Anyone Who'll Let Me Punch Them?

     So, last night, Jack just walked in. In one hand, a sheet a paper. In the other, a container, like the ones that hospitals use to protect organs. I knew what they both were. He had a huge grin on his face. He walked over to the nearby chair and and sat. Jack was string out the window for a while, then suddenly burst out laughing. He eventually said, "You're all so hilarious! She actually accepted my offer! What a fool!" Another fit of laughter as he gestured towards the container which he had set down on the table. I figured I'd get some work done, so I turned back towards my computer. 

     After a few minutes, he got quiet. He finally had heard the faint growling that had started after he had walked in.
      "What the devil is that thing doing here?"-Jack
      "Took your sweet time, huh?"-me
      "Why is it here?"-Jack
      "She is a 'wonderful' new friend that I've made. All because of your 'rescue'.-me
      "That thing should not be here."-Jack
      "Neither should I, I should be dead. But you had to get involved. Have you ever considered the fact that I didn't want you to 'save' me?"-me
     The grin was long gone from his face. She looked like she was prepared to leap at him. He looked ready to strangle her.
      "Now, both of you settle down, and play nice."-me
     She looked like a dog who was just scolded. Jack sat down and crossed his arms.
     I watched as she looked towards me. I never thought a creature like that with those empty, black eyes could look so sad. After a few minutes, she yawned and fell asleep. That's all she does: sleep, hunt, and watch me. After about an hour, Jack got up. He picked up the contract and container, walked over to me, and whispered in my ear, "I know who she is." 

     Before I had a chance to respond, he disappeared. When he said 'she' he gestured at my notebook, the one where I've kept a dream log. So he definitely wasn't talking about my new friend. So, who'll let me punch them? It'll make me feel a lot better. Oh yeah, I'm gonna call the rake creature 'Kitty' from know on. Reason: earlier today, I watched her hunt. She tracked a stray cat, and toyed with it before eating it. Much in the same way that a cat plays with a mouse before eating it. Kinda ironic. Anything else for today will be added in the comment section. And sorry for all the posts lately, but I'm trying to still catch up on things.

Stay Safe,


  1. That is profoundly unsettling.

    1. No kidding. Kitty's always watching me, Jack's ticked off and still hacking my account, the dreams keep getting worse, and knowing some of the future doesn't help. The everyday life of me know. Although, it could be worse. So, I'll try not to complain. After all, I haven't hits put out on me, I haven't lost S, Fracture leaves me alone, proxies in general (who have computer access) leave me alone, and I've only died once. Others have it a lot worse.

    2. Well, dying at all is kind of a big deal, really.

    3. True, but (if you can believe them) there are many out there who have supposedly died countless times.

  2. *obligatory rude gesture to Jack*

    You can punch me, Carter, if we ever meet.

    1. I would never punch you! You seem to be a good person, you wouldn't deserve it.

  3. Alright. I'll hold Jack, you punch him.

    Sound good?


    1. It sounds like a godsend. Only problem: I haven't seen or heard anything from him since.

    2. ...There's always iron. Look up some faery summoning spells.

      And there's always the "insult and wait" approach.


    3. I think I've probably hit the limit of 'safe' insults.


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