Well, this is intriguing. The girl is missing. I decided to pay her a visit and break the news of Mr. Carter's death. She wasn't there. I feel like I should be worried about this. No one has noted her disappearance either. I will investigate into this further.

    In other news, Kit is looking depressed. She hasn't left the rooftop since his death. She occasionally will look at me, but big black eyes tend to not show emotion. I am at an impasse, I feel like I bonded with the creature because of Mr. Carter. He was the reason that she stayed around. Now that he's dead, I wonder what she'll do?

   Earlier this week, I made a deal with a Runner. She wanted temporary protection from Proxies and Faceless. In return, she errands for me when I needed them. So far there have been 7 proxy deaths involved in her case. Faceless showed up, saw me, and proceeded to leave. He was angry. Very angry.

    Lastly, for now, the offer is still open to anyone. I am willing to help. I have already crossed the line and am now directly involved. I shall use this blog and the late Mr. Carter's email for my business. Extra news can be found in the comments section. Or in edits to this post. So check back often!

    In the words of Mr. Carter, 'Stay Safe' -- Jack

Edit 1: Wow, first edit already. I must be popular.
   First is that I've gotten a new avatar.
  Second is important (slightly more). I received a warning! Earlier today at 5:23 PM: "A warning from Attendant Michael. You are above the Norm. Greater than human. But there are rules. You belong on the sidelines. A commodity bound by rules. But you have broken those rules. Overstepped bounds. Go back. Or we will force you back. Three Warnings as per the norm. Three chances. At the End of the Third, The Attendants shall come and drag you off to the Maw of Eden."  Sounds fantastic! He called me a 'commodity.' How kind! You know what they say at the baseball games, three strikes and you're out! This is going to be fun.
   And the third. The most important. I found something that excited me earlier. On the doorstep, there was sitting a box with my name on it! What was inside perplexed me. A vial. Containing blood. The note inside said I may find someone who can use it. So busy. I'll keep you all updated!

Edit 2 (August 12th): The girl is back. I discreetly was trying to find out where she went. No luck, I'm going to have to keep a watch on her house.
  I sent the blood sample to Med, whenever she's feeling well, I hope she'll be able to clear up the...confusion it's caused.
  That's all for now. Oh, what's that? You expected me to say that I'm going back to being neutral? Some have high expectations... 


  1. Well, if I need any help, I'll let you know.

    I'm kinda glad you're not neutral anymore.

    1. I'm not. My life span has possibly been reduced from 'eternity' to 'short'. -- jack

  2. Don't need defense. Need offense. If you could tell me of any way to kill any one of the non-mortals, I'd appreciate it. Need to leave shortly. Not gonna be back on for a couple a days.

    1. I'm afraid I cannot. There is a limit to how far I can go. That is the limit. Apologies. -- Jack

    2. No worries. I was just hoping you could confirm my theories before I try anything. After all, if I'm wrong, it probably won't end badly. You, on the other hand, can do lots of good that'll probably end in an even worse way if you try to help me. Good luck.

    3. Yeah, strike one of three. To be perfectly honest, I'm sitting here wondering what to do. Good luck to you as well. -- Jack

    4. Don't get involved unless it's something big, that's my suggestion. I mean, you only get to help out in an extraordinary way twice, might as well make sure both times count. Oh, and Med might be able to use that blood. Could be involved with the cure.

    5. Yeah, I already sent it her way. I have a hunch on where it came from, but I don't want to say anything until she runs tests on it. -- Jack

  3. Got all the help I need right now, but just dropping into say that's a damn fine avatar.

    I have a query. It is to my understanding that punishment lies in wait for you for abandoning neutrality. So, would it be possible to make a deal, the conditions of which would transfer the circumstances and timing of your punishment on to me, rather than you? So you could continue living and helping people out?

    1. Thank you.

      And thank you again. But, I don't think that would be fair. At all. It would be terrible to do that. One reason being that you don't deserve it. The second being that it will probably have something to do with eternity. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did that. -- Jack


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