Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So Any Help Would be Appreciated

Um, Sam Cartwright here. I don't do the whole 'write a full blog post' thing so please bear with me on this. Earlier, we found the commander unconscious in an alleyway. Mumbling stuff. We brought him back to the plane and put him in the med-bay. We watched the footage from his stake-out at a warehouse. He eventually started following a figure that looked male into an alleyway. Then the footage cut out. That's all that we could gather form it. We didn't know why he was there either. The last contact we had with him was when he called Raven squad back to base. After an hour of radio silence we started looking for him. And now, here we are. Marcus and Doc have tried everything they can think of but haven't gotten a response. Maybe one of you can help? I know he'd rely on someone like Med with stuff like this, but she's probably busy trying to live a normal life. As for what he's mumbling, it's mostly incoherent. What I have gathered is:
  • "I [am] not your child!"
  • "I serve no one"
  • "Leave me alone"
  •  "Them" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "They" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Us" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Me" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "We" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "I" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Where" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "Why" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
  • "How" (Repeated multiple times, possibly part of a sentence)
So, any advice would be greatly helpful. If he's not able to, I will post the 5th part of his 'catch-up' posts. He already has it typed up. - Lt. Com. Cartwright

Small update, we just restrained him to the bed. He started thrashing around and was shouting "Let her go!" repeatedly.

Situation update, Wednesday.
 His condition has gotten worse. We're debating sedating him. About an hour ago, he shouted 'no!' before thrashing about more. Afterwards, he started crying a bit. Whatever is happening must be terrible. I've never seen him cry. Not when S stayed behind to arm the bomb. Not even after we saw the bomb detonate at the base in Alaska.  Not even when we heard the rumors of her survival. Not once. I wish I could help him.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Been Too Long (Part 4)

     I hate the desert. Especially the Sahara. Especially creepy old abandoned bases in the middle of the Sahara. Even more so when creepy bases have enemies lurking around. Linux has been digging around in the other reality of his in the Agency's old bases. We can't hit the Alaskan base because of the sheer number of enemies there, but the Saharan base was another story. It had been abandoned back in 2008. The commander at the time decided a base in the US would be more beneficial. Well, some of the structure survived. However, we needed a local guide to find it. Luckily, Ms. Cartwright is very adept with languages. Our ground team had been myself, her, Linux, and Raven squad. Bear had been left with the Bearcat to keep an eye out. We've heard rumors about Jack being seen. Anyway, we had to sweep and clear the structure. Then we let Linux do his thing. He told us a lot of what he found, but he's also kept some to himself. Understandable, some things are never meant to be known. We bugged out as soon as we were done. Set off a few more bombs inside to completely destroy it so that it can't be used by the same group again. Ironically, they were servants of the Cold Boy. Why the desert, who knows.

     And, now for those of you who have been reading the comments section, you probably have started piecing more of what's happened together. As a recap (for those of you who aren't reading the comments):
  • I gave Lovett some equipment and got some files in return
  • The mystery Class 3 who led the attack in Alaska, who (the late) Cartwright had served, who possibly has S, and who very well possibly brought me back may be Lilith. Which, as it just so happens, we have absolutely nothing in our database about. Seriously, why can't things be easy for once in my life? Because of those...implications, I have a constant monitor on my brainwaves. Since we know that I can hear whispers, that means that something is messing with my head. And we'd rather be safe than sorry. I hate my life.

    Now, back to the past.

     I'm going to give you all an abridged version in an attempt to make this shorter. So, I woke up the next morning with S next to me. I tried slipping out of the bed without waking her. Didn't work, she looked at me.

"You're going?" She looked very sad, yet tired as well.

"I have to. It's a...difficult life. I'll be back as soon as I can, [REDACTED]."

She sighed, but said goodbye to me. I got ready, donned the uniform, and started for the mess hall. I met with Sam after eating a small breakfast. She brought me through the base on the tour which ended with the doctor giving me a full examination. I made sure to mention the fact that I could hear constant whispering. He told me to inform him if anything changed.

