Message From Mr. Carter

   Small disclaimer: Any and all typos are to be ignored. As I'm sure some may have noticed from my comments today, I am really fumbling at the keyboard. Mainly because I was awake trying to keep a 24/7 watch on the lab door. -- Jack

   Mr. Carter has decided to start making recording and sending them out to me. I am supposed to upload them, but I feel like torturing myself and typing. Here's your transcript.

  [Audio Disturbance that sounds like a tap]
Is this thing on? Hello?
  [Two more taps]
I hope it is. So, hello everyone. It's me, Carter, just figured I'd give you all an update myself. Who knows    what Jack's doing.
  [slight laughter is heard, followed by coughing]
Sorry 'bout that, I've been coughing up Azoth and blood for the past few days. I'll talk about that in more detail in a bit. So, I've gotten the news. Redlight's back. That's just what we all needed. I hope that when he's killed this time, he won't return. As for my situation: I'm locked in a room. I have enough supplies to last me a month. I hear constant whispering. And I've been coughing and puking up Azoth. I'm sure that Jack's said how he found me. Next to that body. I pretty much came to right as Jack came running up.
I've locked myself in here to protect everyone. And to try and find a viable way to get rid of the Azoth. A 'cure' if you will. Do I expect to find one? No. Prob'ly won't even get close. I have  a few 'failsafes' in place just in case. I'm going to make one of these every week with progress updates and give Jack a list of comments from me to post.
  [Throat clearing]
On to business. I'm gonna make a status report of the lab and my progress. It'll hopefully follow the same outline each week. So, here we go.

It is Monday, July 29, 2013. The time is [short pause where I'm assuming he was checking the time] 10:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Current lab temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That's about [another pause, this one longer] 24 degrees Celsius. I think. I've taken blood samples from the current 'clean' areas of my body. 'Clean' describes the areas where there is no Azoth present when I draw blood. Those areas are: My feet, left hand, and entire right arm. The arm is 'clean' due to it's [short pause] 'special' nature. I have introduced Azoth into blood samples A though C. Using D as a control. From there I will try getting the Azoth to retreat from the blood. Other notes...
Other notes are: I have a failsafe that will 'purge' the lab in case of a complete loss of sanity. And, I know that is a very big possibility.
 [short laughter followed by a sigh]
I feel like I'm talking to myself. That's all for now. Hope you all stay safe. End report.

[transcript ends]

   So, there you have it, he's alive and kicking away at a cure. Do I think he'll manage it? Probably not. No one's made a 'cure' for azoth. Maybe he'll need to accept his fate? All I know is that I am to watch the door and keep giving him updates on the outside world. I'll be seeing you all around. I've got some other business to attend to. -- Jack


  1. Damn it...

    Carter, you'd better live through this.

    Jack, thanks for taking care of him.

    1. No problem, madam. It is duty. After all he is the last living person in the Network. Plus his future and mine are...related. I can't reveal too much. -- Jack

  2. Best a luck to you man. I don't have that much in me, but that shit is terrible.

    1. It's Keith. I'm the guy running with Linux. . . I just made my own account since he wanted us to have our own in case we wound up getting separated.

  3. I just realized, he never told any of you, did he? He is the last living member of the Network. Every one else is dead. That's what we had argued about when he was stuck in the hospital in London. He was upset about it. -- Jack

    1. I thought he had told us at some point? I'm probably misremembering.

      This is a standing offer of assistance and note trading. I really hope he finds a Cure.

    2. I assumed actually. He mentioned that his group was the last. And he wrote about what happened to it. And he didn't seem that focused on making sure it stayed alive. He's been focused on other things.

    3. Maybe he had said something. I don't know. I tend to stay away from these blogs blogs as of late. -- Jack


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