when I'm needed.

    3. We don't know. All we know is that it had given him regenerative abilities, along with enhanced reflexes. We have not been able to identify it yet. Currently, we are tracking all leads that crop up. The commander especially wants us to due to the nature of S's current whereabouts. We have good reason to believe that she has been forced to serve it as well. Off the record, he's taking it pretty hard. Keeps blaming himself.

      And, I believe that we can accommodate that. Although, the nature of our base is mobile, so there will often be times that we're on the opposite side of the earth from you. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    4. Enhanced reflexes and regenerative abilites? hmmm....sounds a bit like something a servant of Lilith would have my boy.

    5. Are you offering us a lead? Whichever one it was that he served is the one currently in control of the Alaskan base. The same one that has S right now. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    6. Maybe, maybe not. I would suggest asking kendra about Lilith, but it seems she is missing at the moment. If you can find her, then you may find answers.

    7. Who the hell are you? I have no idea of where she is. I don't even know her situation. I don't even know who YOU are.

    8. Missing? I'm not missing. I'm just hanging out here in New York.

    9. New York? What's going on then with Lilith and her servants?

    10. Yes, New York. I'm hunting down two of Lilith's wonderful servants here. And to answer your question, yeah it looks like shes your mystery Fear. Sierra doesnt really know when to shut up, and told me all about her 'mother's plans for taking over different bases, and recruiting young people like S.

    11. Mother? As in Snakes? Carter, you have permission to shoot me if it seems like I'm gonna change (Not that you need it). I'm ignoring her, but you know. There's always a chance.
      Kendra, is leaving reality a side effect of being influenced by any of the fears? I need to know if I'm being manipulated. It's pretty much what I've been personally searching for in the bases. Everything else is a nice little bonus for me and the rest of Carter's team.

    12. Don't worry Linux, I'm sure you'll be fine. But, then again, I myself am a bit crazy so you can take that with a grain of salt.

      And Kendra. Why is she so involved in my affairs? First the (late) commander Cartwright, then S. And then there's myself. Not only is there Azoth in my system, but there is also something else. We found that I do have regenerative abilities and improved reflexes, just not on the scale that Cartwright did. Is she the one who brought me back?

    13. Trust me when I say its not just you being messed with. She has been meddling with the lives of me and three friends of mine for the last month and a half. She somehow brought back one of my friends, and she had the same thing happening with her, so i would say Lilith is the one who did it to you.

    14. But, why? What does she gain by bringing me back?

    15. Well, this is just great. I can't even sleep now. Suddenly the ominous creepy whisperings have become even more so. Now I'm going to question my every action.

    16. No. Don't question yourself. You are you, you are good. Self doubt lends her power. Should you fall, you have plenty of people that would make sure you didn't do too much damage.

    17. Far from good, mate. Because of me, my girlfriend is currently serving a Fear against her will. She's possibly never going to be able to come back. That same Fear was involved in bringing me back alive (possibly). If she brought me back, who knows what the hell else she's done to me? I know for a fact that not all of me came back. The question is, how much and what?

    18. Does it matter? Do as much good as you can while you still have time. As much as I like you personally, I WILL kill you if you turn, if only because you can do so much damage, and I'll bet Sam feels the same way.

    19. It does. I question everything I do. For all I know, she's controlling me somehow. And thanks, that's a small comfort. But I also know that Sam wouldn't be able to. She would freeze. Sadly.

  2. Havr dkcuments from archive. Eilling to sell. Interested?

    1. Depends, what do you want in exchange?

    2. Information on the cold ones , mostly creation, physiological differences with mundanes. Not much in return; explosives, a gun, and ammunition dropped off at a country in Europe (most likely) for me to pick up. It's for a good cause.

    3. Eh, why not? Maybe you'll have something we don't. Uh, what magnitude of explosives are we talking about? And what kind of gun? Something 'normal', prototype, unique, what?

    4. Gun doesn't new to be special, just a handgun will do. Explosives need to be sufficient to leave a few decently sized buildings as greasespots. Will probably have a location tomorrow.

    5. Alright, we have the explosives you're looking for. Completely impossible to trace, too. Along with the gun. We'll pack you up the explosives, a standard-issue pistol, and enough boxes ammo to make anyone who sees you uncomfortable.

    6. Need the equipment in Moldova. Couple days time.

    7. Should be on its way. We had to call up a few old contacts in the Moldovan Military. Owe a few officials some favors. The Commander doesn't want to see any of the equipment used for anything evil, nefarious, in any sort of terrorist attack, etc. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

    8. Blowing up human trafficking pieces of shit?

    9. That sounds fair. The taser attachment is rechargeable, so it's good to go. You'll also have one box of the tranquilizer darts, a re-useable microphone that launches from the launcher, and a re-useable camera that launches from the launcher. As for the explosives, there's enough to level a skyscraper. - Lt. Com Cartwright

    10. Excellent. For my part, a 200 page treatise on the cold ones, complete with parts of a diary (ending prior to the poor sod turning, naturally) and vivesection data. If it isn't useful I'll eat my hoodie.

    11. 200 pages? That's way more than I was expecting. Wow. Just send it to my email. Or, at least, if you can.

    12. Wouldn't be asking for so much without something of comparable worth to pay for it. Sadly, I only have a hard copy. I'll email you a location for a drop.

    13. Alright. Enjoy your gear! And don't worry about if it can be traced or not. None of the explosives are traceable.

    14. Pleasure doing business. If I lay hands on anything further I'll drop you a line.

    15. The pleasure is mine. We'll be waiting.


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