     Flash forward a short while (I told you that I was going to give you all the abridged version) and I had completed quite a few operations on the ground. I think, at the time of this event, it was 5 or 6. I had been working closely with Sam and her squad. Raven squad was 'the best of the best'. And she was the commanding officer of it. You see, the ranking system is a bit odd. First, the ensigns, the lowest rank. Then, the lieutenants, the squad leaders. Next, Lieutenant Commander, second in command of all operations. And lastly, Commander, the head of everything in the Agency. So, we had just successfully completed an assault on a proxy base. I decided that I needed to find a way to relax. S was not at the base, she only visited on the weekends, so I decided to attempt climbing the nearby mountain. I convinced Sam to join me. After we got to the top, we relaxed for a bit and talked. Then we saw it: the biggest snowstorm we had ever seen. The area that the base was in was notorious for bad storms, but this one was at least three times as large as a normal one. And we hadn't gotten a single warning. Normally, we do.

     Something was wrong. We hurried back to the base. Got inside just as the storm hit. This was back when the alloy shielding was only on the vital rooms. Suddenly, we lost power. The emergency generators kicked on just in time for me to see the soldiers next to me get cut down. We had a fighting retreat. As we went deeper into our own base, they kept cutting us down. Eventually, one jumped from around a corner and knocked me to the ground. He smiled a twisted smile. "I've got you!" He said it with such glee that it made my blood freeze. The knife was plunged down to the hilt into my left lung. I fought him back as he (and myself) were shocked that I was still able to breathe. He stabbed my other lung, too. It knocked me back, and I hit the ground in shock. 'I shouldn't be breathing' kept shooting through my mind. A bullet went through his head. Sam started dragging me back to the medics. They pulled the knife out and we all watched as the wounds slowly closed on their own. Shortly after, we managed to repel the attack. All their bodies disappeared. We thought it may have been the Cold Boy who orchestrated the attack, but there wasn't any proof. They kept me under close watch to try and find out if I was dangerous. Eventually, I was released back into duty. Since then, I have taken more abuse than should be possible. My heart itself has been shot four times. I know I'm not invulnerable though, so I try to attempt caution.

     The next event involved Cartwright. As you all know, he had been serving a Class 3. He had special abilities as well. At the time, I had no clue of either of those. I found out the hard way what his abilities were. He made a call on an operation that I didn't agree with. He called me into his office. We argued. I snatched a gun, and aimed it at him. He laughed and told me to shoot him. When I didn't pull the trigger, he moved faster than any other human. Laughed some more as he aimed the pistol at his own shoulder. Crazy bastard pulled the trigger. I watched as both the wound itself and the fabric of the uniform moved back into place and healed. All that happened in less than 10 seconds. Faster than the speed that my wounds heal. He laughed, and dismissed me.

     Later, I found out that he served a Class 3. As he betrayed us to it. Would have killed everyone. I had to kill him. Took a major beating in the process. I'll tell you guys that in the next part. Hopefully, I'll wrap it all up in that one.

Until the Next,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Been Too Long (Part 3)

     So part three. You know a decent bit about the present, so let's hop on back to the past with the next part of my story. As a short recap, I was dead.

     After Alan's tour, everyone decided to talk to me off and on. I read the books in the library. Stuff like that. I learned a lot from that library. Some of it...I shouldn't know. But, the damage is done. I'll try not to slip up and say things I shouldn't. Luckily, Sam will try to help keep that from happening. The conversations weren't that important that I'll post then here. I'm sure most of you can probably guess what they were. Aly and I talking about our last stand, Tim and I talking about plans and tactics, Alan and I talking about 'the good old days', and then there was Jamie. I couldn't help but feel awkward around her. Partially because I had inadvertently caused her death, and partially because of the contents of her goodbye letter. She understands my stand point on both topics however, so we still had a good time.

     So, just as I was getting settled in to life there, something happened. Somehow, I was brought back to life. Right as I accepted my death. I woke up on a hospital bed. With a dry mouth. The room was bright. Eventually, I managed to make out a figure with their back to me. I made a grunt. The figure jumped. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that the figure was a male in a doctor's coat. With the Agency's standard-issue uniform underneath. 

"We thought you were dead! I just logged your brain death about an hour ago!"-him

  "Sorry to disappoint. Can I have water?"-me

"Right, sorry." He got me some water.

