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Busy, Busy, Busy

Back again for another late update. I've been busy training Ms. Cartwright. She learns fast. Suffice to say, even I feel a bit reluctant to fight hand-to-hand with her. Even more so when she is armed with a staff. She'll definitely be a useful member of the Commander's agency.

   So, since I knew I would be busy, I sent a runner on an errand. To keep watch on S, and tail them. I am expecting a report Monday.

   Next matter is interesting. I paid a visit to the English doctor who Mr. Carter had called 'Doc.' I showed the sample of the blood. He compared to the sample they had on file. They were identical in enough ways that he thinks the sample is from Mr. Carter. The main difference: he believes the sample in my possession was taken after Mr. Carter activated the failsafe. Which is an impossibility as I designed that failsafe (in hindsight: a mistake) to completely destroy all traces of bio-organic material. So, Ms. Med, there may be some usable antibodies in th…

A Little Later than Expected

Well, I've been busy, so this had to wait. Which explains why it's being posted on Sunday, and not Friday.

   First matter: Morningstar. He was having some...issues yesterday (or today depending on your timezone). I decided to give him a bit of company until his help showed up. Long story short, I left pretty quickly to avoid any 'incidents' with his help. Though I did see something hilarious: the look on Morningstar's face! He was terrified! Almost like a child is of the dark.

   So, on to more important matters. I was approached by a man Tuesday. He told me who he worked for, then brought me to the airport. There was sitting a V-22 Osprey aircraft. Heavily modified. It looked sleeker, and more aerodynamic. It also had a higher top speed than a normal Osprey, about 550 Km/H. When our trip was complete, I found myself in Alaska. A military installation. I met the commander: Commander Cartwright. They are the same group that had held Carter. I cannot say their na…

Let Me Set the Matter Straight

Before I begin, I have one thing to say. It is to all of you simple-minded proxies. A lot of you are obviously excluded as you actually can think. Do not try and attack me. It will not end well. For you. To clarify, I was attacked by a group of proxies earlier. 15 to be exact. 13 died, one was taken into police custody, and 1 tried to run away into the Path. I say tried because he was extremely injured and most likely is dead. This is your one and only warning. If you attack me, I will kill you. No second thoughts, no remorse. And it will not lead to my death, as it is self-defense.

   On to other matters. Such as a quick recap:
I am still at strike one.The girl disappeared. Again. I will bet on her mysteriously returning on Monday.The blood still complicated. I will not say anything yet, as I don't want to get anyone's hopes up.     That's all that's happened so far. I will edit this post as things happen until next Friday. So check back often. -- Jack



Well, this is intriguing. The girl is missing. I decided to pay her a visit and break the news of Mr. Carter's death. She wasn't there. I feel like I should be worried about this. No one has noted her disappearance either. I will investigate into this further.

    In other news, Kit is looking depressed. She hasn't left the rooftop since his death. She occasionally will look at me, but big black eyes tend to not show emotion. I am at an impasse, I feel like I bonded with the creature because of Mr. Carter. He was the reason that she stayed around. Now that he's dead, I wonder what she'll do?

   Earlier this week, I made a deal with a Runner. She wanted temporary protection from Proxies and Faceless. In return, she errands for me when I needed them. So far there have been 7 proxy deaths involved in her case. Faceless showed up, saw me, and proceeded to leave. He was angry. Very angry.

    Lastly, for now, the offer is still open to anyone. I am willin…

Mr. Carter's Final Report

He's dead. On Sunday, he activated the 'failsafe.' There weren't even any ashes left. Here's the transcript of the last recording he made:

[Transcript Begins]

  I hope this thing's...
  ...on. Because I won't try to do this again.
[More coughing]
  Things went downhill after my last report.
  I had finally done it! I found way to separate the Azoth! Only to fall asleep while holding a tube full of acid. Destroying every sample, and even all of my notes.
  I can't even remember how I did it. I just did. Right now, I'm sitting on the bed in here shivering and hating myself. I can't take any more samples, I've already gone far past the 'you should stop drawing blood' point.
{Slight chuckles]
  There's only one thing left to do. So, don't lose hope everyone. There is a way. We can win this. We can survive.
  This is Carter, signing off.

[End Transcript]

    After I had received the re…

Report # 2 From Carter

Due to the bit of news that Morningstar released, I believe I should try to keep a low profile. Simply because, as I told him, that is my past. In my past, I did help Redlight. I regret that decision, as well as the many atrocities I committed during that time. The events that are unfolding currently, I have lived through already. I can not interfere directly, due to the uniqueness of the situation. However, I still have a duty to continue. After I say one more thing: Morningstar, never compare me to a used car dealer. Ever.  That is all.

[Begin Transcript]

  Hello? I hope this is on. It's Carter again with another report. I'll get straight to business this time.
[Short coughs, followed by throat clearing sounds]
  Today is Friday, August 2, 2013. Time is [short pause] 8:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
[Coughing fit lasting about 3 minutes]
  Current lab temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. About [pauses] 29 degrees Celsius. I increased the temperature due to a small ch…