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So, Carter still isn't back. I'm starting to get worried. As some of you saw in the comment section, I kind of broke into a room in his house. The room was a lab. Tubes, beakers, and containers full of azoth and other odd liquids. Pictures on a desk. A container that probably has Med's eye in it. File cabinets with odd files. I'm assuming that those marked with a 'D' mean the person is dead. As Med suggested, the 'R' may stand for runner. But, I don't know what the 'F' stands for. It's on Jack's file, Med's file, and the file marked 'S' among others. They all seem to end abruptly or reference pictures/data/paragraphs that aren't there. There is a locked drawer that I can't open. I've tried forcing it with a crowbar, no luck. I think the rest of those files are in there. I've also found a file marked 'Project Alpha' and another marked 'Project Omega.' They are pretty vague though.

Like I sai…
Um, hello. It's me, Marcus. I'm new to all this so bear with me. Carter's disappeared. There's a horrible storm outside, I can't even see the road! Which is bad, since it's close to the house. Anyways, his laptop was on and was logged in, so I figured I'd ask you all for advice. Some of you seem smart. His revolver, emergency bag, and rain gear are all missing. But he didn't leave a note or anything like that. I could check the small room which he told me never to enter. But I don't know what I'll find. The lock looks simple though. So, uh, yeah, any advice?

Marcus and The Solstice

Well, I'm going to make this post tonight as tomorrow is the summer solstice. Hooray. I'll tell you all what I had originally planned on saying hopefully next week. Instead, I'm going to talk about my new roommate. 
     I had gotten an email from a Runner asking for asylum. Of course, I had an open offer. Today, I met him. His name is Marcus. He's 15. About 5 feet, 5 inches tall. African American. Short black hair. Great sense of humor. Seems to be capable of surviving on his own. Overall, a decent person.
     I gave him the 'grand tour.' Showing him the spare room (which still has 3 empty beds in it), the woods across the street, the rooftop, the field in the back, and the main room. Afterwards I asked him if there were any questions.
"Yes, actually." "Go ahead, shoot away." "You're limping." "Still healing, you have read my blog, right?" "A bit."
     So, pretty much, he may not know everything he …

Alive and Home

I think I've put this off long enough. I'll have to deal with it sooner or later. As the title says, yes I'm home. A lot has happened.
     The last comment I had left, I had said I was waiting for a response from someone. I got the response I was expecting, after all, I did cover entire walls with the operator symbol. He responded. Teleported right into the room, and picked me up. Kept asking why. I explained the concept of a 'favor.' Then proceeded to ask for one. He brought me to a person who I know well. I talked to them about the message, then they brought to the Path. To where Jack was. Transcript form! I did record this, but don't want to upload audio files.  Jack: "Why are you here? No, wait, how?" Me: "I asked for a...favor." Jack: "You asked for a favor? From who? A proxy? wouldn't." Me: "Afraid I did." Jack: [sighs]"Why are you here?" Me: "You know why." I put the …

On the Run

Not much time. On the run. Airport plan was a bust. I got on the plane, just to see to see three proxies board. Two, I had met before. They were the ones who had talked to me back in the woods last month. The 'normal' one, and his Hallowed friend. The third was some woman who I've never seen before. Thanks to a kind old man who faked a heart attack for me (I ever mention I have a bit of a silver tongue?) I was able to slip away. I'm posting this while leeching off of some house's unprotected WiFi. On my way to Doc's house. Hopefully he can help.
    Nevermind the bit about 'no time.' I was unable to post the first bit. They found me. I got away, fun with my current condition. Made it to Doc's house. So, I'm kind of safe. Not really. I'll be leaving soon, I don't want to endanger him. Med, there was a message on that paper. To both you and Kendra: I don't really want to say anything about the message or pictures. Not yet, anyways. S…

Just A Small Update Plus Some Packages

Well, it's been quiet here. Finally. That's all I've wanted. And it's my last week in England! I'll be leaving Wednesday. I'll be glad to be home.
     Some news: I have a package here with the name 'Sanna' written on it. Med followed through on the food supplies. Plus I managed to add some more food, and even some medical supplies to it. Let me know if you're able to stop in and pick it up.Kendra: if you're planning on stopping by, let me know beforehand by sending an email.My 'training' has been put off for a short while.I've (against my better judgement) watched/listened to the video/recording that I was sent. It makes me want to avoid any encounters like that.I got another package. This one unmarked. It had some...odd things in it. Still haven't heard from Jack.Rake-creature is still here.       Now, for the last area/part of the Pathways. This part was simply amazing. The first two were extremely dangerous. This one wa…

I Am Happy!

From May 19th to June 3rd I was the 'one-armed Runner', now I am no longer!  I've finally got two arms again! The procedure was a success. And since there is a certain person who reads my blog and is undoubtedly wanting details, I'll give her those details. My arm is reattached. It is my original arm. It works from reconnecting the nerves between the (until recently) detached arm and the location where the arm belongs. The nerves are reconnected to the point of my arm being usable again. In fact, the arm's reflexes seem to be faster than they were before. But, there is one problem: I have no sense of 'touch' with that arm. I can't feel textures, or changes in heat with it. Which means, I need to be careful. I could light it on fire and not feel it. At least I have two arms again! It's amazing to be able to type with both hands! The technology is incredible, I really wish I knew where Jack had gotten it from.
     So, the doc was kind enough t…