Report # 2 From Carter

  Due to the bit of news that Morningstar released, I believe I should try to keep a low profile. Simply because, as I told him, that is my past. In my past, I did help Redlight. I regret that decision, as well as the many atrocities I committed during that time. The events that are unfolding currently, I have lived through already. I can not interfere directly, due to the uniqueness of the situation. However, I still have a duty to continue. After I say one more thing: Morningstar, never compare me to a used car dealer. Ever.  That is all.

[Begin Transcript]

  Hello? I hope this is on. It's Carter again with another report. I'll get straight to business this time.
[Short coughs, followed by throat clearing sounds]
  Today is Friday, August 2, 2013. Time is [short pause] 8:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
[Coughing fit lasting about 3 minutes]
  Current lab temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. About [pauses] 29 degrees Celsius. I increased the temperature due to a small chill I had noticed. In fact [another pause] there. Now it's the highest the lab will go. 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe that's about 32 in Celsius. It still feels a little chilly, but it can't go higher. I'm assuming the chill is from
[another prolonged coughing fit]
  Is from the loss of blood. I keep having to draw more for the experiments. On top of that, I've been having trouble sleeping. Side effect of hearing constant whispering.
[clears throat]
  I'm expecting a result from samples B through C any day now. On sample A, the Azoth temporarily had been separated from the blood. For 10 seconds. If only I was able to get a stronger reaction. I won't stop until I either am completely 'clean' of Azoth or until [pause] well, my death. In.
  In other news, the only area of my body where blood has been completely 'clean' of Azoth is my right arm. I still don't understand it, but somehow it is immune to the Azoth. Maybe it has to do with the [pause] things from the future that Jack had used. Honestly, I'm not complaining about that. What I am gonna complain about is the fact that even though I've been coughing up so much of the stuff, it is still in my system. There's nothing else noteworthy. So I guess that's my spout of talking to myself.
[quiet laughter followed by a sigh]
  I feel so isolated in here. It's like a cell. A cold cell, full of chemicals, food, and wondrous smells. Keep safe everyone. End Report.
[coughing fit that is cut off due to the recorder powering down]

[End Transcript]

  There you all have it. -- Jack

Luckily, Jack won't be able to see this. I'm talking about his future, to explain something. So, he isn't able to see it. Time won't allow him. I'm using the 'in case of emergency computer' right now, so I can't post much. I know about the 'Jack and Redlight' thing. I just found out. He was trying to keep it from me. Anyways, I'm going to tell you all a story. A story about the entity known as 'Jack.'

Jack is actually not a single man. Or a human. 'Jack', as a whole, is an entity that requires a host to live. Throughout the years, Jack's host has changed. Which explains the differing descriptions. Apparently some were female. Most are male. All are devious and cunning. The host is selected through various means. It could be through a deal gone south, a sacrifice, or even sometimes willingly. 

I told you that, to explain how this Jack came to be and his future. Back when America was 'the New World,' a man David was seeking a new life. He left his homeland with his wife. They settled on the 'frontier.' He built a self-sufficient ranch. They wanted children. Their first child was still-born, but their second lived. A boy who was much like his father. Eventually, a certain faceless entity kidnapped the boy. David went to the nearest town and was asking for help. He came across a man who called himself Jack. Jack helped David get his son back, but at a price: David would need to befriend Jack. Nothing more, nothing less. Apparently that Jack was uncaring about his deals. As the boy grew up, he also talked to Jack. To sum it up: he made a deal, broke the deal, etc. David, since he knew so much about Jack, knew of a way to help his son. The Challenge. The Challenge is where the person who made the deal can challenge it's validity. If the challenger wins, they can change the terms to anything they want. If Jack wins, the challenger replaces him/her. David challenged in his son's place. David lost. He became the next host for Jack. The previous Jack became his mentor, or as he calls it 'grandfather.' That's the origin of this Jack.

Now for the future. When this Jack, David, returns to his proper time and place after becoming human again, he will see his family killed. He will have enough time to greet his wife and son just before the S-man arrives and kills them slowly in front of David. I know this, because I talked to the next Jack. He's the person who I visited while leaving London. And yes, I had been willing to challenge a deal that someone had made with Jack on that day as well. 

Now you know more about Jack. Use this information well, he doesn't know that I've released it. Stay safe everyone, even those of you who are proxies. Since Redlight is around, he's a danger to us all. Whether you be a Runner, Proxy, or someone who thinks this is just a story. Redlight is dangerous. So, Morningstar, thanks. I didn't think I'd ever thank you, but I will. I hope you stop him.

Until the Next,


  1. Two questions, both for Jack. First.
    Can a non-proxy human path? Linux disappeared, so he either moved himself, or he was taken, and I'm sure as hell hoping for the former.
    Second. What the hell does redlight look like? Does it have a definite shape? If it does, how can I recognize and avoid it?

    1. Avoid anyone wearing any red at all.

    2. It is unheard of. If he had azoth in his system and had reached the 'balance point' of control. Possibly. In my experience, expect the latter. complicated. He can 'jump' from the people he controls at will. He likes to mark his people by having them subconsciously wear red. -- Jack

    3. Can it die? And what makles it so dangerous? Need to know. Just in case.

    4. Yes, but he is extremely dangerous. An easy way, since I don't like typing, is to read Morningstar's posts on his blog. I linked to one of those posts above. -- Jack

  2. Dammit, Carter. You can't last much longer at this rate. Recover, then continue.

  3. You are the worst aspects of a used car salesman mixed with 2/3 of Mephistopheles. Don't try to deny otherwise. You know all the things you've done and would happily do again. Jackass.

    And Carter, don't thank me for anything. If I see you, I am KILLING YOU. Then snacking on your brains. Might make flavorful junk food.

    1. One thing I would happily do, but can't do would be to kill you. Sadly, I cannot. Neutrality at it's finest. -- Jack

  4. You ignored my warning thrice.
    Two have now payed the price.
    Three to go, who shall disappear?
    Who shall take the blame?
    And who shall seek revenge?
    I have spoken all I can to you.
    Time has come for me as well.
    My Fate is sealed.
    I will not survive to see the morrow.


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