So, a lot's happened since my last post. I'll start with Strider.

     I was eating my dinner, Jack was off napping in the corner. I was just about to swallow my food when the door flew open. A man ran in, threw me off the bed, threw my food (tray and all) at Jack, and started attacking me and Jack. The guy would hit me a few times, turn and knock Jack around then proceed to hit me again. (all while I was choking on food mentioned earlier) I was on the ground and unable to get up, as I have only one leg that can support my weight. After throwing Jack back into his chair (what's with him and chairs?), the guy started laughing. Looked at me and said, "I'm Strider, nice to meet you in person!" Jack sighed and said something about 'telling me this would happen.' The doc and some security came in, but Jack sorted it out as Strider helped me up and into my bed. Thus, my 'training' began...

      In other news:
  • S and I talked, she seemed to think it was normal that my arm was removed, and that I'm in London. I think that means that someone got involved.
  • Douchenozzle's dropped off the face of the Earth. No complaints there.
  • There was a new anon commenter, to whoever you are: stop the cryptic crap. I don't need it. If this is a prank, then leave. 
  • Jack took samples of the azoth my roof and sent them to Med.
  • Jack also took some samples of my blood and sent those to Med.
  • Azoth has flashblang properties. See: Sanna
  • Med is planning on growing azoth. (probably not the best idea, but hey, who am I to judge?)
  • And I had a conversation with the S-man! (to be explained in the next paragraph)
     So, when I made that comment about the hospital lights, something weird happened. From my perspective, the lights all went out, time stopped, and I had my first visitor. From Jack's I just passed out. My 'visitor' is pretty infamous. And tall. And faceless. And annoying. I'm sure you all remember the whole 'telepathy-like' experience I had with him? It happened again. The lights went out, all the people stopped, and the whispering became very loud. And then he showed up. Looked at me for a bit, then projected feelings of happiness. The kind you feel when running into an old friend. He then started talking as if he had never tried to kill me. Or fill me full of azoth. Or me try to kill him. Or the blood spitting incident. Anyways, I'm trying to wrap this up quickly, he asked me how my arm was healing. I said fine. He then said that I didn't need to fear him, he wasn't planning on hurting me. I didn't believe him, naturally. He talked about azoth, proxies, runners, me, and himself. Before saying that he had business to take care of. That's when time re-started, and I passed out. Since then, I'm been in and out of it at odd times. The whole situation brought up one problem: If there was any doubt to his sentience, it's gone now. And since he's sentient (and apparently partially civilized), does that give us the right to kill him? When I joined the Network, I took an oath: to find out anything about him and (if possible) make contact that could lead to peace. And if not possible, save humanity by destroying him, and others like him if necessary. I've made contact with him, what does that mean?

Edit (10:10 PM): Fixed a few typos. A quick note: his English was very broken up. Some things that he said were almost impossible to understand.
      The following has occurred:  The anon person made the same comment on the blogs of Med, Spyre, Kendra, and Sanna. Spyre thinks that it's some kind of prophecy. I hope not.


  1. Stopping him from killing people via parley is just as good if not better than killing him outright. Where the problem comes in is the difficulty of both.

    If you've made friendly contact with him, that's a big advantage and a great source of information; from the horse's mouth as it were. Exploit the hell out of it, I say. :D

    1. Exploit something that uses telepathy to communicate? What if he's able to see my thoughts during it?

    2. Since he answered your questions before, it appears he doesn't begrudge curiosity in your case. But I hadn't considered that angle.

    3. What I'm the most concerned about is how I will be affected.

  2. So, I know I might regret this but I'm going to ask anyways: anon, if you want us to believe you, tell us more. As in when? How? Who? Why? And lastly, who are you?

  3. Yep. Sounds like Strider.

    And I only think it's a prophecy because I've been involved in too many of them. And I'm a pessimist.


  4. You have spoken to it you say? This is truly troubling news, it and it beastial brothers seem much more developed here than where I am from. Its very nature is a treason against the will of the lords, it will never ascend to peace, only to a more twisted and perverted version of itself. You must be careful when around it, lest it rob you of your humanity while attempting to gain it itself.

    Keep yourself safe, both physically and mentally.

    ~The Holy Juan


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