So That's What They're Talking About

     Carter here. Doc just left. He explained to me about this 'experimental procedure' that he and Jack had been talking about. I'll type this one completly on my my own, it'll take longger, but it means that Jack can't remove what I want to say.

     So anyways, the 'procedure.' Doc walked in, had a case under his arm. He set it on the table. THen said, "I'm sure you've heard our...illustrious friend and myself talking about a 'procedure'." He gestured at Jack while talking and even did the whol finger-quote thing. "Due to his...peculiar nature, we have a way to 'restore' your arm." At this he opened the case, inside was (you guessed it) my arm. "Our friend," At this Jack winked, "has informed me of a technology to help you. It can regulate the nerves of the arm."

     I interrupted, "So, what you're saying is that you want to recconnect my arm and put in some kind of machinery?"

     "In a nutshell, yes. It's only experimental because of its origin. And its a prototype. With some dangers."

     "Such as?"

     "Those pains you've told us about, they'll continue. Most likely. And if it fails or breaks down, the arm will become useless again."

      "Why not? let's go ahead and put some technology that we know nothing about into my arm and see what happens. It'll be fun!" My voice was dripping with sarcasm.

     "This will be a chance for us to learn! Think of the possibilities! It will be a new age for prosthetics! Think of all the amputations that could be undone! You'll test it, and if it works well, it could be used for others!" He was almost jumping with joy.

     "NO!" The sudden outburst from Jack caused both the Doc and me to jump. Of course my 'jump' hurt with the current state of my body. "You will not breach the contract! You will not write any report on this. It will stay in this room only. As part of our deal." He then left the room to cool off a bit. He was genuinely angry.

     THe Doc sighed. "Deals with him can be most infuriating, can they not?"

     "I've never made one with him."

     "You haven't? Then why is he protecting you? Think about it, he's going out of his way to help you. Why? Why is he helping you? It's certainly not out of the good of his heart. Ask yourself, why. I know you're technically a head of whatever council thing you're on, but he let your predecessor die, did he not? Your predecessor didn't receive this kind of help, so why. Are. You." He straightened his tie, said goodnight and left.

     Got me thinking after that. Jack has been watching me more than he needs to. It's strange, sure he's saved my life twice now, but why? What's he going to gain?

Until the next,

(Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of the whole 'one-armed and typing with broken fingers' thing!)

Edit: who's the guy going around posting all the operator symbols? specifically, Ⓧ?


  1. The doc seems like a guy after my own heart. I was thinking about a prosthetic too, but what he could do seems more sophisticated than anything I could bash together.

    As for Jack... I wonder if there's something he sees in you that would make you a valuable playing piece.

    1. I don't know, I think Jack has something to do with whatever it is. I've never heard of anything like it.

      And Jack, well, I still don't know. Sure, he may have saved me twice. But, I wish I knew why, it makes me a bit uncomfortable around him.

  2. Fun fact: I'm in London! I just realized that. Came as a big shock. I guess I didn't realize all the differences before because of the shock, pain, and sleep deprivation. I've always wanted to see London, just didn't think that this was how.

    1. :D When you recover, go and be a tourist.

      And the guy posting Operator symbols everywhere is both odd and annoying.I have no idea who he is, but until he actually does something he's probably not important.

    2. Sorry, for the delay. Doc walked in, Jack and I had to hide my computer without him seeing it. I'm technically not supposed to be using one.

      You know, I might do that, if things work out well. Interestingly, I asked what hospital it was. I was told The Royal London Hospital. Apparently, they have exceptional health care here.

      And you never know, that guy may actually be the next Douchenozzle.

    3. You have a point. This time you get naming rights. :D

    4. Telling your location. Bad move on your part. But, who am I to tell you what to do?

    5. Carter, be careful over here in the UK, as you've seen from my blog things have gotten hectic lately.

    6. Thanks for heads-up. But, I'm in a hospital room with Jack here almost 24/7 and the doc here whenever Jack isn't able to be. So, I think I'm pretty safe. And besides, if something happens, I'll have to hobble my way to safety.

    7. Ⓧ hmmm sounds funn I bet you taste good Ⓧ

    8. Hmmm, I wonder how much azoth would come flying out of you. Let's play whack-a-proxy.


    10. That must make some indigestion problems. Does it also cause ulcers?


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