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So Any Help Would be Appreciated

Um, Sam Cartwright here. I don't do the whole 'write a full blog post' thing so please bear with me on this. Earlier, we found the commander unconscious in an alleyway. Mumbling stuff. We brought him back to the plane and put him in the med-bay. We watched the footage from his stake-out at a warehouse. He eventually started following a figure that looked male into an alleyway. Then the footage cut out. That's all that we could gather form it. We didn't know why he was there either. The last contact we had with him was when he called Raven squad back to base. After an hour of radio silence we started looking for him. And now, here we are. Marcus and Doc have tried everything they can think of but haven't gotten a response. Maybe one of you can help? I know he'd rely on someone like Med with stuff like this, but she's probably busy trying to live a normal life. As for what he's mumbling, it's mostly incoherent. What I have gathered is:
"I [am]…

Been Too Long (Part 4)

I hate the desert. Especially the Sahara. Especially creepy old abandoned bases in the middle of the Sahara. Even more so when creepy bases have enemies lurking around. Linux has been digging around in the other reality of his in the Agency's old bases. We can't hit the Alaskan base because of the sheer number of enemies there, but the Saharan base was another story. It had been abandoned back in 2008. The commander at the time decided a base in the US would be more beneficial. Well, some of the structure survived. However, we needed a local guide to find it. Luckily, Ms. Cartwright is very adept with languages. Our ground team had been myself, her, Linux, and Raven squad. Bear had been left with the Bearcat to keep an eye out. We've heard rumors about Jack being seen. Anyway, we had to sweep and clear the structure. Then we let Linux do his thing. He told us a lot of what he found, but he's also kept some to himself. Understandable, some things are never meant t…

Been Too Long (Part 3)

So part three. You know a decent bit about the present, so let's hop on back to the past with the next part of my story. As a short recap, I was dead.
     After Alan's tour, everyone decided to talk to me off and on. I read the books in the library. Stuff like that. I learned a lot from that library. Some of it...I shouldn't know. But, the damage is done. I'll try not to slip up and say things I shouldn't. Luckily, Sam will try to help keep that from happening. The conversations weren't that important that I'll post then here. I'm sure most of you can probably guess what they were. Aly and I talking about our last stand, Tim and I talking about plans and tactics, Alan and I talking about 'the good old days', and then there was Jamie. I couldn't help but feel awkward around her. Partially because I had inadvertently caused her death, and partially because of the contents of her goodbye letter. She understands my stand point on both top…

Been Too Long (cont.)

I'm still trying to get caught up, what a task! I guess before I continue the story, I should tell you all my current situation. I'm on a plane. My plane. Well, more accurately the plane I'm in command of.
     You see, the Agency had a mole. This mole worked for a Fear. He was pretty high up in the chain of command. No one suspected him. He's dead now. I had to kill him. Cartwright. He was setting us all up. He claimed it was to protect Sam (his sister). I didn't buy it. She would have died. We all would have. When I get to that part, you'll all understand.
     After his death, his second in command (read: me) took over. I'm now the commander of the Agency. Or, rather, what's left of it. After the massacre in Alaska, we had to use the command plane. It's actually pretty large. It has a cargo hold with enough space for the Osprey. (which is actually a major prototype. the engine pylons actually retract. It barely fits in the hold.) Next is th…

It's Been Too Long.

Welp. Guess who? If you say Jack, you're wrong. It's me, Carter. It's been far too long. The rumors of my death have been slightly exaggerated. I did die. Part of me still is dead. Part of me will never come back. And yet, part of me was brought back. But, by who and why, I have no idea. It certainly wasn't Jack. As he's...well...detained. Let's just say that it's going to be a long while before he's around again. He was...forcibly removed from his current host. By bullets. 10mm. I retrieved my revolver. And got some...retribution for his mistake. Hopefully, he'll learn to be more mindful of his deals in the future.

     So, where have I been? That's a long, long story. Multiple parts ahead. I have and out of it for a while. I was trying to keep up with you all and post comments. But, every once in a while I was incapacitated.

     I'm sure many of you were catching on. Don't know why Jack didn't. The Agency was holdin…