That Was...Annoying

   Jack here, I've changed the password. He won't be harassing any of you with Mr. Carter's account. So where to begin. He got away. When I went barging in he ran away. Like a coward. Mr. Carter is currently in a hospital, unconscious. Luckily, one of the doctors owes me a few...favors. So, the report:
  • minor concussion
  • three broken ribs
  • four broken toes
  • three broken fingers
  • one royally messed up leg
  • electrical burns
  • strangulation marks
  • bruises all over torso
  • massive blood loss
  • blunt-force trauma
  • he had apparently been 'water-boarded'
  • and then there's the arm
     Amazingly, Mr. Carter was alive, so I grabbed him and left. Straight to the Pathways and on to the hospital. Thank you all for your distractions. You definitely saved Mr. Carter's life. Lastly, Ms. Kendra. Kid, don't beat yourself up, it's not your fault that some psychotic individual forced you to make a choice. Or that you and B are his next targets. I will try to hunt this guy down. I've done horrible things, but I draw the line at torture. That is certainly not justice. I'll be here all night. He's bound to wake up soon. -- Jack


  1. *sigh of relief* Good to know he's alive and getting medical care. I'm not going to even snipe at you, fairy boy.

    The idea of Douchenozzle typing in between operating was one thing weighing on my mind.

    1. He certainly knew what he was doing. From what I can tell, he made sure that Mr. Carter was in a lot of pain.


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