So, Carter still isn't back. I'm starting to get worried. As some of you saw in the comment section, I kind of broke into a room in his house. The room was a lab. Tubes, beakers, and containers full of azoth and other odd liquids. Pictures on a desk. A container that probably has Med's eye in it. File cabinets with odd files. I'm assuming that those marked with a 'D' mean the person is dead. As Med suggested, the 'R' may stand for runner. But, I don't know what the 'F' stands for. It's on Jack's file, Med's file, and the file marked 'S' among others. They all seem to end abruptly or reference pictures/data/paragraphs that aren't there. There is a locked drawer that I can't open. I've tried forcing it with a crowbar, no luck. I think the rest of those files are in there. I've also found a file marked 'Project Alpha' and another marked 'Project Omega.' They are pretty vague though.

Like I said, I haven't seen or heard anything from him, so I'll give a small description from what he'll probably look like. Let me know if you see him. He's Caucasian, about 5'8"/5'9", short brown hair, blue/grey eyes, thin, has a big nose (don't tell him I told you), was carrying a Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolver in a holster, and with a backpack. Not a great description, but hey, what do you expect?


  1. If I see him, I'll let you know, although judging by how little he took with him him being all the way over here is unlikely.

    Alpha and Omega... most likely connected to the icon, although as I recall it was Jack that changed it.

    The 'F' on my file worries me.

    1. This is all so damn confusing.
      And that would worry me too. Maybe once Carter is found, he'll say.

  2. F - friend?

    Dunno what the hell S is though.

    1. I wouldn't consider Jack a friend. Just saying.

      And from the file says, S is Carter's girlfriend. On the first page of the file it says something about regretting getting her involved.

  3. You heard my warning, yet it was heeded not.
    Now look at what you've got.
    Listen closely, or you will all pay.
    It still involves you all, even the one who hasn't seen the light of day.
    Time's running out.


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