Jamie's Journal-Entry 3

     Welp, I'm gonna be busy this weekend. So, here's an early post! I'll try to still catch any new posts you all make and comment, but I won't have time for a full post.

     So, news time:
  • Kitty is still here. Still watching me. Still being completely creepy. Does anyone have a reason of why she's here? 
  • I also got a note from Jack: "I'll be away on business." That's all it said. Good riddance, if you ask me. 
  • I just realized that this whole 'situation' has lead to me being an amazing liar. Before, I could barely lie. Now, I can tell a perfect lie to those I care about! Not a proud moment When will this all end?
  • Still getting those weird, "Who am I?" moments. It's still very uncomfortable.
  • Other than all of that, I'll keep you informed if anything happens (I hope not) in the comment section below.
     On to the entry:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

     Oh God, I can remember it ALL. I remember all of it now. The Council, Alan, Carter, Tim, Alyson, [C6], Seven, the warehouse, the plan, the virus, the research, the goodbyes, the arguments, the good, the bad, the annoying, all of it. I remember the operation to suppress my memories, and Tim's plan with the virus. I remember it all. It just hit me. Without warning, one minute, I had just made to the tower and was setting in when my head starting itching. I can't really describe the feeling, almost a burning itch, but not really. At first I thought it was the way I had my hair, because of the wind. But then the memories came flooding in. I almost fell off the tower. And now, I remember everything. In case your wondering, I decided to stay at the tower for a while.
     He's down there, watching. He knows that I remember. I'm trapped. There's no where to run. Only one choice left. We all knew it would come to this. It was the original plan. Goodbye, whoever finds this. And thanks for reading it. If you know any of the people I mentioned, give this to them. Alan, you'll be fine without me. Carter, I'm sorry that your research failed. Tim, I hope your virus works. Alyson, I hope that revenge will come along. He deserves it all, especially after ruining so many lives. [I, Carter, removed the references  to C6 here] Seven, be confident. You're a good person, and I'm sure you'll be a great leader when your time comes. Goodbye everyone. And Carter, remember what I said before I left. 
     Off to meet Fate. Geronimo! This is Jamie, researcher, runner, fighter, C2 on the Council telling you all thank you and goodbye.

     There's one more entry after this one. Re-reading all of this...brings up memories. Of the start of this mess. I hope someone can end this all soon.

Stay Safe Everyone,


  1. The only reason I can think for Kitty to be there and not injure you, apart from being the oddest present ever or her having the idea on her own, is to keep an eye on you. The question is who or what would do that, and why? It's certainly an unusual method. If so, you've caught the attention of something with the ability to order her around, but who doesn't want to play their hand just yet. That narrows the possible list of candidates a little.

    The continuing moments of disassociation worry me. Good luck with whatever you're doing.

    1. It still is probably a long list. And we can definitely cross Jack off of that one. What I want to know the most, though, is the motive. Are they friend or foe. I hope friend.

      Thanks, who knows, maybe Jack's looking into it. As long as he leaves me alone, I'm glad.


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