Let Me Set the Matter Straight

   Before I begin, I have one thing to say. It is to all of you simple-minded proxies. A lot of you are obviously excluded as you actually can think. Do not try and attack me. It will not end well. For you. To clarify, I was attacked by a group of proxies earlier. 15 to be exact. 13 died, one was taken into police custody, and 1 tried to run away into the Path. I say tried because he was extremely injured and most likely is dead. This is your one and only warning. If you attack me, I will kill you. No second thoughts, no remorse. And it will not lead to my death, as it is self-defense.

   On to other matters. Such as a quick recap:
  • I am still at strike one.
  • The girl disappeared. Again. I will bet on her mysteriously returning on Monday.
  • The blood sample...is still complicated. I will not say anything yet, as I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. 
   That's all that's happened so far. I will edit this post as things happen until next Friday. So check back often. -- Jack

Edit 1 (August, 19):
   What a busy day. I was right, she reappeared. This time while I was watching. A black SUV pulled into the driveway. She got out, said a few words to the driver and then a noticeable change could be seen on her face. It was as if the SUV ceased to exist from her point-of-view.  Anyways, from my vantage point, I had managed to place a tracking device on it. Followed it into the city. The driver was doing every stunt from the book to ensure that no one was tailing him. Too bad I have more experience though.
   It pulled into the airport. I waited. The device hadn't moved for about 30 minutes before I went in. I found the device, but no SUV. The device was sitting neatly on a rock with a note saying, 'Nice try.' In that 30 minute time-frame, one helicopter and two planes left the airport. Both planes were large enough to accommodate the SUV. It was a regional airport, so they couldn't have gone far. Now that I know there is a third party involved, it's time to look for a motive. What could they possibly need her for that only happens on weekends?

   Other than that, nothing interesting occurred. I'll keep adding on to this as events occur.


  1. I knew you weren't a guy to be messed with, however friendly your are, but yikes. D:

    Glad you're still at strike one.

    1. Don't worry, you'll always be okay in my book. -- Jack

  2. Breaking into a number of facilities would be considerably easier on weekends. Of course, the ultra-high-security ones would be a bitch to break into regardless of the day. Oh, and if it had plates, try to remember what they were. Because they were either stolen, or it'll lead you to them.

    1. Except, she's a normal person. Has no idea of any of this. In fact, I don't think she's even realized that Mr. Carter is dead.

      As for the plates, that's one of the first things I checked. They weren't there. Whoever the SUV belongs to, clearly has some pull with law enforcement to keep from being pulled over. -- Jack


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