Marcus and The Solstice

     Well, I'm going to make this post tonight as tomorrow is the summer solstice. Hooray. I'll tell you all what I had originally planned on saying hopefully next week. Instead, I'm going to talk about my new roommate. 

     I had gotten an email from a Runner asking for asylum. Of course, I had an open offer. Today, I met him. His name is Marcus. He's 15. About 5 feet, 5 inches tall. African American. Short black hair. Great sense of humor. Seems to be capable of surviving on his own. Overall, a decent person.

     I gave him the 'grand tour.' Showing him the spare room (which still has 3 empty beds in it), the woods across the street, the rooftop, the field in the back, and the main room. Afterwards I asked him if there were any questions.

"Yes, actually."
"Go ahead, shoot away."
"You're limping."
"Still healing, you have read my blog, right?"
"A bit."

     So, pretty much, he may not know everything he needs to know. Oh well. He'll learn. I gave him pointers on Rake-creature, Jack, and those proxies who followed me to London.

     That's all for now, I've gotta go prep for tomorrow. Hopefully things will turn out well. As for space in my house for Runners, there's still at least 3 beds available. So drop an email if you need someplace to crash. As always comment section for any news.

Stay Safe,


  1. Hello guys, I'm Marcus! Carter let me borrow his computer while he's busy. Looks like he's cleaning a revolver. But, hello!

    1. And now he's playing jazz music. And singing along. I hate jazz...

    2. Hello Marcus, nice to meet you! : D


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