Files and Explanations...

     Before I begin know that any words in [brackets] have been changed to preserve information.

     I've just reclassified one of my files. The files that no one is supposed to know about. B is confirmed dead by Kendra. His file now says 'D' on the front. You were all right about them being abbreviations. D stands for deceased/missing. P for proxy/possible threat. R for runner/fighter. And F is one that I will not talk about. It's doesn't mean 'Fear.' But it definitely doesn't stand for 'Fun times in the sun.' One day it'll be revealed, but that day is hopefully a while off.

     I told Marcus that he has a week. After the fact that he broke the one and only rule I gave, I don't think I can trust having him around here. That room was not meant for anyone else's eyes. (no pun intended Med, there's a reason that it's in there) 

     So, what exactly happened? I decided to pay a visit to the site where I had buried Alan and the others. When I got there, I was jumped by five proxies. They took me by surprise and one of them knocked me in the head with a shovel. When I woke up, I was in a cell. There was no way out, I checked every centimeter of that room. After an hour or so, a proxy led me to an interrogation room. I gave them the cold shoulder for every question. The one that seemed to be in charge got fed up with it, and the next thing I know, I had a very tall visitor. When I passed out, they brought me back to the cell. It repeated for days. I never answered them.

     One night, I heard gunfire. A man's voice called from the other side of the door. It sounded faintly British. "Mr. [Carter] are you in there?" I told him yes. He said to stand clear of the door. It blew open a few seconds later. "Come out into the hallway with your hands visible!" I complied, after all this may be my ticket to freedom. When I got out there, he compared me to a few photos that he had with him. Then got on his radio: "This is Talon, we have the target. Preparing to withdraw. Can you provide support, Raven?" After he heard some sort of reply I was ushered outside. The sounds of explosions and automatic gunfire ever present. When we finally made it out, I was surprised. We were in the middle of a desert! The Mojave to be exact. Which is pretty much the complete opposite side of the country. They led me to a car. The man looked at me. "I hope you're worth it. I lost a whole team to rescue you." I asked what was going on. He answered, "We're taking you into custody." Sure enough, one of the soldiers hit me in the face with the butt of his rifle. Back to sleepy land for me.

     Woke up in another cell. This one had computer access, so I posted a few comments on blogs. Didn't check mine though. I knew that they had key-logging systems set up. Eventually, I was led to an office by the Brit. There was a man sitting at a desk. "Welcome to our base, Mr. [Carter]. I'm pleased to meet you. I'm Commander [removed]. I see you've met Lieutenant [removed]." He looked at the Brit. "You're dismissed." The lieutenant left. He started asking me the same questions that the proxies were. I was fed up with being questioned. "Who are you people and why am I here?" He looked at me. "You don't get to ask any questions. You are a prisoner here, you will answer our questions or you will pay the consequences." "Then I won't answer." He called the lieutenant back in. I was brought back to my cell and beat. And yet another routine was formed. I think you all get the idea, so I dont need to go into detail.

    One night, someone familiar walked in to my cell. It was the proxy who talked to me, the one who followed me around in London. He told me to stay close and follow his lead if I wanted out. Once we got out, after a long crawl through a sewage system, he led me to a clearing. The hallowed one was there too. I didn't see the woman though, so I was suspicious. "My name's Rob. We call him Tongueless Joe, since his tongue was cut off long ago." The hallowed looked at Rob after the mention of his name. "Here's your stuff." He threw me my bag. I pulled out my gun. "I can understand if you don't trust us. I wouldn't trust myself if I didn't have to. But, if I were you, I'd lower that. Beth don't take kindly to people aiming guns at me. She's on over-watch with her rifle." He talked so casually that it was a bit scary. I asked him why he helped me. "Why? Because we felt like it. We ain't like the ones who jumped you at your friends' graves. That's just wrong and disrespectful to the dead. Those soldiers are no better. If you want, we can help you return home. If not, we'll go our separate ways. Your choice." I made my choice, I went alone. 

     It was a long walk through a small part of the desert. I managed to hitchhike a bit, too. I went back to the grave site. I still wanted to pay my respects. I ran into rake-creature there. And then she led Marcus to me. Since then, I've been cleaning up the room, and talking with Jack. Who arrived after I got home. The reason I'm not in a hospital: let's face it, I have a group of proxies hunting me. And some military-like group. I don't think a hospital would be too safe.

     I apologize for the length of this. I hope you all stay safe out there. I've gone through a whole year of living with this stuff. Others, like B, were not able to. Let's remember the fallen, and never lose hope. Hope that one day, someone, somewhere will end this.

Until the Next,


  1. *respectful silence*

    Good to see you back in mostly one piece. What questions were the proxies and military asking?

    1. They were trying to find out how much I knew. Some were about who I know, what I believe, what I know, the S-man himself, myself, my plans. Stuff like that. Both groups decided to test the validity of my arm. Suffice to say, there's now a burn mark and a decent cut on that arm.


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