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Well, I have been out of commission. Seriously, whoever you are, I will find you and kill you. That's a guarantee. So, what happened to good 'ole Jack? I'll tell you. I was sitting at a desk in the hospital. Reached for my coffee when I just collapsed. No warning. Just woke up today in a forest. Many of you probably could guess which forest. So, I have been gone for a while. I'm back now. And I'm going to be tracking whoever did this down. Since, this means that they know too much about me. There are ways to 'disable' me temporarily. Somehow, one of those ways was found out. Looks like I have a job to do. Will update with more news on this post until next week. -- Jack

Edit 1 (September 30): Not enough time to make full post. Been on the run. Danger everywhere. Can't enter path. Seriously hurt. In europe. Bleeding bad. Military group. Well trained. Seem familiar. Germany. Forest. Out.

Hospital Duty

In case you are behind on recent events, MorningstartorturedSanna and now she's in a hospital. Guess where I am? A hospital. She doesn't want any visitors, so I haven't initiated a face-to-face conversation. Yet. I also will be trying to keep unsavory individuals away from her, and believe me, I have a long list of deterrents. A very long list. I have to pose as part of the staff. Which is going fine actually. No one has even noticed a thing. Even she hasn't noticed me. As a result, however, the memorial service is being put off. Again. I will not be able to update this much this week either. I have an 'agent' watching S. And, my coffee's getting cold!

     Short version: Morningstar = evil. Sanna = poor victim of that evil. Me = at the hospital trying to help. That sums it up well, yes? Should probably get going. 24/7 guard duty here I come! Will update when possible. -- Jack

Oh, yeah, I did make a mistake. A big one. I had been ready to rush in when …