A Little Later than Expected

   Well, I've been busy, so this had to wait. Which explains why it's being posted on Sunday, and not Friday.

   First matter: Morningstar. He was having some...issues yesterday (or today depending on your timezone). I decided to give him a bit of company until his help showed up. Long story short, I left pretty quickly to avoid any 'incidents' with his help. Though I did see something hilarious: the look on Morningstar's face! He was terrified! Almost like a child is of the dark.

   So, on to more important matters. I was approached by a man Tuesday. He told me who he worked for, then brought me to the airport. There was sitting a V-22 Osprey aircraft. Heavily modified. It looked sleeker, and more aerodynamic. It also had a higher top speed than a normal Osprey, about 550 Km/H. When our trip was complete, I found myself in Alaska. A military installation. I met the commander: Commander Cartwright. They are the same group that had held Carter. I cannot say their name, because I've made a deal with Cartwright to preserve their anonymity. He was the British lieutenant from before. His predecessor was killed during a raid on their old base. He gave me a tour of their facilities: housing wings for all stationed there, medical wing, training area, command room, archives, observatory, lounge, mess hall, armory, storage, garage, hanger, etc. The facility has multiple floors, and seems to be self-sufficient.

   The reason I was brought there was to help his sister. His sister is turning 16 in a few months, and apparently that is the age where they accept volunteers. He wants me to train her. We made a deal about it. I started training her. Started simple, with basic firearms training. She learns quickly, though, so it will be simple.

   That's all that has happened, along with the two above, S has disappeared. Again. There is definitely a pattern. And, lastly, I think it might be time. That blood sample. I think it was Carter's blood. I have no idea of where it came from. As there was no body left. I'm hoping for a second opinion, but thought I should say something about this.

   As things update, I'll add edits. Check back often.


  1. Nahhh, it wasn't Carter's. Clearly. Carter probably snuck out, tagged a random gent, and drew. I mean, innocent blood doesn't really get infected with Azoth. And Carter was just a little fucked up right near the end, wasn't he? He might mistake the reason for their non-infection for being an immunity rather than that there was no reason to infect someone that was blind.
    Forever yours,
    -Frozen Sorrows.

    1. From what I can tell, the likelihood of it being Carter's is pretty close to 100%. Same blood type, same identifiers. I may have looked at it wrong, but that's why I sent it to someone who has also seen samples of his blood.

      As to the rest, you lost me.

    2. I'm sorry. But Linux is bat shit. Carter was on a whole other level. You made it sound like he was just getting more and more twisted. Dude was even more paranoid than Linux, and I can tell you from personal experience, Linux was PARANOID! I'm just saying, maybe one night he snapped. Snuck out. Killed an innocent. I mean, you seem pretty sure he didn't, but you're not quite like us. You have the benefit of stability. All of us, we're the animals. EACH AND EVERY PERSON INVOLVED WITH MASTER IS AN ANIMAL! Except you. Because you're not one of us. You're SUPPOSED to be a neutral. Except you like to pretend that you have some moral high ground bull-shit. Sorry if you don't get any of that. Planning a slaughter is a bit mentally consuming and I never was the best multi-tasker.

    3. Now I understand. You think that he had been tagging those out there who have no idea. I can confirm that he was not. He spent those last days in that room.

      I can also say, yes, I am supposed to be neutral. However, there are a few exceptions every now and then. As for the 'moral high-ground', I know for a fact that does not describe me. I've done some terrible shit. A lot of it, I regret. It comes with immortality. I have to deal with it. I have to deal with the fact that I have done things which could have meant the end of the world. The end of you, and every other human being on this planet. At the time, I didn't understand why everyone survived. Now, I do. There's an equilibrium at work. I have, in some cases, acted against my past self. It happens.

  2. Second opinions are always best. As for S, hold your end of the bargain. Find out where it is she is going. It's what he would want. ~ C

  3. Well, I'd assume it's Carter's. Not like he could get it from anywhere else. Unless it was older than a couple days. In which case, well Carter could have gotten it from the hospital, or from a Proxy. I'd be hesitant to trust anyone belonging to a large group, but that's just me. Might I suggest using some of your new resources to keep an eye on S, since you have them anyways. You have leverage after all.


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