   "What happened to me?"

"When we tried to flush the Azoth out of your system, you went comatose. Just an hour ago, all brain activity ceased. You were dead! And now...you aren't."

    "Alright, why is she here?" Before I had died, I had seen S sitting by my bedside. She had been talking to me. I can't remember about what. Just that she was there. In between the moments of all the poking and prodding. She was here. "Who involved her?" My voice was cracking.

"We thought that someone familiar would ease you out of the coma. It obviously didn't work. She's still here actually. With the Commander, he was about to break the news to her." The doctor turned to a nearby intercom. "Uh, Commander? You won't believe this, but...he's alive."

    "What? Who? Do you mean?..."-Com. Cartwright.

"Yes."-the doctor

    "I'm on my way with the girl now. Make sure he stays that way."-Com. Cartwright .Shortly afterwards, his voice came over the loudspeakers. "Attention all personnel: there is a possible Class 3 breach. All non-essential personnel report to designated areas. Security teams on high alert."

      The lights dimmed. The doctor pulled out a pistol from his desk drawer. It looked like an HK USP. Modified however. I later learned that it was the standard-issue pistol. A modified .45 USP with what appears to be a Laser Aim Module attached. In reality, it's actually a stun gun attachment. Can be re-purposed for everything from electricity to mini-spy cams to tranquilizer darts. Very useful in the field.

"Class 3?" I asked.

  "Better known as a Fear. Class 3's are very dangerous. Class 2's are humans who have...extra abilities. Class 1's are everyone else. Make sense?"


       The door opened and two soldiers entered. After they checked the room, Cartwright entered with S behind him. One of the soldiers left to help guard the door, the one who remained was female and had a distinct British accent. When S saw me, she ran towards me with tears in her eyes. She pretty much grabbed me and wouldn't let go.

 "They told me you were...d..de.." She was almost sobbing at that point, and was having issues talking.

"I know. I was. But, I'm fine now. Don't worry. It's alright, I'm alive."-me

 "It's not fine! They told me about...it all. All of it. The monsters, your arm, everything. I..I'm scared."

"Don't be." I shot a glare at Cartwright. We were going to have a 'talk' about this. "All that matters is that I'm alive. You're alive. We're both OK for now. Calm down." She got quiet after that. We just sat there for a while. Eventually, I told her that I needed to talk to Cartwright. "I'm assuming you've arranged a room?" I asked him. He said yes. He told the soldiers outside to escort her to the room. She gave one last squeeze before she let go. I waited for the door to close completely. "What the hell do you want?"

  He sighed. "Don't worry, we're above torture. That's not why you're here." He paused. "Look, I'm not going to lie to you, [REDACTED], we need you. You have more experience with...them than all of us combined. That's why you are my second-in-command. Rank of Lieutenant Commander. You report directly to me. Everything you will need to know is in a briefing packet in your room. You will be given a tour of the facility by Lieutenant Cartwright" He gestured toward the female soldier in the corner. "at 0700 tomorrow. Any questions?" I noticed that, while he was talking, he slowly moved his hand to the holster with his pistol.

"None." He could tell from my tone that I wasn't very pleased with the situation.

"Good, welcome to the Agency, Mr. Carter." He smiled.

The doctor spoke up, "Well, since you two seem to be done, tomorrow around 1830, can you come in for a complete physical? We have no idea of the effects from all of the Azoth in your system. I'll just run a few tests and psyche evaluation. That fine?" He looked from me to Cartwright. After receiving no answer, he nodded and turned back to the work on his desk.

 "Lieutenant, can you escort him to his quarters?" Cartwright turned to the soldier.

"Yes, sir!" She practically shouted the words to him. Just before the door closed as we exited, I commented about his loss of the British accent that he had the last time. He didn't respond.

The first few minutes of the walk were awkward, to say the least. I decided to break the ice. "What's your name?"

"Lieutenant Cartwright, sir. CO of Raven squad, sir."

I sighed. "Look, I'm not liking this whole 'command' thing. OK? My name's [REDACTED], but everyone knows me as Carter. And your name is?"

She looked uncomfortable. "It's...Samantha, sir. Samantha Cartwright."

"Good. Nice to meet you, Sam. One last thing, drop the 'sirs', please?"

