Alive and Home

     I think I've put this off long enough. I'll have to deal with it sooner or later. As the title says, yes I'm home. A lot has happened.

     The last comment I had left, I had said I was waiting for a response from someone. I got the response I was expecting, after all, I did cover entire walls with the operator symbol. He responded. Teleported right into the room, and picked me up. Kept asking why. I explained the concept of a 'favor.' Then proceeded to ask for one. He brought me to a person who I know well. I talked to them about the message, then they brought to the Path. To where Jack was. Transcript form! I did record this, but don't want to upload audio files. 
Jack: "Why are you here? No, wait, how?"
Me: "I asked for a...favor."
Jack: "You asked for a favor? From who? A proxy? wouldn't."
Me: "Afraid I did."
Jack: [sighs]"Why are you here?"
Me: "You know why." I put the message from the package on what looked like a table. "I challenge that deal."
Jack: "You can't, you didn't make it." He turned back to other papers on the desk.
Me: "That didn't stop Dave, now did it?"
Jack "That was...different. And look at what happened to him."
Me: "Different! I challenge that deal!"
Jack: "No. I won't allow it. Even though I would win that challenge, I won't allow it. You don't deserve that fate."
Me: "It's already going to happen. I've talked to him. Now either you accept the challenge, or you reconsider that deal!"
Jack: [sighs]"I'll reconsider. You do know what will happen to you if you keep following this path. Don't you?"
Me: "I know, and it's a fate I'll accept. Will I be seeing again outside of here, or not?"
Jack: "You will. You need someone who can keep you out of trouble. I just need....some more time."
Me: "Understood." I started walking away. Towards the person who had brought me here. I stopped and looked back. "And Dave, thank you." He didn't react. I was brought home after that.

     Other things that have happened:
  • Going to phys therapy/rehab for the leg and the arm.
  • Haven't seen the proxy trio who I had escaped from. Doc thinks that they're back here, in the US.
  • And the whispering! Whenever I go near that area of the house near the azoth (which is still there) The whispering gets loud. And I hear a distinct message! "Come here." "Come closer." And other similar things. It's very maddening. 
     That's all for now, check the comments for more news.
Until the Next,


  1. On one hand the fact that you managed to get a favour out of him is awesome.

    On the other, the fact that you now owe him is not.

    Yeah, it's painfully clear the azoth is trying to communicate with you. You must have some more in your head if you can pick up the signal. Hopefully it won't get as bad as last time.

  2. WTF do my comments keep disappearing?

    "On one hand, the fact that you managed to get a favor from him is awesome. On the other, the fact that you now owe him is not.

    Yep, azoth is definitely trying to communicate with you. You must have some in your head if you can receive the signal. Hopefully that's not going to turn out like last time."

    1. I don't know. That had confused earlier when I went to comment, but I just assumed that you removed it.

      I didn't explain 'a favor for a favor.' Hopefully it won't come back to haunt me.

      And eww.

  3. So, in a later post, I'll explain a bit about Jack and why I called him Dave. It's a long story though.


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