Just A Small Update Plus Some Packages

     Well, it's been quiet here. Finally. That's all I've wanted. And it's my last week in England! I'll be leaving Wednesday. I'll be glad to be home.

     Some news:
  • I have a package here with the name 'Sanna' written on it. Med followed through on the food supplies. Plus I managed to add some more food, and even some medical supplies to it. Let me know if you're able to stop in and pick it up.
  • Kendra: if you're planning on stopping by, let me know beforehand by sending an email.
  • My 'training' has been put off for a short while.
  • I've (against my better judgement) watched/listened to the video/recording that I was sent. It makes me want to avoid any encounters like that.
  • I got another package. This one unmarked. It had some...odd things in it. 
  • Still haven't heard from Jack.
  • Rake-creature is still here.
      Now, for the last area/part of the Pathways. This part was simply amazing. The first two were extremely dangerous. This one was safe. Actually safe! Jack called it 'the Light.' (not very imaginative with the names, is he?) It was an idyllic place. No danger at all. And its residents were friendly. It actually healed my wounds!  If there was one place I'd return to, it'd be there.      
     Lastly, check the comment section for any other news.

Until the Next,

Edit (12:53 AM) (I really have a messed up sleep schedule!)-Has anyone heard from the anon who made that prophecy?


  1. Nope. He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

    1. Good. That's one less thing to worry about.

  2. Thanks much! ^_^ Am headed for London now!

    1. Let's hope I'll be awake when you get here. Same hospital, ask for 'Dr. Jack Goodfellow.'

  3. Replies
    1. Yes...odd. A thumb, some pictures of people who I feel like I've seen before but can't remember, and a piece of paper that looks blank.

    2. Try baking the paper in the oven for a few minutes at 160 C, or go over it with a black light. Some form of invisible ink may have been used.

    3. I'll try that as soon as I'm able to.

    4. what do the people in the pictures look like?


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