"Yes, si...I think I can try that."

"I'm glad." We arrived at my quarters. She reminded me that I'd need to be ready for the tour by 0700. She also gave me my security card and PDA. After we said our goodbyes, I entered the room.

     The room was nice. Very nice. Definitely had been made for Officers in command. I stopped in the bathroom first and looked in the mirror. I looked terrible. Which, to be fair, was completely expected seeing as I was pronounced dead earlier in the day. I cleaned up the best I could, and walked over to the desk. I read through the packet. I learned that shortly after my 'experience' with the Agency, they had suffered a massive attack. In the process, they lost their old base and commander. Forcing Cartwright, who had been the Lieutenant in command of Raven squad, to take over as Commander. They regrouped in the Alaskan facility. Which had been originally designed as a prison. And had the prototype of the metal alloy shielding that we still use. I also had access to the classified mission reports. Things weren't going well. The Agency was losing the fight. That's why they recruited me. In hopes that I could add extra experience and turn the tide.

     I had read enough depressing material for the night. S had already been asleep when I entered the room. I carefully laid down on the bed, I didn't want to wake her up. She noticed and grabbed my arm, my left arm. She didn't let go, and fell back asleep. It took me longer to fall asleep. The whispering was very unsettling. It wouldn't go away. I turned back and forth for at least an hour before I fell into the cold embrace of sleep. Things got more and more complicated as time went on...

Stay Safe,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Been Too Long (cont.)

     I'm still trying to get caught up, what a task! I guess before I continue the story, I should tell you all my current situation. I'm on a plane. My plane. Well, more accurately the plane I'm in command of.

     You see, the Agency had a mole. This mole worked for a Fear. He was pretty high up in the chain of command. No one suspected him. He's dead now. I had to kill him. Cartwright. He was setting us all up. He claimed it was to protect Sam (his sister). I didn't buy it. She would have died. We all would have. When I get to that part, you'll all understand.

     After his death, his second in command (read: me) took over. I'm now the commander of the Agency. Or, rather, what's left of it. After the massacre in Alaska, we had to use the command plane. It's actually pretty large. It has a cargo hold with enough space for the Osprey. (which is actually a major prototype. the engine pylons actually retract. It barely fits in the hold.) Next is the holding cells. These can open into the cargo hold for 'offloading' prisoners. Then the med-bay. Next is the command room, which doubles as a briefing room. Then the armory. And then the living section (which is pretty tight, but functional). Lastly, the cockpit. For the crew, we have three pilots, five maintenance techs, me (the commanding 'officer'), Sam Cartwright (my second in command. She's very capable and trustworthy), Linux, the doctor (who is a good friend of mine from my adventures in London, referred to as 'Doc'), and the two remaining four-man teams (Raven and Bear). In total, 20 people. The plane can hold about 25 to 30 people comfortably. It's a decent base. However, since it is a plane it has some obvious drawbacks. 

     Before, the Agency had support from many countries. Now, however, there's only three backing us. The United States, Russia, and the UK. We manage to get by with the budget.

     As some of you may know from Linux's post, he's pretty much along for the ride. Right now we're having an extended 'lay-over' so he can continue doing his thing. As you can tell, yes we have a tail on him. Raven squad. Commanded by Marcus, who you all met on my blog before. Mainly, the tail is there to protect Linux, but also to keep an eye on him. He a Class 2 after all. We have a small classification system. Class 1's are people who don't have any special abilities. Your regular 'run-of-the-mill' runners, civilians, etc. Every operative on my team is a Class 1. Then there's Class 2. These are humans (or had been at one time) who have received 'abilities'. For example: Linux's ability to enter a new 'dimension', my ability to use the path, Morningstar's near-invulnerability, etc. Lastly, Class 3. These are the Fears themselves. Non-humans with massive power. You know them: the S-man, the Rake, the Cold Boy, Jack, etc. It's an easy way to organize threats. Luckily, the plane (named 'Bearcat') is reinforced with an experimental alloy that blocks anyone from using the other 'dimensions'. In theory, it should keep Class 3's and 2's from just 'popping in.' It keeps me from using the path, and hopefully it will have the same effect on Linux.

