Hospital Duty

     In case you are behind on recent events, Morningstar tortured Sanna and now she's in a hospital. Guess where I am? A hospital. She doesn't want any visitors, so I haven't initiated a face-to-face conversation. Yet. I also will be trying to keep unsavory individuals away from her, and believe me, I have a long list of deterrents. A very long list. I have to pose as part of the staff. Which is going fine actually. No one has even noticed a thing. Even she hasn't noticed me. As a result, however, the memorial service is being put off. Again. I will not be able to update this much this week either. I have an 'agent' watching S. And, my coffee's getting cold!

     Short version: Morningstar = evil. Sanna = poor victim of that evil. Me = at the hospital trying to help. That sums it up well, yes? Should probably get going. 24/7 guard duty here I come! Will update when possible. -- Jack

Oh, yeah, I did make a mistake. A big one. I had been ready to rush in when it was going on. But, I didn't. So, I guess this situation is partially my fault, isn't it?


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