On the Run

Not much time. On the run. Airport plan was a bust. I got on the plane, just to see to see three proxies board. Two, I had met before. They were the ones who had talked to me back in the woods last month. The 'normal' one, and his Hallowed friend. The third was some woman who I've never seen before. Thanks to a kind old man who faked a heart attack for me (I ever mention I have a bit of a silver tongue?) I was able to slip away. I'm posting this while leeching off of some house's unprotected WiFi. On my way to Doc's house. Hopefully he can help.

    Nevermind the bit about 'no time.' I was unable to post the first bit. They found me. I got away, fun with my current condition. Made it to Doc's house. So, I'm kind of safe. Not really. I'll be leaving soon, I don't want to endanger him. Med, there was a message on that paper. To both you and Kendra: I don't really want to say anything about the message or pictures. Not yet, anyways. Sorry.

     Next, I short apology to Sanna. When you picked up the package, I bet I seemed a bit...off (for lack of better words.) The reason was because I had just been re-watching that recording, and I had been looking at those pictures to try and memorize the faces. You can't be too careful. These people are definitely important. I hadn't been expecting your arrival so soon, and was taken off guard. So, sorry about that.

    Lastly, I had a short visit from someone before I had to go to the airport. Good old Tall Thin and Faceless. I think I've caught on to something with the whispering: normally, it's quiet and I can't make out any words. When he's around, it gets loud and I still can't make out any words. I wish it would stop. Anyways, he left me with a message: (this isn't exactly what he said as I would go insane if I tried to type it how he said it) that he would not visit me on friendly terms again after I left the hospital. Pretty much, he said that the next time we meet, he'll try to kill me. So much fun.

     As is usual: comment section will have news.

Until the Next,


  1. My sympathies with the whispering. That stuff gets annoying.

    ...if you're not comfortable blogging the message to me, could you please email mine?

    I feel like I've missed something here. Who is Doc, again?

    1. The doctor at the hospital. I've kinda nick-named him ' Doc.'

  2. Well, I think I have a plan to get out of London. A very stupid and dangerous plan that will probably backfire sometime in the near future. But, with what that message said, I need to get a move on. So, I'm typing this just in case.

    I've already set up in a nice room, and have caused enough 'ruckus' to get a response. I'm hoping that he will do this small favor. If not: Doc has access to my account. So, without a further ado: Geronimo!

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoxHPtl8Wk4

      Good luck!


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