      I'll continue telling the story in the next post, hopefully.

Until the Next,

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Been Too Long.

     Welp. Guess who? If you say Jack, you're wrong. It's me, Carter. It's been far too long. The rumors of my death have been slightly exaggerated. I did die. Part of me still is dead. Part of me will never come back. And yet, part of me was brought back. But, by who and why, I have no idea. It certainly wasn't Jack. As he's...well...detained. Let's just say that it's going to be a long while before he's around again. He was...forcibly removed from his current host. By bullets. 10mm. I retrieved my revolver. And got some...retribution for his mistake. Hopefully, he'll learn to be more mindful of his deals in the future.

     So, where have I been? That's a long, long story. Multiple parts ahead. I have been...in and out of it for a while. I was trying to keep up with you all and post comments. But, every once in a while I was incapacitated.

     I'm sure many of you were catching on. Don't know why Jack didn't. The Agency was holding me. That's where S was going every weekend. They brought her to visit me. In the med-bay on-site. How did I get there? Well, (the late; more on that later) Commander Cartwright had hired someone who could use the Path. That person came into the room at the exact second before the failsafe killed me. (Which also prior knowledge on their part.) He brought me to their Alaskan base. I was put into the med-lab. From there, they were trying to remove the Azoth from my system. It didn't work as planned. I fell into a coma. While in said coma, I...noticed a lot.
  • Cartwright murdered the man in cold blood. He called the guy 'an abomination' before shooting him in the back of the head. Multiple times.
  • S was brought in and briefed on the situation. They were expecting me to 'come-to' quicker if there was someone who I knew talking to me. 
  • Cartwright wanted to (and eventually did) make me his second-in-command.
  • However, he still didn't like me.
     So, as you can imagine, I was in intensive care. Eventually, I died. Just like that. Bam, dead. As some of you may know, we will all end up in different places when we die. I found myself in in a forest. Thick. Trees as far as I could see. I decided to wander off. I came across a large house. It's architecture was reminiscent of Victorian-era architecture. I knocked on the door. Sounds of unlatching soon started. Then, it opened. I was greeted by an old friend.

-Carter? Is it really you? It's been so long! Come on in, I'm sure the others would like too know that you're here!

     It was Alan. Exactly as I remembered him. I started asking myself where I was. I was too shocked to say anything.

-Hey, guys! Carter's finally arrived!

 "Where am I? How did I get here? How are you here?"

-To answer the first, I don't know. To answer the others, you're dead. And so am I.

     Footsteps were heard. Jamie, Tim, and Alyson came from upstairs. 

  "Dead? I'm...dead? This is where..."

     I trailed off. I was surprised. He explained to me that they all ended up there as they died. He told me that Seven was actually a good cook, and was cooking the dinner for that night. The others got to us as he finished.

Jamie spoke first- Carter! (I was given a long hug) It's so nice to see you again! (It was a few minutes until she finally let go) I've missed you.

     I didn't know what to say. It was surprising to see them all again. Especially her. I still felt guilty about her death. Then, Tim and Alyson came over and shook hands with me. They chose the left hand, showing knowledge of what had occurred.

Alan spoke-The Council is reunited! (this had been received by some laughing and smiles) If you all don't mind, I need to talk to him. You'll all get your chance. After all, we have an eternity! (more laughs. Everyone gave me one last smile before going back to wherever they were before.) Let me give you the grand tour, come on.

     He started leading around the house. It had everything needed to live in. Bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, a pantry, sitting rooms, entertainment rooms, libraries full of books, and much more. He explained that the house restocks supplies on its own every week. He also explained that the libraries update info based on what events are occurring in the world. Which is how they found out about my arm. Based off of what they learned, the house could likely be one of many in the forest. They've never found another, but it's hard to believe that there are only six people in this place. In a lot of the sitting rooms were trophies. Artifacts from ancient civilizations. Some looked future-like. There were also paintings. Hundreds of them. Men and women of different races and ages. I couldn't see anything alike between them. The house was amazing.

     I'll continue in the next post, we're hitting some major turbulence right now and Raven squad needs help securing equipment. I'll try to respond to any comments. Next post should be on the way soon.

It's been far too long,